Thursday, December 13, 2007

My disease

This is for Jessica. A little peek into the world of my OCD. Now I know it's not customary to let your crazy out for the world to see, but I'm going to do it anyway. May you still like me when I'm done (shut up, Daniel. People really do like me. You do, right? RIGHT?)

Here is a picture of the cupboard full of the kids' craft supplies. Yes, even when it's for them, it must be neat and labeled in tidy, plastic bins. I really ought to have at least 50 percent ownership in the Container Store by now. It's quite sad, really, that they all know me by name at that place.

  1. I can only do laundry on Tuesdays and Fridays. If I miss a day for some reason, it throws everything off in my mind. It won't get done and I feel like I'm doing laundry every day (something I try to avoid), so I stick religiously to my schedule.
  2. When I load silverware into the dishwasher, there has to be an equal amount of silverware in each little spot. I will pull a clean fork or spoon out of the drawer and re-wash it just to keep the numbers even.
  3. I like things in groups of three. I don't know why. I just do.
  4. I have to make my bed everyday. Even if I don't get to it until right before I climb in at night, I will still make it. Most days, it is made first thing.
  5. I also have a very specific number of pillows that I need under my head and in between my knees in order to sleep well. Hotels never meet the quota, no matter how many pillows the nice ladies in housekeeping bring you.
  6. It literally hurts my head if there is a crooked picture on the wall. It's all I can do to NOT fix it when I am in someone else's home.
  7. I like to set my bedroom clock five minutes fast knowing that I will sleep five minutes longer as a result. The Husband can't stand it because he forgets and always thinks he's late. I look at it as a little present I give him every day - that extra five minutes that he doesn't know about. He doesn't see it that way though. It annoys him (strange, normal man).
  8. I. HATE. TO. BE. LATE. To anything. I loathe going places with people oblivious to time. It stresses me out.
  9. I clean and re-organize every closet in our house at least monthly.
  10. I cannot go to sleep if there is anything that shouldn't be on my kitchen counters.
  11. If I am more than four or five months behind in my scrapbooking, I will lose sleep at night worrying about it. I will then clear my schedule for the next several days and get caught up.

I'm afraid to give you anymore. I worry that you will have me sent to a nice padded room with lots of people in white jackets. Just take solace in the fact that most of my crazy is locked up inside for the most part. The crazy need not come out, right?

And I do realize that I'm not normal.

Now tell me what you are OCD about. Is it possible there is anyone crazier than me?

Didn't think so.


Annie said...

I'm with you on a smattering of these (hate being late, have to have my pillows just so) and I admire and am fascinated by the rest.

The greatest thing is you never have pointed out to me how my house falls short of your OCD standards. Now that's a good friend :) I'm silently torturing you and you never let on!

Michelle Dawn said...

You and my husband are cut from the same cloth -and very neatly cut at that!

Paige said...

Ok, that's awesome. I'm sure your house looks great at all times. But if it gets overwhelming there are pills to take care of OCD.

Diane said...

I hope my kids read this. It may be a mistake that I have now seen your obsession with containers. I do not know where the container store is, or if we even have one. Oh dear!

gab said...

It's a good thing you only like things in groups of threes...or you would have to start having some more kids.

Dancin Queen said...

What? You think any of those are bad things??? I think those are all excellent habits. I need to know how you do it!

I wish I could click on your picture and blow it up. I wanted to see all your little labels.

Denae said...

I WISH I was that organized/OCD! Your craft closet looks awesome. I'm with you on the tons of pillows thing, and I HATE late slow people. But my closets look really really bad.

Kristin said...

I found your blog from Jessica, and have been reading for a couple of weeks now. Just have to say I love you blog, and I would love you to come and do my closets, I need some huge help.

Marty said...

I have to clean out my purse and wallet every day, or I feel panicky.

When my kids used to take the cushions off the couch, and then put them back on, sometimes the zippers would show. I don't know why that is irritating, but it is.

I erase my caller ID numbers every day. I sometimes feel like they could overflow if I don't.

Do you feel better now?

RobynandJoe said...

I am SO IMPRESSED with your craft closet! I need to invest in some containers! I am the same way about having a made drives Joe crazy...I can't sleep in a bed unless it's been made (even minutes before). I also hate being late. I wish the rest of your OCD would rub off on me, though...I hate waking up to stuff on my counters, but I don't usually care enough the night before to clean up! Your house must be the kind of house that welcomes unannounced visitors with open arms!

Sparky said...

