Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One of these things is not like the other

Here's a fun game. All of these phrases, except for one, were actual google searches that led people to my blog. See if you can guess which one does not belong:

  1. Annoying cough in kids.
  2. What does my baby look like right now?
  3. Pouting chauffeur recipes.
  4. Birdlike arms.
  5. Teepee p0rn.
  6. Things to say to your son.
  7. Finding my sanity.
  8. The best thing about my brother.
  9. How my hair look like.
  10. Strep throat infection on face.
  11. I need to quit or I will lose my mind.
  12. Camel Toe sneakers.
  13. Things men hide.
  14. Why does my infant look at my hair?
  15. Bad belly aches.
  16. Hot sneakers in November 2007.
  17. Trying to forget my past.
  18. I need your help.
  19. Pictures for a web site download.
  20. Birthday massages for best friends.
  21. Favorite things to give husband.
  22. Martha Stewart n*ked.
  23. What are your guilty pleasures clothes?
  24. My luck my life.
  25. Hannah sandwich.

The answer will be posted on Friday. Give it your best shot.


Ashlee said...

Things men hide. That's my guess. Some of those are odd things to put into a search engine! Hopefully your blog was able to take care of a few of their problems! ;0)

Annie said...

Ooo! I'll play. At first I was going to do "the best thing about my brother" because who needs to google that? and, well, we've all read the zingy sibling repartee between you and Dan, but then I remembered you did the post about their marathon run.

So I'm going with birthday massages for best friends. But sign me up if you're thinking of giving spa gift certificates for birthday's in October ;)

Bridget said...

my guess is #12.

when do we get to find out which recipe won with your family?

Amz said...

I'll take a shot at it...."Pictures for a web site download" I think I remember you talking about most of the other things

Amanda said...

My guess is Teepee Porn.

RobynandJoe said...

That list really made me laugh! How my hair look like? Teepee porn? Camel Toe sneakers? Pretty funny! My guess is "The best thing about my brother."

dcrmom said...

What a hoot!! I may steal this little game next week when I'm too busy hostessing to blog much.

I'm going to guess #20. But I really haven't got a clue.

Mahina said...

another guess for #20

Celia Fae said...

I guess birdlike arms, but all of the choices are captivating. I secretly want it to be camel toe sneakers.

I don't know why my google searches don't show up on my counter. It makes me feel sad.

Holly said...

Boy, you attract some interesting characters by the jest of these topics! I say the comment about the best thing about your brother, because of all the teasing between y'all. Teasing with love, right?

Lisa-Marie said...

I need your help.

Oh wait, that is what you said when your crockpot cooking went bad.

How about "Hannah Sandwich," since you don't cook?

Lisa@Take90West said...

Since I definitely know you posted on teepee porn over the summer, my guess would be bad belly aches. But really, I have no clue!

Marty said...

I guess #18 because you handle everything well, and you could just click on all our blogs it you really needed help.

Are You Serious! said...

Oh my word! Some of those are just insane!

J-Dude's Blog said...

I am new to your blog - heck, to this whole blog world - so this is going to be hard for me! Anything that is grammatically correct I'm counting "in" because people are stupid and I don't put it past them to google "How my hair look like". Trust me, I used to work at the Graduate Studies office at BYU and you'd be surprised at what kinds of letters came in - not to mention how they smelled! Okay, I digress. I am voting for "Trying to Forget my Past" just because I love you and your blog and I can't think that you would want to forget anything about your life! Although most people are sad and would probably want to forget their's. But I'm stickin to #17.

There, I've voted. Oh, blogging IS fun!

gab said...

#11 is my guess...hilarious!

Cara said...

The best thing about my brother. I know that's not nice for me to guess that, but I have 3 brothers and I don't know if I would write that on my blog.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

teepee porn. I'm right, huh?