Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am a but insensitive


There, I said it. Too late to take it back.

Though I should clarify that statement by also saying that I have yet to even visit the site.


The reason for my rage-filled hate for the Pinterest is this post.

And, yes, I realize that it's my very own post, written with my own hand, almost three years ago.

That post is apparently making the rounds on Pinterest. I cannot tell you the volume of emails and comments I am STILL receiving on it. Most of them wonderfully complimentary.

But quite a few of them not so nice.

Take the most recent one, left by our old, cowardly friend, Anonymous:

Well, they're cute but Wampanoag Indians didn't live in tee-pees. They would be great for a lesson on the Plains Indians but not for Thanksgiving. Lumping all tribes and ways of life together is a but culturally insensitive.

I am assuming they meant it was a BIT culturally insensitive. I don't know what a but culturally insensitive is.

Though I am pretty sure my butt is quite offensive in several cultures. Maybe that was what they were saying?

And that is not the worst of them. I received a two-page email a few weeks ago from someone telling me I was promoting racial insensitivity, and that I was basically a racist pig.

In August, I got an email from a woman begging me to stop misinforming the world regarding the housing of the First Americans (as apparently, some don't like to be called Indians now). There were several informative links and if I gave a crap, I'd put them up here and educate the rest of you, too.

(Sorry. I don't give a crap. At least about educating the world on what the Indians First Americans lived in.)

Another kind reader informed me that I had no morals and was foul for using a swear word in that post.

(The dammit word.)

With the Resistance police hounding me night and day in my own home, I hardly need her to tell me I am going to you-know-where.

When I wrote that post THREE FREAKING YEARS ago, I had no idea that I would be offending Indians and prudes alike. I honestly just wanted a cute, edible decoration to put on my table at Thanksgiving.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, I WRITE WHATEVER THE EFF I WANT. If you don't like it, don't read it. And, if you have something crappy to say, have the courage to at least attach your name to it.

So, tell me, decent people of blog land, is there any reason at all that I should go visit Pinterest? Is it chock full of haters and anonymous trolls? Also? Is my butt offensive in your culture? Do you have obscure First American websites you could link for me? Would you like to send me condemnations for my bad language? Am I sarcastic and obnoxious?

Don't answer that.


Jaimie D said...

HAHAHA I LOVE THIS POST! My blog is private only because I LOVE being able to say whatever the hell I want...including things that may or may not be politically correct because I don't give a crap! I don't feel like dealing with retards who have nothing better to do than criticize stupid stuff like what types of housing indians lived in! oops I said retard AND indians...SUE ME!

Jaimie D said...

by the way...Pinterest is amazing, you should try it out!

Saint Louis Peck's said...

If you are going you-know-where, then I am in a lot of trouble :) and remember - write what you want, and let those "judgers" go read someone else's blog. What ever happened to "if you have nothing nice to say..." I am pretty sure it was "...go tell them because they need to hear it"...

Amanda D said...

People need to lighten up! I think your post is great and it is adorable.

I enjoy pinterest...but I don't love it as some seem to.

Liz said...

Boo on the haters. I wouldn't change a thing about you, except maybe the amount of time you spend with your favorite cousin. (That means we should spend more time together. wink)

Laurie M said...

Me thinks they just have too much time on their hands...or maybe their hungry? Hunger makes people cranky.

I LOVE your posts...and your fun ideas!

Scarlett859 said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... don't change a thing about you! I have to admit that I found your blog through the Pinterest for the teepees and I love following you. Unfortunately some people were not raised with good etiquette. And a LOT of people take offence at every little thing. I just recently started reading blogs (about 3 months or so) and it's wonderful people like you that keep me reading them. Don't take to heart the bad comments from people who don't understand you. You have a lot more people who care about (and often agree with) the things that you take the time to express. Keep it up! :)

Miles said...

This is my favorite blog post of the year. I literally laughed out loud (in a public place mind you). Please keep the sarcasm and obnoxiousness coming regularly.

Hillary said...

you are one blog that i continue to follow over the years. you make me smile and i never feel that your life isn't what it is!

as a pitch for pinterest.. its great and a bit obsessive.... just pinning things makes me feel creative, that way i don't have to actually DO the crafts! but it a a great place to remember things you've seen floatin around the www!

keep it up girl!

Cathy said...

Good gravy! Some people just need to get a grip. Seriously. Your butt is not offensive in my culture. And I love Pinterest. The first thing I did was pin all my bookmarks. Then I could see everything that I want to do but know darn well I'll never have time to bake/make/sew/create/craft any of it until my kids graduate from high school. I like your blog and your sarcasm.

Kristi said...

I don't just like this post, I LOVE IT! Keep doing what you're doing...I'm hooked!

Tristan said...