I know a good therapist you can see. Never be ashamed of being crazy- I have a card in my wallet that says I'm crazy.

It may be bad that you are organizing your closets, but have you named them yet?! "Oh Cheryl, I just have to stuff you full of towels on Tuesday and Friday!" "George, you think it's bad being stuffed full of toys...try raising three kids!" "Fabio, you do such a good job holding my vacuum and dust bins!"

You think OCD is bad, try having acute paranoia. With explosive Turret's.

"The government is watching me through satellites and traffic cameras... Damn you all!"

You know what bugs me... Improper grammer umd speling. It's ruly annyoing.

I guess the best thing to do is to pack up your goldfish and take a vacation... Just don't track down your therapist while he is on his.

Of course, you could then invent "death therapy", win a pulitzer, become a millionaire and live happy ever after.

I guess that only works if you are Bill Murray.

Good Luck Sis!

Bridget said...

Hey Stie

I am having a party at my house right now and we are all crowded around my laptop reading your post and talking about how funny you are. Mahina, Darilyn and Merilee are here. You are the blogging queen. We worship you. All hail Stie.

Bridget said...

Hey Stie

I am having a party at my house right now and we are all crowded around my laptop reading your post and talking about how funny you are. Mahina, Darilyn and Merilee are here. You are the blogging queen. We worship you. All hail Stie.

Kimberly and Devon said...

I was, at one time, way more OCD than I am now. For whatever reason, my kids make it impossible to keep things tidy and organized in neat little containers. I have to force myself not to open my eyes when I stuff things away in the kids craft drawers. You are definitely now my go-to-girl for closet organizing advice!

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I do that same thing with the silverware. I have OCD tendencies, but I wish organizing was one of them. It's not something I'm good at. I also wish there was a container store here. I need one.

Jessica said...


I have my own: I used to keep a list of hair-dos for my girls (I had about 20 and I had them arranged in order and I ALWAYS did what the list said.) And, like the picture thing, it makes my head hurt when things are mis-pronounced, or spelled it's all I can do to not sound like the social-misfit nerd and NOT tell them that they are saying a word wrong. I have more.

I am a very controlled and together person, just not about things/objects and so it just fascinates me. I need more about the Why? Could you do a follow-up on the Why?

Thank you thank you for sharing.

Becky said...

Ok, I think I figured all that out about you by just knowing you for a year. I can relate to all the tendancies in a small way except for the silverware one...that one I don't get! I just don't understand why...and you don't either I guess.

Did you ever pull your eyelashes out and save them?

yep, ...a-huh..., it's true. Scared my mom to death.

Nortorious said...

Have you seen Ellie's post on cleaning? That ought to rival you.

AMY said...

Love it, girl!
I do the same thing with silverware...each slow in my dishwasher has an equal amount of spoons, forks, and knives, though I've never pulled clean ones out of the drawer to even it up!!
I am completely anal about my counter tops. First thing in the morning I wipe them down (again, since I did it the night before) and I sweep around my kitchen (again). I HAVE to have a clean kitchen or I'm onery and uptight. Not so picky about making my bed. I nap too much at random times to worry about it. (love night shifts)
Love that you're so crazy though. LOVE IT!

Family Adventure said...

I wish I was more OCD. Your kids' craft shelf fills me with envy.

I'm pretty easy going for the most part, but I have to do fold the laundry myself, because *noone* folds it *the right way*.

Heidi :)

Ashlee said...

OCD is a "nice" way to put it. My family calls me anal retentive. My Grandma calls me type "A". Whatever. There is NOTHING wrong with bins! You will then know where to find everything when you've properly labeled them. And my silverware have to go spoons in one bin, forks in another, etc. A fork cannot go in a spoon bin. Two pillows for my head, one horizontal and one vertical, and one for between my legs. I haven't been able to kill that habit since I had my baby (two years ago!) And NOBODY should be late. It's rude. You have to be five minutes early. It's the rule. I do not think any of these things are bad. :0)
It's our brains. Mine doesn't work in "crooked" mode as I call it. Everything has to be just so, though since having my daughter I have seriously let some stuff slide otherwise I would end up in the loony bin.
My friends love me anyway by the way...So, I'm sure yours do too!

momy4him said...

my husband probably wishes i had OCD. if i ever did, the children cured me of it. but i freak out when the playdoh colors are mixed.

Lisa-Marie said...

Try being OCD while living in a 115 year old home that has ONE closet. They WILL send me to the looney bin some day.

