Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy 5th, Cheeky

Dear Hannah,

Today you are turning five years old. I know we celebrated officially with Dad last week, but that turned out to be such a rotten day, so we've got to make up for it today.
I cannot believe that you are five. Where has the time gone? I feel like I have barely blinked, taken a breath, and looked up to find my baby girl growing into a sweet, articulate, and sensitive little lady. You bring such a unique blend of spiciness, sweetness, and sass to the table. I know now that we were not complete until we got you.

Right now you are completely and utterly devoted to the world of Princesses. You change dress-ups literally about 16 times per day. You set up tea parties for your bunnies, and you do not have enough square footage on your body for all the jewelery you want to wear. You make sure to tell me if my outfit is not right (and sadly for me, you are usually right on).

You constantly make me laugh with the words that come out of your mouth. You have more questions than anyone I've ever met. I love that about you. I love that you think about the abstract and try to make sense of everything around you. You are so bright - I know that you will do great things.

Hannah, you came to us just as you are. I had my own ideas and plans when it came to you, but you taught me that life just can't be scripted - especially with you. I used to put you in the most adorable black turtlenecks, khaki skirts, and red-plaid dresses. You were less than a year old and would push the clothes aside in the morning and say, "No, pink!" We didn't own any pink, so how you knew about it is beyond me. But you did. You have always known what you want - and you are not afraid to go after it.

I don't know how many more years we have before you tire of my company. Right now, you follow me from sun-up until sun-down, copying me, mimicking my every move, wanting to do everything I do. I know those days are numbered, and I want to cherish every last one.

You're my little friend; my ally. I hope as you grow (and come to realize that I am quite annoying, bossy, and controlling), that we can find a common ground, and always have this special feeling between us. It's you and me, babe, in this house full of boys. We've got to stick together. I promise to always be there for you, and I want you to try and always like me a little bit - even when I bug you to pieces.

Happy five years, Sis. There's a tender little spot in my heart that was made just for you. Thanks for filling the void that I never knew was there.




Kelly said...

happy birthday hannah! it's crazy... when your a little kid, days and years just seem to drag. but as an adult everything seems to be in fast forward. on one hand I would love to live life again... and take the opportunity to savor all those childhood moments. but that only lasts a moment. i think i'm okay where i am.

i hope today is a better birthday than that first go around.

Kristi said...

Happy birthday to your little one. Those pictures are pwecious!

girlymama said...

happy birthday to your little princess.

(i think that she and my princess would be good friends. simply based on loving pink beyond reason and changing into their different princess dresses. i love having a girl!!)

PortraitofPeter said...

Birthday Greetings to your "always smiling" daughter. May she continue to inspire in you through her joy of laughter, joy of expressions, fashion, and of words. And in particular luv that she has for her proud parents and brothers too.

Emily said...

So Sweet Stie. When you mentioned the black turtlenecks I knew exactly what you were talking about and saw a vision of Hannah in the church foyer with that exact thing, skirt, black tights and little shoes--beautiful but so is the pink!

Bridget said...

So sweet. I had to laugh as I remembered you telling me when you were pregnant with her. There were certainly no tears of joy then. :) But now how can you imagine life without her.

gab said...

tell Hannah happy birthday from us...Em said today, "We've got to send Hannah all my tight clothes, cuz she is really thin!"

Annie said...

Beautiful photos and letter. This will mean so much to her someday! Like Emily, I could just envision little Hannah in her black turtleneck, skirt and tights.