I love love love you! I love how people think we actually care what their opinions are. I love that they think that they are doing right by the world by chastising us.

How about this haters: Mind your own effing business and let people live their live they way THEY chose. And we as society will let you do the same.

End Rant.

Sorry, you know why I'm a tad bit heated about this stuff.

I love you :)

Annemarie said...

Holy cow...the people emailing you need a freaking life.

I like pinterest when I'm there, which is not often. I have seen some of my recipes making the rounds, no hate mail, though. I need to figure out how to protect my photos, too.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. Love it! It's reinforced my idea that Ido not need pIntrest in my life. Thanks for the great laugh this afternoon!

Katie said...

This is hilarious! I can just hear you spouting all of this out. And I love it. plus, if I had any Amer. Indian in me, I'd be pretty darn proud of even being associated with tepees. They're awesome. And Baked tepees?! Hello!!! Could it get any better?!
Please, please keep writing wtf you want. And I will keep reading.
For the haters? Get a life.
If you get on pinterest? There goes any free time you Thought you had in your life. But whatevs. Come waste some time with me.

3leftturns said...

Dear rude Pinterest users:

1- Please re-read the following: http://pinterest.com/about/etiquette/

2- Since you obviously can't read, it says #1 Be Nice.

3- NOBODY is mean to my favorite sister. NOBODY. (Except me and all my brothers, we're exempt under sibling code 168.30.1.)

4- You may not realize it, but this "internet" thing is a network of connected devices allowing people to share thoughts, ideas and information openly. There actually is a person on the other end of the screen, so be nice or I'll kick all your @$$3$!

Ilene said...

For the most part, I love and adore pinterest.

However, I wonder if these haters take the time and trouble to seek out the pinners of the nekkid lady photos that seem to be sprinkled throughout pinterest along with the 'hilarious' quotes that feature the "F" word.

Could you please ask one of the haters for me?

Denise said...

Once again this just proves that some people have WAY TOO MUCH FREE TIME. I read your post from 3 years ago and found it wonderful and charming. Which just goes to show those dumb insensitive "but" readers at Pinterest need to get a life. AND... should remember the first rule of all. If you can't write something nice then don't write anything at all.

jessica said...

I have yet to become one of the devout followers of pintrest myself. I'm scared of it. It sounds like an amazing party that everyone, who's anyone is at. I'm afraid that if I go to it, I may never leave it and that would cause all sorts of issues for me...like abandoning my current party (my household responsibilities) and the party goers at my party may start to resent me.

On another note...ARE U FREAKING KIDDING ME about the ridiculous HATERS!!! That is insane! It boggles my mind that there are such idiots out there. You keep posting whatever you damn well please!

Elizabeth said...

Maybe your haters are New Zealanders.... as they would totally say "your a but insensitive bro".
I realise that joke will make no sense to anyone unless you actually heard a kiwi accent.

I agree with all your other commenterson the trolls... GET A FREAKIN LIFE PEOPLE!

See ya

danandcindy said...

I guarantee you that all of the nice people commenting to you are liberals.

Stefani said...

Well I for one LOVE Pinterest! It gets me creating, cooking, decorating... blah, blah, blah... so many amazing ideas. But then again no one is "repining" anything I come up with. I'm a much better copy cat. I would also say in my experience, that the "commenting" is minimal there... It would be much more efficient to attack at the source, in this case you. I'm sorry people are so insensitive. I love 3leftturns comment. How sweet, in a totally annoying siblingish type of way. :D
And danandcindy - my husband would say EXACTLY the same thing.

Meredith said...

First, I love the teepee idea! I am a former teacher who thinks there is so much political correctness in schools that we need to take the kid gloves off once in awhile and learn to deal with the REAL WORLD where things can be insensitive!

Second, I LOVE PINTEREST! I taught art and think its a great resource tool!

Juli said...

I'm new to Pinterest, but I must say it has become the biggest mind suck... ever. So many ideas, so little time.

Course, I have no idea how to actually USE it. You have to be "invited" to do so.

Seems I'm not cool eneough.


mae said...

Some people are so freakin' weird, right?

I have been meaning to search the world wide web to find a thanksgiving craft for my scouts and now I don't have do--I'm going to use yours! Thanks. I might even educate them on the wampamonger first american indians sleeping quarters now that I know all about the subject :)

Lauren in GA said...

I loved this post so, so, much, Stie. You are the best. The clever title made me laugh. You wrote a hilarious and brilliant rebuttal.

Awwwww...the word rebuttal has the word, "BUTT" in it...awwwwwww, shame, shame, shame on me using a potty word. I hope you don't get more e-mails from your friends rebuking you for allowing someone to use potty words in your comments section.

Unknown said...

This is what my hubs would call one of those 'F.U.' moments. Don't change and don't waste the time caring what they think.

