Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wishing and hoping

Things I need right now:

  • A new purse
  • Another diet coke
  • Cookie dough
  • Warm weather
  • A billion dollars
  • New carpet in my basement
  • More camera toys
  • World peace
  • A dog
  • Lisa Marie's salsa chicken burritos
  • A cleaning lady
  • Cookie dough
  • Lower taxes (or no taxes at all, really)
  • A pedicure
  • Britney Spears to get her crap together so I don't have to hear about her every time the TV is on
  • Having The Husband in town for more than two days in a row
  • A new windshield
  • Girl's night out
  • One date with Colin Firth dressed as Mr. Darcy (wherein he stares at me longingly just like he did in The Movie)
  • Five hours to watch The Movie wherein he stares longingly
  • A private jet
  • More shoes
  • Internet access that is not schizophrenic and actually works when you go to use it
  • Condos in both New York City and Hawaii
  • Skin without freckles
  • Something with peanut butter and chocolate in it
  • Cookie dough with peanut butter and chocolate in it
  • For Bono to write a song about me
  • All my BFFs to come to Blogapalooza
  • A magic pill that will change my thighs from lard to hard
  • A private concert by Frank Sinatra (yes, I realize he'd have to come back from the dead. I still want it)
  • Photography classes from the great Nicole Hill
  • A good haircut
  • Unlimited access to the White House files on Kennedy and Area 51
  • Temperatures above 20 degrees.

Things I will actually get right now:

  • Another diet coke
  • Cookie dough with peanut butter and chocolate in it

Two out of 36 ain't bad.


Annie said...

But look! Your cookie dough actually satisfies four items so you're 5 for 36. Yay you--you're so efficient!

If I had a magic wand, I'd wave it for you, I promise. If you promise to share any of these that come your way :)

Ashlee said...

When you find that magic pill for your thighs will you send me some? That would be great. I'd pay you! How much do you want? Too bad we can't eat the cookie dough with pb and choc and not have to deal with needing to find a magic pill. Sigh....

i'm kelly said...

i love your list. i have plenty that i can add to it.... anyway - i did not get your email. it's not in my inbox or in the spam, so gmail ate it. just re-send your info & your good to go for the swap.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Eat much cookie dough?

Seiously, the WRITERS STRIKE MUST END. Last night I watched two episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network. And oddly enough, today I feel I must have a greasy cheeseburger. Go figure.

I made the salsa chicken...it was delicious!

2happy+2 said...

Please invite me to your Frank Sinatra concert. I would pay you a million dollars. You could then add two more things to your actually get list.
The writers strike is never ending. I would like to thank my husband for the new wireless internet. I have now traded the tv for the internet.
I made the salsa chicken and my niece who eats nothing but potatoes and junk food, ate it!! Her Mom was so happy!! The party was a success because of the chicken!! Thanks.

Amanda said...

I would love to have some freckles...I am just so pale and pasty white.

I'll take some cookie dough too! I hope you get more of what you want!

Rosie said...

I'm on board with the cookie dough, the diet coke, and the end to the writer's strike. Now that sounds like the makings of a girl's night out . . . AND I could use a husband who is not on call at the hospital every third night. Not the same as him being out of town, I know, but still a pain. Oh, and the temperature, I'd settle for double digits.

Now excuse me while I go make some cookie dough. I mean cookies.

Kimberly and Devon said...

Thank goodness for reality TV, cookie dough, and diet Coke (or in my case, the really hard stuff...Coke...you can blame my dad for that one)!When you figure out how to be serenaded by Sinatra, in person, give me a call and I will come right over.

Becky said...

You are funny...

fly to Utah for a girls' night out? I am in need one of those too. Oh yeah and lower taxes, and warm weather. (It's -1 today.) Oh and shoes too... and furniture, and a pedicure, (but no...cuz I have shoes and socks on all the time right now.) And... a husband would be nice to have around. :) --yes..and that pill- the lard to hard one. Those would all be things I need too. Good list.

Emily said...

