Thursday, January 6, 2011

Here's to a new year and a new me

Oh, internet. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude at your heartfelt empathy, sympathy, and love on my behalf. You are just plain good. When I think that the majoirty of you have never even met me in real life, your sweet words are that much more touching.

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was not easy to put that post out there. It is hard for me to put my weaknesses on display - be they real or perceived. I have a hard time letting my guard down. But this blog has become such an important record of my life that I felt I could not let such a soul changing, monumental experience go unwritten about. And yet you embraced me anyway. And made me wish we could all sit around in my living room, large slices of coconut cake on our laps, and laugh and cry over it all in person. Please tell me there is a way to make that happen? Someday?

Anyway, when I saw this video on my real-life friend Katie's blog - I knew I had to share it here and make it my new motto for the year. I love it. Made me laugh and made me cry. My two favorite emotions rolled into one.

No more looking back. Only moving forward.


Jamie said...

You have no idea how much I needed to be reminded of this very concept. Thank you so much for sharing! I am glad to read you have struggled and triumphed-reading other's successes reminds me to have hope during my own dark times. I hope 2011 is a better year for you and your family!

Lauren in GA said...

Thanks for posting that, Stie. I have a problem with looking back...and I need to stop.

Love you...and I promise to make our meeting each other and enjoying coconut cake together dreams come true, one day!

Tristan said...

I'm better at not looking back than I used to be. But I still do. Why is it that we seem to want to? Crazy!

Here's to an awesome 2011! Love ya!

katie said...

thanks friend! i'm glad it made you laugh (and a good way). now please invite me over for coconut cake so i can eat myself into a coma. :)
take care of yourself!

shilo said...

This clip is right up there with "Out of the Mouth of Babes." Thanks for the laugh and inspiration!

Emily said...

I say if your providing coconut cake--there's a way to make it happen!

Karey said...

I'm hoping we can meet someday and I don't really care if it's over coconut cake. I think we might like to put the recipe on our recipe blog!

I saw this the other day and loved it. Good motto to live by. I've been doing my fair share of crying lately and have the swollen, baggy eyes to prove it. Does coconut cake cure swollen, cry-tired eyes?

Julianna said...

Loved this. (and I too, have not heard the story of Lot) Someone once said that faith is knowing that when you step into absolute darkness one of two things will happen. One, that you will step on firm ground, or two, that you will fly.

Everyday, is our chance to fly. We just need to take that step.

2011 will be great, I just know it. And it will be even better with coconut cake :)

Chatter said...

I'm so happy you shared your story. And I'm even happier that you are feeling better!! Best wishes for a healthy and peaceful 2011!!!! And I'll share a coconut pie with any day.

erin said...

thanks for sharing your story - i'm so glad you are better, and that you are back to blogging :) i always enjoy reading.
happy 2011.

Tiffanie said...

Cool video - thanks!