Friday, March 2, 2007

this week's lessons

  • When attempting to break bits of chocolate in a glass bowl for melting, do not use the pointy end of a pair of scissors. It WILL BREAK THE BOWL, but more shocking is that I will be oddly surprised that it happened. (CLEARLY, I AM A MORON)
  • Calling old friends to catch up is always a treat. One that should be repeated more often.
  • Preschool starting up again after a month-long hiatus is PURE HEAVEN. For her and for me.
  • Scrapbook stores are dangerous, dangerous places. Spending will happen; I will be powerless to resist.
  • PMS is NOT a license to eat everything in sight.
  • Exercise actually is better for said PMS than eating 40 pounds of chocolate. REMEMBER THIS IN 28 DAYS.
  • Husbands can sleep through the children projectile vomiting in the middle of the night. A very mild case of alleged wife snoring will send them packing angrily to the couch.
  • A clean house makes me oh, so very happy.
  • The yearly cub scout Blue and Gold Banquet will feature the oddest potluck dishes imaginable.
  • When waiting for a call from McKay that baseball practice is over, it always helps to make sure my phone is actually TURNED ON.
  • A new pair of shoes can rejuvenate tired outfits.
  • Favorite thing this week: Rediscovering The Royal Tenenbaums. Just a brilliant film. Netflix it today.


Marty: said...
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Marty: said...

I am accused of allegedly snoring, but I'm the one that gets kicked out!

scribbit said...

Words of wisdom to live by. Number one reminds me of how I broke my favorite glass picture this week. GRR!

Mom101 said...

While I'm not entirely sure that I agree with your pms/chocolate assessment, I could be convinced to substitute that new pair of shoes for the chocolate every 28 days.

Thank you so much for the incredibly lovely comment at my place. You, my dear, have an open invitation to delurk any time for any reason.

mama jo said...

chocolate seems to play a big part in your life...i read about the m& m's...i heartily agree...after with all the lessons you have to learn AND need a bit of fun in your eat up...