Sunday, March 11, 2007

last week's lessons (a little delayed)...

  • When Josh says he's sick, HE'S TRULY SICK.
  • When Josh is sick, he probably should not drive himself to the doctor.
  • Josh + a 105-degree fever + an ER visit = ONE BAD WEEK.
  • Friends who will sit with you all night in the ER are friends to keep around forever.
  • Little League Opening Day ceremonies, in which they announce all 400 players individually by name, will take HOURS. Skipping this event next year would not be such a bad thing.
  • Girl scout cookies are of the devil and will taunt me with their yummy, satanic deliciousness.
  • When the cable box goes haywire and works only in black-and-white, the children will assume this is how I watched t.v. as a little girl.
  • The children will need to be educated that I am a YOUNG mom and was privileged to enjoy color t.v., computers, and not riding to school on a dinosaur when I was their age.
  • The cable company will not see the black-and-white viewing as the emergency we feel it is, and will take days to send someone out to fix it.
  • Shopping is the best therapy for a rough week.
  • Favorite thing this week: Seeing a movie all by myself and LOVING it.


anna jo said...

what movie did you see?

Stie said...

Dream Girls, and I loved it!

Marty: said...

Thin Mints saw me through many dark days of motherhood.

Kelly said...

mmm.... Girl Scout cookies. I foolishly only bought 5 boxes. That's alot of cookies. And jeff always "claims" to not like sweet things. And yet, they are ALL gone! Of course, Gavin is parly to blame. I better get me some more!

Annie said...

Good for you, fellow moviegoer!
I'm with you on the cookies, too. G brought home ANOTHER two boxes from a girl scout selling them in the T station tonight. Darn you, Samoas, calling me from the pantry!

Stie said...

I credit my newly found solo-movie career to you, friend. And damn those samoas...seriously. WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO!