Thursday, June 2, 2011

The one where we brag for the grandparents

In 2004, I ran my first (and last) marathon.

I trained for months, read Runners World faithfully, and talked about running ad nauseam to anyone who would pretend to listen.

I pretended thought I knew a lot about running.

Fast forward to four years ago when we moved here and I met my friend Mindy. While humble and quiet about it, she knows all there is to know about the sport of running. She has trained elite athletes and coaches. She has run umpteen marathons. Her personal record for the mile? Has a very, very small number in front of it. She'd never tell you that herself, but girlfriend is hard core.

Chase has discovered this past year that he is a runner. He loves it and has been putting the miles on his shoes. He went from running the mile at school a year ago in 12 minutes to running it in 6:56 this year. He's thrilled and continues to push himself.

So when Mindy told us about a kids track club, we were all over it. And last night, they had their very first meet. It was a mile run, and nerves were running rampant.

And that was just the moms.

Here is Chase in the pack as they cross the starting line:


It was not long before we saw Mindy's son Nick leading the pack. Setting a new personal best and winning the kids event, here is Nick crossing the finish line:


Yes. That is a FIVE-TWENTY-NINE for his time.

I am not sure I can walk into the grocery store from the parking lot in 5:29. The kid has lightening for feet.

While we are awaiting chip time results officially, we believe Chase broke his personal best for a finish time of 6:55 (or faster. Hurry up. Post the results, will you?)

And, yes, he finished with that Chasey flair we have come to expect:


Not long after that came Nick's eight-year-old sister, Olivia. Me thinks this little one will be taking after her mama, too. I am not sure I could do a sub-eight-minute mile.

Unless I had a bike. Even then, that might be pushing it.


All three of our little runners, smiles and happiness to be done:


It was a really fun event. Especially exciting was watching the elite men run a mile in, oh, I don't know, THREE-MINUTES-FIFTY-SIX-SECONDS.


I bow at the throne of running.


Annie ~ Basic Joy said...

Yeah! Go Chase. He definitely has that runner's physique.

Here's to finding the thing that makes you smile (and--bonus--that you're good at!). Love it.

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

i will never run like that. But mostly I'm so happy for your boy that he has found something to enjoy, to pursue and to excel in. Great job!

Emily said...

Whaaaaaa-under four minutes. I'm laying down with a bottle of water just thinking of it.
But when I feel like I just can't exercise with all this little ones--I remember you and the MIka's fiddy-kid stroller. Props to you for that one, way to go!

Thelma said...

When Mindy was pregnant with Jackson I ran with her...then she gave birth and preferred to run alone because I was too slow.

I let her.

She's a superstar. I loved seeing pictures of the superstar kids...yours and hers. (It's a little startling that she was pregnant with Nick last time I saw Mindy!!!!).

Jessica said...

I so need an event like that for my gabe. Is it wrong that I push running because I LOVE it so?

And I would DIE to pick mindy's brain on a run.

Amanda D said...

Love it! We have a great track club here and my kids have been involved the last two years. My 10-year-old Travis is the distance runner of the family and I'm telling you the first time he ran a mile in about 6 1/2 minutes, I was stunned!

Track is great because the whole family can participate. Go, Chase, go!

katie said...

wow, that is amazing! way to go chase and friends. and what a cool thing to be a part of. from a wanna-be-runner, i give it a big two thumbs up.

danandcindy said...

It's really funny that you mention your marathon, but neglected to mention that I pushed you the whole way, since you wanted to quit after mile 1, and when we got to the finish line, you pushed me out of the way to finish before me.

Travelin'Oma said...

Way to go, Chase!!!

Cathy said...

That's great! Running seems like a good activity for a kid named Chase.

Lauren in GA said...

I am so impressed with your boy!!! That is so wonderful that Chase went from 12 minutes to running it in 6:56 in just one year!

I laughed when I read, "And that as just the moms." You are the best, Stie.

Julianna said...

Go Chase! That's awesome!

I used to run. Every day, outside, 3 miles a day. Then I had kids and all my insides fell, and I needed three bras just to make the girls behave.

Now I just run when someone's chasing me. :)

jessica said...

Go Chase! I can't wait for my kids to find "their sport". There is nothing like accomplishing a goal you've set for yourself...and then surpassing it. YAY!

shannon said...

So glad to discover your blog! I have poured over your posts which are so much fun to read! I can especially relate to the ones about your 13 yr old--I have one, too. Enjoy your summer!