Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The greatest idea ever invented. Ever.

Last week, I shared with you the Husband's brilliant idea for spring break. Remember how I told you we handed our kids a pile of cash and told them they were in charge of what we did over spring break, and any remaining money at the end of the week was theirs to split three ways? That idea. [For better details, click over to the link.]

Anyway, I am here to report our success. And what a success it was.

The kids set a goal to only spend half the money, leaving the last day of spring break as a shopping day where we would hit the mall and they could buy whatever their little hearts desired with the rest.

Which, thanks to budgeting and prioritizing on their part, they were able to achieve.

For once, I was not the entertainment committee. And I was not stuck home, listening to whiny kids beg for something to do. In fact, they didn't whine or fight once. NOT ONCE. We ate out several times. We saw a movie. We had friends over. We snuggled up together in my big bed and had movie nights. We went bike riding. We (or I should say they) went fishing. And, at the end of it all, they got to shop for something new.

Though, the interesting thing to note was how much less willing they were to buy things when the money was their own. When it's me shopping at the mall with the Husband's my money? They want everything in sight. When the cash has to part out of their own grubby little hands? Not so much.

Here are some highlights of the week --

At the zoo with their BFFs where, clearly, they did not have any fun:




The photographer's son taking approximately 900 pictures in three hours, and all of them animals:


Don't you want to come over and look at slides from his vacations?

We had three days of near 80 degree weather, so we took advantage of that and went on several bike rides (as my very sore heinie can attest to. Yikes. How do people ride bikes? Tour de France? I am thinking Tour de Pain in Your Pants):


Even the Husband got in on the fun with a little basketball at the park:


It was seriously such a great week. So great, in fact, that we are planning on implementing this new idea over summer vacation and on any future trips we take.

I highly recommend it. It just might change your life the way it has changed mine. My children's travel agency is officially closed. Yay!


Julianna said...

My kids have had to budget their own money since as far back as I can rememeber. Youngest always saves half of all the money he gets in the bank (he says he's saving to take me to Hawaii) and Oldest, well, he's saving simply because it goes into the black hole of his room, never to be seen again.

That said, it's a really valuble skill, most of us parents completely overlook until it's too late.

Tristan said...

The kids look so happy in all the photos! I'm glad you took the time to report to us! I'm so using this idea!

Karey said...

Looks like a great spring break. I like this idea a lot. Don't you love digital cameras? So much cheaper when the kids want to take pictures!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Do I spy a pair of those funky Vibrams on your husband?

Glad you all are enjoying spring break. My daughter is in school until Easter. I think I'm going to keel over before then. UGH!

~ Sarah

missy said...

You don't know me - I clicked over to your blog from Jessica Romney's on a How-To Tuesday a couple of weeks ago...come to think of it, she doesn't know me either. Great, now I sound like a stalker... But I think you are both hilarious.

So, not only do I love your idea, but I think you and I live in the same little corner of the world! (Or maybe every zoo has a green man-dancing-with-chimp statue??) Okay, I live 2.5 hrs. away but we sometimes visit the zoo on temple trips. Anyway, that just made me smile. That's all. :)

jen@odbt said...

Love the shot of the girls walking together. I LOVE this idea and wonder if this will work on my kiddos. Can you please send the 80 degree weather to me?

Travelin'Oma said...

This IS a genius idea! It looks like a great success!

brooke said...

Brilliant idea. I will be stealing it.

Love Chase taking 400 pictures of animals. aren't you so glad we live in the digital age and we can delete?!

Is your husband wearing toe shoes.in the ball pic? I'm dying to know if those live up to the hype.

As for Tour de sore crotch, take yourself down to REI and buy some padded bike shorts. They have some that look like regular cute shorts...changed me life.

I will be ready next week with a how-to post. I am glad you took the week off because it wasn't ready.

Annie ~ Basic Joy said...

This has been a great system for us, too. I remember the year when Lauren was 9 she convinced everyone into spending all of the spring break money on her dearest wishes at the crafts store. There are lessons all over the place, including how not to get conned :)

Love the photos! I can't believe how much time is zooming forward without my permission. (And glad to see Chase's favorite shirt is still making appearances)

Beckie Steele said...

UMMM..I need copies of those pics to put in Miss Emmas roonm. Such darling kids we have....;-)

Lauren in GA said...

So good. All of it. I can't express how much I LOVE this idea!!!!!!

You make me laugh. It is such a joy to read you. Loved the, "At the zoo with their BFFs where, clearly, they did not have any fun:" and the, "Tour de Pain in Your Pants" .

I'm ready to view all of the vacation slideshows.

christina-defining moments said...

Your kids are too cute! I just want to pinch the precious freckles on your daughter's cheeks! Glad you had a great spring break