Yes, I was all for helping the writers at first but this has gone on so long I am just fed up now. Don't care who gets what, I just want some shows back so I can exercise without feeling like a dang gerbil.

momy4him said...

i like your freckles. :)
great list.

Bridget said...

yes the salsa chicken was delish. Let me know about the solution to the thigh problem. I'm in.

And I LOVE your freckles!

Chatter said...

We can meet halfway for a girls night Stie? I have some juicy stuff to tell you if you come? I'm desperate; can you tell? And to make your life easier I tagged you today on my blog. You are so good at list so I thought I'd send a challenge your way :)

p.s. I think cookie dough is gross but I LOVE hot cookies out of the oven.

RobynandJoe said...

Your lists always brighten my day! Maybe you should wait for the pedicure until the temperatures are actually above 20 so you can show it off! I keep reading about cookie dough in blogs and I REALLY need some now!

Family Adventure said...

Honestly, I don't you're all that bad off, what with both a diet coke AND cookie dough.

I just want to make sure that darn strike does not interfere with my beloved Lost. I'm starting to worry.

Oh, and if you find that magic thigh pill - send me a couple??


dcrmom said...

LMAO. I second all of that. Except I have the cookies with peanut butter and chocolate, and they're calling my name.

Oh and a new purse really would be gluttonous, but I still want it. I know which one it is too. It's black and its designer rhymes with Spate Kade. ;-)

Dancin Queen said...

Eat away girl! If I was there I'd grab a bowl and join you.

gab said...

We just had the salsa chicken tonight! Lisa-Marie earned that $25...

What exactly are the magical properties within cookie dough? Cookies I can leave alone...the dough calls to me in my dreams.

crystal said...

(in Homer Simpson voice) "Mmmmmmm....cookie doughhhhh...."

Of all those things on the list, I definitely choose the longing looks from Mr. Darcy. Especially that one where she's turning the music at the piano for his sister at Pemberly. *sigh*

I think we should organize a virtual movie night. Everyone watch P&P in our separate locations. Take photos.


Dancin Queen said...

Yes, I'm game! (Crystal just sent me an email and told me to come read her brilliant idea on your blog.)

DanandCindy said...

Holy Crap, I'd say you really need more to do...

Jessica said...

I like how a million dollars won't do. Way to go big.

Lauren said...

That was a superb list. I hope you get the money. I know money can't buy happiness but, some days baby, it sure would help.

Diane said...

There's a survey asking women if they had a choice between a body like Jennifer Aniston, or a million dollars, which would they choose. Eighty percent said a million dollars! Hmmmmm...which will it be? Sounds like the diet coke and cookie dough win! Great list! You are too funny!!!

Denae said...

It's great you know what you want! I want almost all of those too. I'm going to go make cookies now.

Mique said...

How about I give you my dog and count me in as your BFF at Blogapalooza. You can cross those off your list now.
You're welcome. :)

Mahina said...

i am so with you on the writers strike!! we need new episodes!

i want more camera toys, too! you can never have too many camera toys!

send me the magic pill once you get it, ok?

Kristin said...

It is sad when 20 degree weather sounds warm to me. I second your writers strike, it needs to end now. Would love if the magic pill tasted like chocolate.

Holly said...

Most likely I need more than the magic pill to help my thighs! Cookie dough and diet coke sound pretty good to me(thighs are excluded from that decision).

lainakay said...

Mmmmm... cookie dough. I'll take some of that and while you're at it the thigh pill would be lovely. Thank you. Must make a note to myself to watch The Movie. I've heard so much about Mr. Darcy lately, hmmm...

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I love your freckles. Don't wish them away.

I want some cookie dough and Mr. Darcy right now too.

April said...

I always want a new purse and new shoes, so that could go on a daily list! If you ever find those magic thigh pills let me know. I will contact the company to see if they make ones for tummies after 3 kids and butts for after turning 30, thanks!!!

Cara said...

You seriously make my day! You're too funny!!! Keep it comming I love it!

WyniaFamily said...

Oh my! You ARE me, in another dimension!!! I think my list matches this EXACTLY! :)