Tuesday, May 22, 2007

happy sixtieth, dad

Dad & McKay, 2005

Today is my Dad's 60th birthday. In honor of this, here are 60 things you should know about my Dad:
  1. He was born on a Thursday.
  2. His mother's name was Maureen.
  3. His father's name was Ted.
  4. His given name is William.
  5. He goes by Bill.
  6. We just call him Dad.
  7. He was the oldest of four children.
  8. His parents lived in the same house their entire lives - never moving once.
  9. He has always been a tease.
  10. He met my mother while he was at his girlfriend's house (although she will tell you he doesn't remember this).
  11. When he proposed to my mother he was so nervous, he accidentally said the wrong name. She said yes anyway.
  12. He was in the coast guard.
  13. He was the reason his parents got reactivated in the church.
  14. He taught himself computer programming long before anyone knew what that was.
  15. He has only had two jobs in the time I have known him (33+ years).
  16. He gets red cheeks when he is mad.
  17. He wears glasses.
  18. He is practically blind without his glasses. I get that from him.
  19. He loves to build things with his hands and is very good at it.
  20. He has loved to fish his entire life.
  21. He has a big, beautiful smile.
  22. He used to take me to Daddy/Daughter dances, and would always ring the doorbell like a proper date.
  23. He always got me a corsage, too.
  24. He even once learned how to square dance with me.
  25. He used to tease me as a child that I had "poo" on my nightgown. (It was Winnie the Pooh) and it always made me crazy.
  26. He is extremely tall (6'4").
  27. He has the thickest head of hair I've ever seen (besides my own).
  28. I get my curly hair from him, too.
  29. His biggest pet peeve is telephone solicitors.
  30. Once as a teenager, I fell and broke my arm while ice skating. When they called to have him come pick me up, he thought they were selling him something and hung up on them before they could tell him what had happened.
  31. They eventually called back and got through that they were DEFINITELY not selling something. He picked me up and felt really bad.
  32. He used to pull April Fool's jokes on us kids all the time.
  33. Like nailing my shoes to the floor.
  34. Or setting the alarm to go off at 11 o'clock at night and frantically telling me I'd slept in and was late for school.
  35. He makes a mean chipped beef on toast.
  36. He calls pancakes "hotcakes," (which sends my kids into fits of giggles every time).
  37. He graduated from college when he was 40 years old.
  38. When I was in high school, he crossed against a light and got hit by a truck. He was in the hospital for a while, and recovering for months.
  39. He is a true gentleman. He still opens the car door for my mother after all these years.
  40. When you ask him what he wants for his birthday, he always says, "socks and garments."
  41. I make it a point to never buy him either one.
  42. He has 11 grandchildren.
  43. And one on the way (no, not me).
  44. He ADORES his grandchildren.
  45. He spends hours pushing them on the swings or digging with them in the sandbox.
  46. Yes, on his knees. In the dirt. Every time.
  47. He was the Bishop when I got baptized and interviewed me for my baptism, which I thought was pretty darn cool.
  48. My kids call him Tickle Monster.
  49. He never comes without a present in-hand for the kids.
  50. He is the strong, quiet type.
  51. He loves the Lord and has served in the church faithfully his entire life.
  52. He totally grilled my husband when Josh asked permission to marry me.
  53. I never expected him to do that, but felt loved and protected because of it.
  54. He is very OCD and likes order and symmetry (yet another trait I can attribute to him).
  55. He has helped us move more times than I'd like to admit.
  56. And he did it cheerfully every time.
  57. He can do anything. I truly believe that.
  58. He is a good man.
  59. He is my Dad.
  60. I'll love him forever.


Bridget said...

What a great daughter you are! That was so sweet. Funny to hear about all the traits you inherited. :)

Marty: said...

He also raised a beautiful daughter!

Daniel said...

He also raised a marvelously handsome, charming, intelligent middle son.

Kelly said...

