Monday, April 26, 2010


Dear Hannah,


Yesterday, my sweet baby girl, you turned eight.

It's a strange thing to have your youngest hit such a milestone age. With the older kids, you expect (and almost cheer with glee) the passing of ages because it means they are maturing and growing out of difficult phases. Those phases are probably only hard because of the phases that the younger kids are in. Phases that seem loud, incessant, and (at times) life-sucking.

But with the youngest, it's bittersweet because it means that it's the last time you get to experience something, good or bad.

The last kid to learn to ride a bike. The last kid to start school. The last kid to be baptized. The last kid to get a driver's license. The the last kid to go to college. The last kid to get married, have children, and grow old.

Then I die. The end.

Well, not really. But it sure feels like it some days.


Right now, you seem to be testing our boundaries. You have discovered your keen ability to carry on an argument and (JUST LIKE YOUR STUBBORN FATHER. HMMM. WONDER WHERE YOU GET IT FROM?) hate to ever find yourself on the losing end of things. Your intelligence and logic astound me at times, and I shake my head and imagine what courtroom you'll someday unleash your fury on, and for what long shot cause.

Heaven help the world that stands in your way, is all I've got to say.


But deep at your core, you are still the sweetest little pea that ever was born. You have a heart that is always open to those around you. You are so tender. More often than not, I glance your way during a movie and see quiet tears spilling over your rosy cheeks. Whether it's poor Wilbur the Pig or the broken heart of the Phantom of the Opera - you are rooting for the underdog every time. You need them to win and come out okay. Your world makes no sense when people exist in it with sorrow.

I love that about you.

And I thank the good Lord for sending you to me that way.


Hannah, your smile lights up my world. Your laughter fills my soul. You are my angel, my ally, and my bright spot of pink in this life full of gym socks and baseball caps. You make me get up and dance when I'd rather watch. And you help me see that life was meant to be laughed at in all its ironic, beautiful, tragic glory.


I love you, cheeky.

Love, Mama


Jen said...

So beautiful. I love her birthday post especially the "you make me get up and dance when I'd rather watch." I can relate - my little one's birthday is coming up and I want so much to turn back the clock.

Jamie said...

This is beautiful, I mostly stalk your blog, but had to comment because this is my world right now! My youngest will be 8 in 2 weeks, she is the only girl in our world of football cleats and smelly gym socks. She is the most divine spot of sparkly pink, and I am so thankful for her! Love, love, love this post-she sounds like a great girl.

Tristan said...

Damn! She is gorgeous!! ;-)

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Hannah! What a beautifully written birthday post!

Emily said...

Beautiful as always Stie. Those first pictures are so familiar to me, I even remember the clothes. The older photos, a mystery as to how she grew so old and a warning that my own little one is only 9 months behind.

Travelin'Oma said...

This is a huge milestone for you, too. All of your kids are accountable and you've prepared them well. Congratulations!

tagskie said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Lauren in GA said...

What a beautiful, beautiful post. Your writing is so amazing, Stie. I feel some of the things you described so perfectly...wanting your older kids to get older because it means they grow out of difficult phases...but since little John is most likely my last I am starting to get rid of baby clothes and things and it tugs at my heart.

Hannah is such a beautiful child. Inside and out. I was just telling Gabi when I read her post about the boys' birthday that I honestly feel love for her boys after blogging with her for over two years. I feel the same way about your kids. Blogging is interesting that way, huh?

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Well said, Christie.

Annemarie said...

Well done, Mama. She is beautiful!

Annie said...

Oh, Hannah. Happy birthday from all of us! We loved you when you were a bunny-toting little sweetie and we love you still (is Greg the bunny still around?).
Hope to see you this summer!! xo

brooke said...

Adorable! What would we do without our girls?

Anna said...

You have a beautiful girl and it won't be long before you are standing in line at the DMV with her. Can it really be 8 years since we lived in those old rickety houses in Concord???

Feeling Just Right said...

Awwww Christie! Love it! Happy Birthday to the little angel! Hope she continues to make you tremendously proud for getting to be her mother :)

Becky said...

Wow, really? Our little tiny San Diego preschoolers are turning 8? You should SEE huge Camden- he has the body of a 5th grader- they used to be so small,...I hear what you are saying about the "feeling kinda sad about it". But then on the other hand, I have 3 more under Camden so....I won't wallow in that sorrow for more than like 1 second. Happy Birthday to sweet faced Hannah. I love how you enjoy them.

Gabi said...

Hannah has been making us smile since she was just a surprise bump under your shirt at Thanksgiving!

My favorite memory is baby Hannah following Em around and being dissed. "No babe..." all weekend long.

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl.

Melissa Walker said...

She is a cutie--if we start planning now, maybe she and my 9 year old son can get together down the road. (He just celebrated his birthday too, so they can always do joint celebrations) I wholeheartedly believe in picking my children's spouses because I like their parents!

melissa ( : said...

Happy Birthday!!

I can't imagine my baby girl being that old... 7 years to go. Tell me it won't fly by like the first year did?

jessica said...

Eight is great for so many reasons. I loved Maya turning eight, but I definitely felt a little prick in my soul. She is my oldest and I knew that once she hit that milestone then Eden was just around the corner. It seems like time just flies by faster after each milestone.

So bittersweet...