Thursday, May 12, 2011

Inadvertently working the assets

This morning at the unholy hour of six-forty, the phone rang.

Cursing and stumbling, I answered the call.

It was our [soon to be] new plumber. The one we asked to come give us a bid on some work we're doing on the upstairs of our house. Big work. Messy work. Work that will ultimately result in very good things [eventually].

He was calling to let me know that he was five minutes out. As in, I will be at your front door in five minutes. No matter that you're still in bed, sporting the filth that is morning mouth, and you are not dressed.

I flew out of bed and scrambled to throw some clothes on. Opting to spend my time brushing my teeth in lieu of putting on a bra, I went for the multi-layered/here's hoping it's enough to hide the girls look. My tops felt a little twisted, weird, and out of place, but the doorbell rang, and I had no more time to worry about it.

Plumber came and went. Gave me just the news I was hoping to hear: Yes, what you're planning here will be fine. I can totally do that.

[Still waiting on the news I don't want to hear: The cost.]

But a few minutes later when I happened to walk by a mirror, I nearly died at the sight.

Apparently, as I was hurriedly dressing, I missed the sleeve hole on one of my layers, resulting in a tangled mess of shirts on my torso.

Aaaaaaand it was configured in such a way so that the only thing standing between the plumber and one of my bosoms was a thin layer of cotton.

A very see-through layer of cotton.

[Apparently, I have the subconscious desire to show off my bits and pieces. Remember the horror?]

Do you think it will be enough to at least get us a discount on the plumbing?


Jeanelle said...

You, Ms. Photographer, didn't take a photo for the good of the blog? So disappointed in you...and yet, cannot stop giggling.

Jessica said...

So will the husband appreciate the effort you put into getting your discount?

Annie ~ Basic Joy said...

Hey, at least you were dressed this time!
I'm giving you a nice, head to toe robe for your birthday this year.

Much to the disappointment to workers throughout the St. Louis region.

Christina said...

I am sure the discount will make it worth it :)

It is his fault anyway for being at your house that early in the morning, I mean really, this is in no way your fault. :)

Joy & Casey said...

Have you seen What Happens In Vegas?? Best show ever! When Joy didn't have the $ to pay the cab driver he said "Show me your breasts"....problem ride was free. Maybe your plumbing will be free? Buy him a copy of the show and see if he can figure out why you are unwilling to pay when you are done. ;) Thanks for the laugh!

Tristan said...

SO FUNNY!! How embarrassing! But why in the EFF is he coming before 9AM!?!? That is weird to me. You better get a discount!

Julianna said...

Don't know about a discount, but I can say with all certainty that he will be there working everyday that he says he will.

He might even work through lunch and finish up the job on time. :)

danandcindy said...

I think I just puked a little in my mouth.

jessica said...

I'm still trying to get over the before seven am phone call! You gave the plumber a great story to tell at lunch time.

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

If that happened to me it would probably cost us more! ;) {I had a dirty come back, but deleted it. G rated please. )

melissa ( : said...

When will you ever learn.... ?

Lauren in GA said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay! They restored the post. I simply had to read this for myself!!!!!!!!

I thought immediately about the UPS Man Incident of 2008. I am so glad you linked it so that I could read that sage advice again.

I do think you are now eligable for a discount. He may try to come even earlier in the morning next he can catch you even more off guard.

Paige said...

Your girls just wanna pop out and say hello. Let 'em.

Other day my doorbell rang and I was wearing only PJ bottoms and a very, very thin tank. I thought it was a package and opened the door. It was my new neighbor introducing himself. He got to meet all 3 of us!

Dalene said...

With those girls, they'd better... If it were me, he'd be so disappointed he would charge us more.

the wrath of khandrea said...

since the plumber's crack is a notorious display of assets, and you were bound to see it, i'd just say this was nothing more than tit for tat.

Lala said...

Oh, Christie! Christie. Christie. Let me know how much of a deal you get. We need some work done at our house, too. =)