Friday, December 21, 2012

12.21.12. Otherwise known as: The end of our world as we know it


My heart is full, my limbs exhausted, and my gratitude overflows into salty tears.

This morning, we said goodbye, officially, and on paper, to our home for the last five-and-a-half years.

The Husband's company had approached him in early November and asked if he wanted to open another office for them.  While this would be a HUGE opportunity for him professionally, they were unsure at the time of asking as to where they wanted this office opened.  We knew it would be either Dallas or Nashville, and we said yes to either one.

We spoke with a realtor, who advised us to hurry and get the house ready to sell, as there were buyers out there and not a whole lot to choose from.  Thinking our house would not sell before Christmas anyway, and that we'd have another chance to put it on the market in the spring, we gave it a try.

Three days later, we had an offer in hand, and still no word on where we would be moving.

THAT was an anxious few weeks.  One filled with diet cokes and self-medication (read:  lots and lots of chocolate).

Finally, the word came down from the higher ups that Dallas was to be our destiny, and we began to get excited.

What was not exciting, however, was going to be closing, moving, and having Christmas all in the same week.

Also not exciting was saying goodbye the brand-new, beautifully remodeled basement we finished this summer.

[Why?  Why do things like this happen JUST when you get your house how you want it?  Is it because God has a great sense or humor?   Or because the universe hates me?

Probably both.]

In any event, I bring you a plethora of photos from the basement now being enjoyed by someone else.










Beautiful, no?  Did you notice the wonderfully organized nooks and crannies in my office shelves?  How perfectly everything lines up and fits in its spot?  I have LOVED that office.  LOVED.

Like almost more than anyone else in the family, LOVED.

(Calm down, Hannah.  I still love you more.)

I think I'd probably die of misery were it not for the excitement of the new home we have decided to build in Dallas.  We JUST got word from the builder that they have accepted our offer and we are slated to have it completed in April.  We will finish school here, and move down there at the end of May.

So, today, on this apocalyptic end-of-the-world Mayan calendar day of doom, life has worked out pretty even-steven for us.  Sell a house, buy a house.  All on the same day.

Which should tell you all that, indeed, the world WILL be ending tonight.

Eh.  At least we'll go out with a smile on our face.


Rochelleht said...

Welcome Welcome! Very exciting that you are coming here. Where is the house being built? We'll have to hook up at some point in time. So sorry you won't get a basement here...

The UnMighty said...

I don't mean to be a nay-sayer, but based on those pictures, I think you guys made a huge, huge mistake.

But seeing as we'll all be dead around midnight tonight, no big whoop, I guess.

If the world doesn't end, good luck in Texas.

melissa ( : said...

The basement looks (looked?) amazing!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

Travelin'Oma said...

I wish we'd had a chance to stay in our new room! But your taste is impeccable and I know your new house will be even more awesome! (If Josh hammers a few nails.)

Lauren in GA said...

That basement is SO gorgeous...and you have it decorated so beautifully. You are so talented, my dear.

...I want you to consider moving to Georgia instead...I know I'm selfish...a girl can dream...;)

I love the incredible pictures with the, "This is our Happily Ever After. Amazing!

Juli said...


We are toying with selling, as there is a house I love on the market in my price range... but honestly, I don't have it in me. That, and all of our "little" projects would need to be finished first...


Maybe after the kids are out of high school. :)

Tracy said...

Love your basement! In Texas you HAVE to decorate western, like horse shoes and long horns on your walls. LOl,kidding. It will be beautiful! You have great taste. Home is where you heart is. Move to Iowa next, we would be fast friends, I love diet coke and chocolate.

shilo said...

I can't tell you how excited I am for you to move down here!

Taunya said...

Where about in Dallas? I grew up north of Dallas, in McKinney. It's a great town. Best of wishes. If you happen to be moving to McKinney, let me know and I am happy to help out with any helpful information.

Meredith Ryncarz said...

Welcome to Texas! We love it here . . except for the heat!

Emily said...

I want to call you but can't find your number. We just got back home from being out of the house for the first showing. Just put it on the market on Saturday. I have very mixed feelings about someone wandering around my home--about cried as we were pulling out. But that could be my very unstable emotions as we have baby #5 due in about 2 weeks. Seriously--we need to catch up. this is quite a comment but I had lots to say. We are moving to Denver. Your basement looks awesome by the way :).

Emily said...

sorry that comment was all about me. It really is a lovely basement

Florence Parker said...

Awesome! That means we might actually get to see each other again. My parents have a farm in East Texas, but we drive that way occasionally. Your home was amazing and I'm sure your new one will be wonderful. My 7 year old was sitting next to me as I looked through the pics and he says, "What is that? That is very nice."

Chatter said...

I love moving so I'm soooo excited for you! Your basement looks beautiful. You will love Dallas. Everyone I know that has lived there, never wanted to leave. Good luck with everything :)