Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sending you elsewhere

I have nothing for you today, my friends.

Still wallowing in the self-pity that is sick kids, bad weather, and absent husbands.

But I know someone who does have something good for you. Go here, and visit my cute cousin, Liz. LOVED her post on parenting and felt it was spot on for my life right now. I'd bet you'll feel the same way, too. It was beautifully written, brought a laugh to my soul and a tear to my eye.

Just what the doctor ordered.

Plus, there's a gratuitous photo of her darling baby boy. That alone is worth the trip there.

I'll try to find something exciting to tell you tomorrow. Even if that means I have to make it up.


momy4him said...

thanks for the link. i hope things get better for you soon!

danandcindy said...

You are an amazing writer...

Lauren in GA said...

I am sorry winter is so lousy. We in blog land love and adore you.

I went to the link and it was fabulous! She had me at line one with, "I was a much better mom before I became one." Funny...I was too.

Liz is a really great writer, like someone else I know.

*ahem* I was talking about you.

♥Shally said...

Blogging has been hard for me too lately! I just don't have it in me for some reason.

Loved her post- I too, was a much better mom 7 years ago! :)

Christina B. said...

Hasn't this winter been the worst? I hope the sun comes out for you soon! And that everyone in your house gets better quickly.

Rosie said...

Wow, thanks for the link! I feel sorta like the nameless friend to the well-known celebrity, although you would be a blogebrity. I'm like Bobby Trendy to your Anna Nicole, or Kato Kalen to your O.J. Simpson. Wait, let me think of a more glamorous and less violent example:

I know, I can be the lesbian lover to your Lindsay Lohan. Yes, that's much better. (If he's not reading your posts, he's definitely not reading your comments, right?)

周星馳Star said...