Wednesday, March 28, 2007

my blog plastic surgeon

Here is Marta, the design genius, pictured left, with her twin (though they were born several years apart). She saved me from utter blog destruction. She gave me this shiny, new face lift, and I love and adore it. I love and adore her. She is a pint-sized explosion of creativity, spunk, and sunshine. She can always make you laugh and has a sense of style that leaves women everywhere green with envy.

Thanks, Mart. Love it.

Love you!


dcrmom said...

It's adorable!!! Love it!

Nimmy said...

I wondered how you got such a cute blog! I love Min too! She is amazing and I totally look up to her.

PortraitofPeter said...

You've set the wheels in motion - for many a "face-lift" it would seem.

I think I may be in line too!!

Luv the design.

Annie said...

It's gorgeous! What a fun look.

gab said...

who is that gorgeous one in pink? Can't wait for my new look...I didn't know you could do that! You guys pave the way into blogtopia!

Marty: said...

Now, um, I thought pink was just not your color! Brown and white check was as girly as you'd go when I first knew you. I think having sistas, and a princess daughter has brought out the frilly in Christina. It's the old you in a fresh spring dress. Darling!

P.S.: So wait, now we hire decorators for our blogs?