Monday, April 23, 2007

A matching set

All I have to say is that we survived Friday (barely). Saturday was declared a Pajama Day, and I spent most of it trying to recover in bed. Sunday, we woke up and both Chase and Hannah were running fevers and having ear pain. Immediately ruled out church and made a doctor's appointment.

Diagnosis? Matching ear infections.

Present state of mind: SERENITY NOW (insanity later).

Trying not to dwell on it, but we are really missing Josh around here. He left early Saturday morning for St. Louis, and starts the new job today. I just want to fast-forward through until June and be done already. I know we'll get used to it, but the first few days are always the worst.

There. Done whining. Looking forward to a better week (can't be worse than last week, right?). Right.

P.S. Happy birthday, Mom! Thinking of you on this beautiful spring morning and wishing you a very happy day.


Marty: said...

Get better everyone!

Emily said...

Love the Seinfeld quotes. I actually said something about Seinfeld to Chris' little sister and she didn't have a clue what I was talking about! So so sad!

Bridget said...

Is that Emily Musso? Emily- you gotta get a blog. C got me hooked on it.

Ear infections are the worst. C- recall my complete breakdown I had in MA when I had one? You watched Maren for me so I could go to the doctor.

Hoping you survive the next few difficult days....

Anonymous said... Mom
hope time flies for all of you.

gab said...

My kids always get sick when Brad's out of is so predictable and annoying. Hope you all make it!

Kelly said...

of all the rotten luck! hey, at least you seem to have kept your sense of humor through it. good luck this week!