Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello, March

Can you believe it's March already? Didn't we just celebrate Christmas like two minutes ago?


I swear, time just keeps going faster and faster.

Anyhoo, I am exhausted and wanted to pop on here before I head upstairs to take a much needed, seldom-taken, short Monday morning nap.

Don't judge. You know you'd do it, too, if you could.

Here's what we've got on tap this week:
  • The return of Chase, who has been on a business trip to Philly with the Husband, and stories galore of his adventures and escapades with his favorite cousin.
  • Not one, but two, gorgeous photo shoots to share with you.
  • My new favorite thing: The Blurb Book. Six months down, only thirty more to go.
  • Orthodontic appointments for the boys to begin the process of bracing their teeth (goodbye, money. I'll really miss you).
  • Manic house cleaning to prep for Oma tending while I'm on a ski trip with the Husband next week. (Which really translates to: The Husband is on a ski trip; I'm on a sleep in/nap/pedicure/shopping trip)
  • And last, but not least, Stie on a diet. It ain't gonna be pretty, folks.
Happy Monday, peeps.


danandcindy said...

Well... Here's what is on tap for me this week...

Monday - Go to Work
Tuesday - Go to Work
Wednesday - Go to Work
Thursday - Go to Work
Friday - Don't go to work
Saturday - Don't go to work
Sunday - Go to Church

You get the point... My life is more exciting than yours...

But, You're so special... heh... heh... heh...

have a nice nap loser.

Anna said...

Brothers, who needs them??

Annemarie said...

Here's to a great week!

Why is it when you say the word diet I start craving cookie dough. Why?

Meg said...

A getaway sounds dreamy...I wish I could go on one THIS week!

And I'm impressed that you are doing a blurb book. They are a lot of work but they have to be worth the finished product right?

A diet. Now that doesn't sound fun. Sorry. What diet are you on? My goal is to get more fit and keep my diet in moderation.

And the kids-who-fold-laundry idea is a good one. It feel like a little bit of freedom.

kayla & tyler said...

A morning nap!!? You are so lucky. if I didn't work all day every day, I would totally take naps all the time! I love them so much. I am so jealous of you. and I can't wait to read about all these fabulous things. I just love your blog! you always make me laugh!

Tristan said... flies.

Sounds like a busy but fun week! All except for the diet part...but you will be awesome!

The warrior in me said...

I nap ALL the time- pure advantages of being unemployed parasite at parents' home.

Why is Stie going on a diet? Don't. The food'll miss you. And i will miss seeing beautiful yummy food on your blog here. Don't let that happen to my eyes- they're pleading for yet another lip-smacking something to feast on.

Jen said...

Can't wait to see your blurb book - are you blurbing your blog? I started doing one. It is a long process. Have fun on your getaway!

Lauren in GA said...

Why is Dan skipping work on Friday?

Be quiet Dan, I know it's none of my buisness. Leave me alone while I pretend to despise you.

That is so neat that Chase got to go visit Jake! I know you will be so excited to have him back though.

I was so excited for you until I read about the diet...that's no fun

But getting away with The Husband sure is!!! Have so much fun!!!!

MissHolly2 said...

I wouldn't mind if time went by faster...then suddenly slowed down in the summer of course. Where I am it's been snowing and when it's not snowing, it's raining. Everyone wants to take a nap on Monday (or sleep the day away). Are you a proffesional photographer? At least being a photographer must be fun I always find it relaxing to go in some woods and just take pictures. The "ski" trips must be fun, okus side of the week!

melissa said...

we should totally go skiing together. i ski exactly the same way ;-)

Cindy said...

That list of yours sounds great! I'm excited to hear about all of it as it unfolds.

Hopefully - with taking a nap and all - you'll still be able to get to bed on time tonight... someone at our house thinks that if you have a nap in the day it's license to be up half the night.

Sweet dreams.

Becky said...

Sun shining through the window, kids in school, house clean, exercising done, ....crawl back into bed, read a little from your book and take a nap. Ahhhh....what I wouldn't give right now during my day. That is in my next stage of life.

Mrs T said...

Can't wait for all those posts!

I had braces as a teenager and hated them. Had four teeth removed and my teeth were far from straight when they finally came off. Better - but not straight.

Fast forward to a year ago and I wanted straight teeth for my wedding. I paid for invisalign. It was like heaven compared to braces. So much easier, and far less invasive. So happy with the results - teeth are straight and perfect! Check it out while you're at the orthodontist.

Sorry for the infomercial! I just wish they had it when I was a kid.

★ 星儿 said...

March! it's autumn for me here =D

Travelin'Oma said...

Don't clean—bake. I won't be looking on the floor for dust. I'll be looking in the freezer for coconut cake.

maria said...

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Kimberly said...

Sounds like an exciting week! I can't believe your kids are old enough for braces now...oh, the joy of braces! Happy blogging...can't wait to hear more!

Natalie Catherine said...

oh my goodness what a sweetie!!

I left you a little something on my blog!