Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Uh, oops

The holiday on Monday kind of messed me up.

I walked around all day yesterday thinking it was Monday.

My obliviousness continued as I was sitting poolside with the kids, sunning, and congratulating myself on having such a fine, carefree life.

At about three-thirty, I glanced at the calendar on my phone and realized my mistake. A mere half hour before Hannah had a mandatory rehearsal for her dance recital. And an hour before Chase had track practice. And an hour and a half before McKay had baseball.

Needless to say, there was a little bit of cursing.

And a lot of scrambling.

Thankfully, we made it to all three, in large part due to some awesome friends who had left messages offering to carpool. Mindy and Beckie, I owe you one. You girls are the best, and you totally saved my hide.

It was a crazy few hours yesterday.

And so I offer my apologies to you How-To Tuesday devotees. Those of you who put your posts up, patiently waiting for me, the blog host who never showed up to her own party.

I'll try to get my act together a little better next time.

Share with us your wisdom anyway, won't you?

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Karey said...

We all have days like that. I wish it would get warm enough here to even think about sitting by the pools. Have a great Wednesday!

Annie ~ Basic Joy said...

I did the SAME thing yesterday. Kept thinking it was Monday. Urgh. Sitting by the pool sounds divine. Save me a place for my white un-sunned self :)

Donna said...

Last year I missed a party I was supposed to host because of a near fatal car accident. So glad this was all it was!
Crazy summer schedules!!
Have a nice week until next time.
Your Cyber Friend,

The Smith's said...

you just described my daily life!!!

Lauren in GA said...

I have done the same thing before. I missed a doctor's appointment for John. Having a Monday holiday will do that to a girl.

Glad you are safe and sound!

Lauren in GA said...

I just clicked on Daniel's link. He's ribbing ya.

Cares and Mimi said...

This Monday-holiday thing always turns me sideways! Glad everything worked out and thanks for letting us post our How-To's. You rock! - Cares

Suzanne said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! It's summer time, you're totally SUPPOSED to be able to not keep track of what day it is. Go pool! =)

Julianna said...

I work 6 days a week. Now that Almost Hubs has moved in (mostly) I have no idea what day it is... I get up, I go to work. Some Sunday's he has to tell me to go back to sleep.

That said, When the PO is off for a holiday, everything is off a day (fliers, newspapers, etc.). I'm going with today being Thurensday, or Wedursday. Whatever. :)