Cares and Mimi said...

Hi Stie - love this post! This kind of cowardice really irritates me.

If commenters are so inclined or impassioned to share their opinion because of something written or performed, they should do so proudly. Don't stand behind a cloak of anonymity.

Oh wait, you do that because you're knowingly being rude, mannerless and naughty. You don't want to embarrass your 'real' self. Because on the internet you can be an anonymous entity. What are you? A man or a mouse? Grow a pair.


brooke said...

I love everything about you. You are always going to have obnoxious anonymous commenters and people who are offended because you actually write interesting and entertaining stuff. You don't bore us with watered down posts. Your stuff is hilarious and edgy and that comes at a cost....a cost that is so worth it. Let the offended rogue masses say what they will...you are one of the few blogs out there worth reading.

And if I were you, I would no longer allow anonymous comments... I just changed the setting on my blog and I love that people have to have the balls to attach their name to their comments on my blog and yes, I did just day balls.

Those teepees are so cute and I bet any indian would love living in them...so there.

Karey said...

Pinterest is a great way to save recipes, crafts, ideas, etc. You might actually like it. It's nice that people are seeing your cute idea for Indian teepees, whether they're historically accurate or not. BUT I'm sorry some people are being rude.

Ignore the haters. Most of us like you and enjoy your blog. And we're the only ones that matter. Have a great day.

Jeanelle said...

1. Jaime's comments at the very beginning made me laugh out loud.
2. Dan is hilarious as well.
3. I like Pinterest but only as a way to keep all of the recipes I'm dying to try in one place (works way better than starring them in google reader.)
4. I love you just the way you are.
5. People are dorks.

Lala said...

I love you. I love your writing. And I seriously wish you'd come visit me. Just forget all the haters. Who has the time for all that hate. I've got too much to do and I'm not even on pinterest.

Dalene said...

I hate pinterest because I don't get it. Sue me. I honestly cannot believe people spend the time to write to you about something so silly. I don't get that, either. I DO get you and I LOVE you.

Terri said...

People will often loudly (and offensively) complain when bored, oversensitive, premenstrual, and grumpy. I am sorry you attacked by the Internet Police...well, the Internet Rent-a-Cop-for-free-cuz-they-are-full-of it. Don't worry about them...but, I have to confess that I did NOT eat the cut off bits from my teepees (which, in fact, were fashioned after domiciles of First Americans) and so I claim your "dammit" as directed (ineffectively) to the likes of me. Thank you.

shilo said...

Seriously? The teepees offended people? Get real. I really like Pinterest and I have seen your said offensive teepees floating around it, meaning LOTS of people did appreciate the cuteness. Someone needs to police the crazy Fun Police.

DarbyM said...

Sigh...some people just have WAY too much time on their hands. Good grief. Maybe if they used that time to be as creative as you they would not be such haters. :)

fyi - Pinterest rocks!

Taylor Y said...

Funny! I found your blog through Pinterest because I thought your teepee treats were so cute and I want to do them with my kids next week! Thank you for coming up with this creative Thanksgiving treat. I'm sure the people complaining about being offended by your post have moved on and found someone else new to offend them by now. :)


Paige said...

Holy cow. That's a lot of uproar over a cute craft. I like pinterest. It's fun. But I've never seen your awesome craft on it. I think you should friggin' sell your crafty services.

D-dawg said...

Stie- I totally repinned your teepees and then I saw that they were yours and I was excited. People are rediculous and have way too much time on their hands. I'm sorry they've been mean though. I think you would like pinterest. It is fun but again, for people with way too much time. I can get lost of there and I love it but for the most part I try to kindof stay away! Love your blog, love you, ignore the haters.

CaDaLily said...

I found your blog via the teepees on Pinterest and have been reading here for the past hour. I simultaneously love Pinterest, prefer 'Native American' over 'Indian' and think you're a great writer. Things aren't always what they seem. Give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I love this and love that you ended up on pinterest unknowingly! Because...I'm about to attempt your sweet teepees and sadly (on my part) hadn't really paid any attention to the historical detail, but the fact that they were so darn cute! I'm also thankful, on this Thanksgiving day, that because of pinterest...and your teepees, I have found your blog. May your family have a blessed day and may you continue to post your cuteness. Looking forward to getting to know you more after the craziness of holidays is over!

Stephanie Lee

Choctaw Lady said...

I like Pinterest. It's pretty cool for finding ideas, that's where i found the tee-pee cones. I'm full blood Choctaw Indian and i didn't find these offensive at all. I mean, it's not like you can make a cute wampanoag house out of a cone. Just doesn't work. But I made these for our Thanksgiving dinner on the rez. Everyone thought they were cute and tasty! Don't worry bout the haters.