Thursday, May 3, 2007

A letter

Dear She-Coach of the Little League Atlanta Braves,

First of all, let me commend you for your genuine interest in your son's baseball team. It is great to see any parent putting their time and energy into - not only their kids - but other people's kids as well.

And whilst I am congratulating you on your fantastic example for the rest of us, let me remind you that this is in fact LITTLE LEAGUE, and not the frickin' World Series. It is okay if your players strike out. It is okay if they miss the ball now and then. These minor mishaps will not send them on a downward spiral that ends in homelessness and alcoholism. It is just a game, and they are children, after all. I am sure that screaming at them will not bring good results (unless the results you want are tears and stressed out nine-year-olds).

In regards to your bitterness towards our coach - he was randomly assigned the Cubs team name by the league (which you wanted). He decided to keep the Cubs name, in spite of your temper-tantrum. Please, in the name of all holy baseball saints, stop throwing fits when you play our team. We are not cheaters; we do not strive to con umpires into narrow strike zones. We do not illegally seek to end games early because we are winning (unlike someone YOU might know). We are simply trying to teach our kids about being good sports, playing a fair game, and having a good time.

If you can do these few things for me, I promise to stop being so happy inside when our team KNOCKS THE SOCKS OFF YOURS.

Thanks, and much love,



Marty: said...

If the child welfare people are looking for parents to arrest, they could find a whole boatload full at the little league games. Talk about verbal and emotional abuse! And then we hear of kids in grade school and Jr. High who are already alcoholics. Pressure is not the same as support, and ridicule is not the same as guidance. Childhood should not be so intense.

Bridget said...

Amen sister. There were even a few parents last year in Maren's pre-K soccer team who were over the top competitive. I don't get it either.

Kristi said...

Our son's coach is so annoying that we consider dropping him off for practices and games.

But we don't.

But we think about it.

Stie said...

It's funny - and I should have put this in the post - but our coach has a brain tumor. He leaves work, comes to the games twice a week, then goes to the hospital for RADIATION and CHEMO. Seriously. And there's crazies out there (like the woman I mentioned) who take this to places it need not go. Hats off to guys like our coach - truly in this for the kids. I'm sure this is not the time of his life to be doing this, but his son is on the team, and he wants to be a part of it. Nice to know there's good ones out there, huh?

Annie said...

I have to add my amen, too. Coaches should make sure where their priorities are--with helping kids learn about trying hard, having fun, being good sports NOT winning no matter what. Sounds like you got a good one, though!