Holly said...

I see now I am only an OCD wanna-be. Oh. My. Goodness. Girlfriend.

Mahina said...

i started with the boxes about 3 years ago and i LOVE IT! now everything needs a box! Monday is my laundry day, but i don't always finish by the end of the day and then the clothes in the dryer usually sit in the dryer for the rest of the week! i love setting our clocks ahead a few minutes, but each one is different so that i don't know how fast it is. that way i can't just say in my head, "oh i've got 5 more minutes." i know that's weird!!

Bridget said...

I can relate in some way to about all of the things you said except number 2. THat scares me. You really have to count the number of each silverware in each slot and MAKE it even? There really is medication for that. I promise.

Bridget said...

I can relate in some way to about all of the things you said except number 2. THat scares me. You really have to count the number of each silverware in each slot and MAKE it even? There really is medication for that. I promise.

Amber said...

I blame you. Your post has sent me into an organizational frenzy. I USED to be Type A. Until I had kids. Now thanks to you, Queen OCD, I hope to someday reclaim my crown.

P.S. I'm swiping your favorite quote for my site. Because it could be the best thing ever uttered.

Anonymous said...

My name is Kelly and I have OCD !!!!

I HAVE to erase all cell phone messages-incomming calls, and outgoing calls...

I HAVE to erase all spam, and emails...delete!

I HAVE to delete all recycle bin stuff, it bugs me to have them just sitting there in cyberspace...I have to DELETE daily.

I THROW everything away. I am ANAL about clutter, and extra papers. I threw away the TV remote once (on a rampage of throwing stuff away) oooops! husband cracks up because I'm such a neat freak, yet other things don't bug me. It doesn't but me to have forks in the spoon slot, knives in the fork slot in the kitchen drawer..DRIVES HIM TO DRINK.

It bugs me to have a messy car.

I'm anal about wiping down my kitchen counter tops daily.


I am OCD about shaving my legs EVERY OTHER DAY....without fail

I'm sick!

There is more, but I won't bore you.

Kelly S. (new reader)

Are You Serious! said...

I wish I had half of your Organization... My house would drive you bonkers. Heck it drives me bonkers. I know where everything is but it's not like I want it to be. Having little to no space doesn't help.

I do have a specific way I must load the dishwasher but that is only because I can fit more stuff in it that way! :)

Celia Fae said...

Wow, the OCD really brings out the best in people. I could use a little of it myself.

The only thing that really drives me nuts is bad spelling. There are resources for spelling, people!

crystal said...

Can you please come to my house & give me a complete overhaul????

I have a craft cupboard for the kids too, and it looks nothing like that. Sigh. In fact, I think I'll post a photo. It'll give you the shakes and you'll have to drive over immediately & re-vamp it.

I use containers, but not all the same size so that they stack so neatly!

I wish I were you.

crystal said...

Thanks! You're going to make ME lose sleep, thinking about how lame I am.

Pedaling said...

i'd be ok with you straightening the pictures on my wall.

i love to be organized but your little ocd post just made me feel like the biggest slob around.

Tiffany said...

Stie--I thought what you said was all very normal.:) I have never counted my silverware out though. :) You definitely need to give pointers on organizing your closests and how you do it monthly with 3 kids (that does put me to shame).

DanandCindy said...

You are so flippin' wierd.

Lisa@Take90West said...

You are my idol!!!
We can be OCD BFF's and get together to containerize and
p-touch everything we can!

Lisa@Take90West said...

You are my idol!!!
We can be OCD BFF's and get together to containerize and
p-touch everything we can!

kari said...

You are truly a girl after my own heart;O) I, too, set the alarm clock 5 minutes ahead (I also set 3 different alarms, at 5 minute intervals apart). And, I have to make the beds first thing every morning, or it will just throw my entire day off. I think my OCD is getting worse as I get older. Nice to know I have some company in my weird little habits.

Amanda said...

I am totally going to steal this idea and use it on my own blog. I hope that is okay. I am with you on the late thing and the silverware thing, although I never pulled out clean items to fix the uneven problem. Now everytime I load the dishwasher, I will think aobut that though.

I wish that I couldn't sleep if my couters were cluttered. That is my downfall right there. And to only be 4-5 months being on my scrapbooks? Want to come help me catch up? I am sooo far behind!

Deanna said...

I love the idea of your closet too..but I know if you fixed wouldn't last long! :( And hey..maybe I'll try that 5 minutes fast thing! This 3rd kid is making me late! LOL