Thursday, March 1, 2007


Inspired by my friend, Annie, here is a list (and we all know how much I love a good list):

I wish I...
  • didn't love food so much.
  • could be in an exotic destination, right this minute. (Oh, wait, kinda am. I guess I wish I was on vacation somewhere exotic)
  • had a maid.
  • wasn't so hard on myself.
  • could remember everything I read.
  • had more time to read.
  • could always ensure my kids were safe.
  • had better skin and no freckles.
  • didn't like t.v. so much.
  • was a better cook.
  • could just be content with my body as-is.
  • could write a novel.
  • was more kind.
  • could travel and see the world with my family.
  • had fresh flowers in my house every day.
  • could talk to my grandpa who died when I was nine.
  • had a personal stylist to blow-dry my hair every morning.
  • could scrapbook all the time.

Your turn - what do you wish for?


Daniel said...

What's wrong with Freckles?
I too have always longed to know Ted.

Stie said...

Nothing is wrong with freckles...if you're a 13-year-old girl, that is. Or a 30-something younger brother of mine. Then they're great.

I think Ted would have gotten a kick out of seeing all of us and he would have especially enjoyed yelling at our kids to "Settle down." I miss him.

Annie said...

I'm glad you did this...always good to see someone's wishes. Maybe we can help each other make some come true. Fairy godmother/friends.

Kelly said...

i love your list! I can definitely identify with each of the wishes. I guess the one thing I would add is I wish Jeff didn't have to work, so he could stay home all day and play with me and the kids... which would lead to my next wish, I wish I could be on a continual, never ending vacation with my friends and family. Lots of fun, no responsibilities.

dcrmom said...

I like this idea! I might steal it. For now, I'll answer here. I'm with you on loving food so much, wanting a maid, not liking t.v. so much, and wanting to be content with my body. I also wish I liked to exercise and had more self-control and could GET OFF THE POOTER!

Mom said...

I wish Ted were around now too. I think he would be PROUD, PROUD, PROUD!!!! of all of you. He would be tickled pink with his namesake, since he is all boy .