Friday, May 18, 2007


This morning as I'm sweeping the floor, Hannah comes in and says:

"Phew, it's a good 'fing you and Daddy aren't in prison. We would have to do A LOT of chores if you were."

Um, yeah. It is a good thing we're not in prison. I'd hate to see you actually doing some chores. Tell me why Daddy and I would go to prison?

"Because you both drive WAY TOO CRAZY."


Marty: said...

Stay out of prison at all costs. I wouldn't want any hardship to befall Hannah!

Anonymous said...

How fast was your broom going?

mama jo said...

it's nice when kids worry about you...they are always hoping for the best.

gab said...

actually in prison you could watch tv or read all day and someone else would cook.