cute... happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

“How do I love thee, let me count the ways…” one for each of your 33 years:
1. I love you because you have been beautiful from the moment I first held you in my arms in the delivery room, and you still are.
2. I love you because your will to live is stronger than the adversity you have faced. When the doctor said, “If she lives, she could be blind, deaf, retarded, growth stunted, slow learner…” my heart jumped up into my throat. I loved you so much, and that was a terrible list to be said about a 10 month-old baby. I’m so grateful you fought so hard against the meningitis that other than a little retardation that came out during your teenage years, none of his horrible warnings came to pass.
3. I love you because from an early age you learned you were safe with your mother. As part of your meningitis recovery, we kept you out of crowds (including church) for several months. On your first time attending church, you quickly became restless and noisy. I couldn’t get you to settle down, so I picked you up to go into the foyer to get you a drink and let you run around for a few minutes. However, you were sure you were in big trouble and as I approached the door, you shouted over my shoulder “SAVE ME MOMMY!”
4. I love you because you have always felt that personal grooming was important. This was obvious when you found your mother’s lipstick and only colored about 10% of your face bright red.
5. I love you because from an early age you chose to follow your Heavenly Father and keep His commandments. You were my first baptismal interview as a new bishop. You were worthy and desirous to be baptized, and to this day you are still worthy of Heavenly Father’s richest blessings.
6. I love you because you let your lanky dad be your first date. It must have been comical watching a little girl not even 4 feet tall dance with her 6’4” dad. I loved every minute with you, and still cherish those “Daddy-Daughter Dates.”
7. I love you because looking well dressed and neatly pressed has always been important to you. Having 17 changes of clothes for a 6-day camping trip was essential for you—fortunately, we had a suitcase big enough.
8. I love you because you have always been gregarious and friendly with other people. You have always been able to befriend and help others. As a little kindergarten student your teacher asked if you could join a socially challenged pull-out group of children because they needed a role model for the kids who didn’t know how to interact with others. Of course, having the most talkative 7th grader posed its dilemmas at parent/teacher conferences.
9. I love you because, from an early age, you learned to be a great cook. We got you a Kenner “Easy-Bake” oven and your cakes were always wonderful. So, we soon promoted you to the real oven, and you have never served us anything that made me wish we had gone to a restaurant.
10. I love you because you never let your unique family status as our only daughter prompt you to do/say anything to your brothers that would cause permanent enmity between you and them. Yes, you had your sibling squabbles, but the good relationship that exists between you and your brothers is in part because you were a great sister.
11. I love you because you have sought out good friends and always try to be a good friend.
12. I love you because you have chosen to avoid things in your life that don’t bring happiness—things like harmful substances, hurtful language, and selfishness.
13. I love you because you feel that staying healthy and fit is important. I’m very proud that you and two of your siblings will be in the St. George marathon again this year.
14. I love you because you haven’t been afraid to try new things. You can fix things in your home as well as decorate it handsomely. You have taken some great “professional quality” photographs and use them to preserve the memories for your family.
15. I love you because you love to have fun. The memory of you with the back of your dress pulled up between your legs and you doing a jig is just one of countless memories of you making an event better because you were having fun.
16. I love you because you didn’t force your little princess to be anything but the princess she wants to be. Who knows, maybe she will grow up to be the next Grace Kelly, or more likely, a wonderful mother like her mom.
17. I love you because you were always a good sport when your dad teased you. Besides, you did have “Pooh” on your nightgown. That gives me a great idea for your next birthday gift.
18. I love you because you always remember your mother and me on our birthdays and anniversary. But, socks and garments are always something a person needs.
19. I love you because you always have a neat and clean house—your children will see this example and will have more order in their lives because of it.
20. I love you because you love your husband and his family. You have been the “wind beneath his wings” and have helped him succeed. A dad really worries about who his daughter will choose for a husband—the wrong choice will only bring unhappiness and misery—you made a great choice.
21. I love you because you have given us three beautiful grandchildren. It is so much more fun spoiling grandkids than raising your own, that I don’t know why we didn’t have them first.
22. I love you because you love McKay, Chase and Hannah. Each is different and each is wonderful.
23. I love you because you know that it is the little things you do that make your children great.
24. I love you because you encourage your children to learn and respect nature.
25. I love you because you insist that your children be respectful, thoughtful and caring toward others.
26. I love you because you have instilled in your kids a good sense of humor (to survive my teasing).
27. I love you because you have given your children a good self-image.
28. I love you because you have taught your children to excel in all they do.
29. I love you because you have taught your children to love Christ and Heavenly Father.
30. I love you because you have taught your children to be responsible for themselves.
31. I love you because you have taught your children to love each other and others outside the family.
32. I love you because you are such a great mother and you possess all the great attributes you are instilling in your children
33. I love you because you love me, in spite of myself – thanks!

All My Love,

Annie said...

What a great (and reciprocal, from the looks of the comment above!) tribute. Sounds like you've got a great dad + grand-dad for your kids.

Amanda said...

Such a sweet list. Makes me want to meet him. My dad always asks for socks and underwear for his birthday/Christmas too. No one ever buys them for him.

RobynandJoe said...

My dad sent me an email with the link to your blog in it...I love it! You should be a writer...your posts are so witty and creative. I love your dad, too!

gab said...

that is so sweet! I don't know your dad well...but he must have done something right!

Kimberly and Devon said...

I love your blog! How did you make it look so clean and cute!? Do you take all of those pictures yourself? You should be a professional photographer. Thanks again for the great night out. Devon and I had so much fun and felt so comfortable leaving our kids with you! Now I know you have a blog, I will be able to keep tabs on you after you move! I love blogging!

June Cutoff Cash said...

Well. You AND your dad have made me cry. I envy you both for having each other. This was just beautiful.