Monday, April 9, 2007

Me, a thinker?

Peter, over in Scotland, nominated little ol' me for a thinking blogger award.

I am honored and have to say this is my first time winning ANYTHING in my life (unless you count the Future Homemakers of America National Conference I won in high school, which I pretty much touted that as the equivalent of, I don't know, the Nobel Peace Prize, but at the time it was a pretty big deal for me). So it is with great honor that I accept your kindness, Peter. Thanks for thinking of me, and thanks for reading the drivel that comes out of my blog on a daily basis.

So, as an honorary recipient of this award, I get to bestow it on five others (who in turn get to bestow it on five more). Kind of like sharing the blog love. So here goes:

I have to give my first award to my friend, Annie. See, when I started blogging, I wrote a post about Annie that you can read here. I sent her the link (and it was the first time I shared my blog with ANYONE). She sent me back the link to her secret blog, which prompted us both to come out of the blog closet. She's a very good friend that I miss, and I love reading up on her life (even though I wish she had less of a life like me and could post MORE FREQUENTLY. Hint, hint.) She is one smart cookie and well-deserving of a thinking award.

Second award goes to my fabulous mother-in-law, Oma. She is a well-traveled woman, thoughtful friend, doting grandmother, and fashionista extraordinaire. She constantly inspires and amazes me with her wisdom and advice. Chatting with Oma is one of my favorite things to do. I just love her.

Third one goes to a new friend in Alaska, Michelle at Scribbit. She is one of the most creative people I have ever run into. Her blog is full of humor, fantastic ideas for kids, gourmet recipes, and lots more. I can't imagine a nine-month winter, and she lives it with a smile. She's great. Pop on over.

My fourth award goes to a very funny lady at Here In Idaho. She cracks me up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I discovered her blog quite by accident, and now make sure to check it daily. She is absolutely hilarious. Her writing reminds me to never take life too seriously.

And last, but not least, is the admirable June Cut-Off Cash at Bye Bye Buy. She and her husband are trying to go an entire year without spending money on anything extra (they've saved almost $10,000 since January 1). I think (besides that threesome with Angelina Jolie) that this is my husband's deepest fantasy (one, sadly, that he'll probably never get to see play out) and I truly enjoy her writing. She is fantastic, and always makes you think.

There are more obvious family and friends that I wanted to nominate, but I figured Oma could get that ball rolling. Plus, I wanted you all to have a peek at some of the blogs that make me laugh every day (in addition to yours). Keep the blog love rolling!


June Cutoff Cash said...

OMG! Thanks, Stie!

See? This is way better than spending.

scribbit said...

"Gourmet"??? That's the first time anyone has given me such a sweet compliment. Of course you're only seeing the pictures I PUBLISH :)

Deep down we're a mac-n-cheese kind of family. With slices of hot dogs.

But thanks for the award, I enjoy your blog too.

Kristi said...

You are sooooo sweet! Woo Hoo! You are verrrry verrrry awesome. And now I must go visit your other links.

Thanks again!

Marty: said...

You like me! You really, really like me! (That's my Sally Field impersonation, if you're too young to remember.) I'm so flattered, Stie! I don't know what I do next. Is there somewhere I go to collect the prize money??

Daniel said...

Doesn't it cheapen the significance of your award to be offering the same honors to other bloggers? Pretty soon everyone will have a "thinking blogger" award. I don't get it.

Stie said...


You are far too lame to understand the importance of a "thinking blogger" award. And far too lame to not have a blog of your own. If you did, you would get it.

Nuff said, little brother.

P.S. Are we running the race this year or what?

gab said...

congrats on the award...I know it will be the first of many. I guess it is thanks to you that I'm a blogger too...since I enjoyed reading yours so much, I felt I had to respond. I'm your first blogvert, so to speak!

Annie said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks! You've given me the nudge I needed to start back up again after my brief hiatus. My two readers will thank you (or curse you!). And thanks for the links to new-to-me blogs to enjoy.