Friday, March 23, 2007

things I've learned this week

  • Seeing the ob/gyn and the dentist in the same week is way too much torture to endure in a mere seven days.
  • For some reason, the Pinewood Derby brings out much more competitiveness in the dads than the boys.
  • Ignoring the laundry to scrapbook will induce no guilt whatsoever for me. [Note to self: DO THIS MORE OFTEN.]
  • My kids are the absolute best. I really do adore them.
  • Josh's car should not display how many miles he can go before running out of gas. He will push the limit, get down to zero, and RUN OUT OF GAS.
  • I, of course, will bail him out while thinking, (but not saying), I TOLD YOU SO. Because I'm just a good woman that way.
  • It is beyond my understanding, but McKay and Chase are incapable of keeping a light bulb in the lamp in their room for more than a week without it burning out/breaking/shattering/spontaneously exploding/just plain not working. (What do they do in there at night??)
  • Amazing Grace is a fantastic, inspirational movie. See it today.
  • Favorite thing this week: Finding out that our friends, Chris and Emily, are coming to visit next weekend. Yay!


Annie said...

Lucky you! Say hi to Chris and Emily for us...

gab said...

Why can't we just combine the gyn/dentist visit and get it all over with in one chair? (And maybe get our brows waxed at the same time...)

PortraitofPeter said...

It looks like Sherlock Holmes may be required - to find out why the lightbulbs in your sons room - appears to last only a week???

Mystery and intrigue!!!