Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How-To Tuesday: How to clean your microwave

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Today's post comes to you courtesy of my children and their inability to cover things when heating them up in the microwave.

You know that popping sound you hear when heating up leftover pizza? It seriously sends terror and chills down my spine.

Sort of like that scene in Sleeping With the Enemy when Julia Roberts' character hears the Symphonie Fantastique and just knows that she has been found by her brute of a husband and is about to be killed.

Yeah. Cheese exploding in the microwave does the same thing to me.

And since I figured out a solution that was better than death to the children, I will share it with you here. So that your children may also live to see another day.

Step one: Microwave some water in a cup for 3-4 minutes. More if your microwave is like mine especially disgusting.

Step two: Let it sit without opening the microwave door for 2-3 minutes. Choosing to spend this time lecturing your children on the importance of paper towels over plates they heat up might be a good idea.

Step three: Open the microwave, and wipe it down. You'll find the melted food comes right off.

Step four: Lecture the children one more time in the vain hope that this time it will sink in. Then find a strange desire to re-watch Sleeping With the Enemy.

Your turn. What you got this week?

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Karey said...

I'm excited to learn this trick. Mine goes way too long between cleanings because it's such a disgusting job. I'm off to clean the microwave.

Julie said...

Cleaning the microwave is definitely a necessary evil at my house too.

Lauren in GA said...

That. is. BRILLIANT!! You don't have to worry about chemical residue from cleaning agents getting on your food!!! I am going to try this right away...*ahem* not that my blessed little angels would ever make a mess in the microwave.

I am so glad to har from you on the blog. You know me...I was getting ready to send you an e-mail. I don't know if you are close to the destruction but I immediately thought of you when I learned about it.

Lauren in GA said...

"hear" not, "har". Sheesh, Lauren.

Donna said...

This How-To is exactly what I needed today! How did you know? HAHA! Thanks so much. Look out m
icrowave, here I come!

Suzanne said...

YES!!! I love you. Again.

Thelma said...

The sound of melting (and popping) butter gives me the same chills...except it's often my fault. I'm going to go clean my microwave.

Tina H said...

yes, I will try this also!! I was going to heat up something the other day, did not know that my dad had just done cleaning (with 409) opened the microwave.. the smell hit me! I said nope, not going to eat that right now!! There was no way I was going to stick food there with the strong smell of cleaner!! YIKES!

Oh, and worse than pizza???? RAVIOLI'S!!! My son is terrible about not covering his bowl. Our microwave has a constant orange speckle to it.

Julianna said...

Melted butter gets into EVRY crack and crevace. My children run when that happens. :)

You can also put a table spoon of lemon juice in the water, it adds a lemon fresh scent and help cut through grease a bit easier.

So glad you posted today. I was concerned that you may have been near the tragic-ness.

And daniel's post? Classic. :)

Maria said...

I HATE cleaning the microwave! I'll definitely try this next time! Thanks!!

calibosmom said...

I love a clean microwave and anything to make it easier to clean is welcome news! Thank you.

Cathy said...

Or just don't clean it. If you wait until your mother comes to visit she'll clean it for you when you're out. She wouldn't dare do it when you're home of course. I really intend to play along in this lovely how to series some day. I hope I can get my act together by then.

Lala said...

That is BRILLANT! How did you figure that out? I am so impressed/amazed/awed. Really.