Friday, August 13, 2010

Sleep, mountings, and a diet coke keg

I did not get to bed last night until four-in-the-freaking-a.m.

Yeah, I was partying like I am a twenty-something starlet with my peeps.

(Only we were all moms, and I believe most of us were wearing underwear. Except maybe Lori. She's kind of wild like that).

So, actually, I was partying like a thirty-something mom who has not seen her best girls for far too long.

And then the phone rings at the unholy hour of 8:28-in-the-freaking-a.m. It was the Husband, checking in and (really) calling to ensure that no one sleeps in around here.

Lord help me, I love that man, but he has no respect for the sleep in.

I have loads to do today, most of which involve sitting myself down at the pool with a book, though I doubt I will manage to keep my eyes open for even that. Thank heavens for lifeguards.

But before my head hits the desk in a sudden fit of sleep, I do need to address your burning questions about the photo mounting.

And, really, you flatter me. There are a lot of things I am capable of doing, but successfully mounting my own prints is not one of them. I would have no desire to even try.

[Is it just me or does that last paragraph sound kind of dirty? No? Nevermind.]

My secret weapon is my fabulous pro printhouse. I use them for everything. Their work is truly amazing. You will need to have a basic knowledge of Photoshop to order your prints, as you need to upload them in a specific PS format, but their quality is superb. If you are ever in need of any large-sized prints (or small sized, really) these folks are the way to go. They offer print mounting on a variety of substances for a very reasonable price. I've tried every type and have yet to find one that I do not love. They are awesome.

There. That is all. Off to tap a diet coke keg in hopes of making it until lunch time.

Happy Friday.


Stefani said...

My hubby has no respect for the sleep in either. If he's up, everyone should be up. Good luck with your day;)

Andy Johnson said...

That's IT? I fully expected an expansion to the Josh-Called-To-Early rant, or at least a general whine session. There surely is some drama in the Halverson household that needs to be published? Rock star hair? New reptiles discovered? Hmmm... now I'm going to have to youtube a cat pooping in the toilet for my Friday laughs.

Zana said...

What?!?! I missed out on chatting & laughing 'til unfair. Yes, Lori was maybe hoping someone would bring gifts, like new underwear & such b/c stuff like that happens ;)
I'll host next month at Lake Tahoe...let me know how many will be there!

brooke said...

The mounting joke made me laugh out loud. What does that say about me?

Lauren in GA said...

My baby has no respect for the sleep in, either. He's lucky I am so fond of him.

You kill me when you say things like, "No? Nevermind.?" I love you.

Elizabeth said...

4 in the AM??? You really are Hard Core (yes so hard core I put it in capitals).
Im so hoping you had an email asking for a video tutorial of you mounting your own prints from a very innocent blog reader... that would make my day.

Karey said...

Thanks for the info and I'm thinking a good nap behind sunglasses with a book open on your lap is the way to go. Just don't get caught slobbering. It's a sure giveaway that you're not really reading.

Musings of a Housewife said...

You. Crack. Me. Up. :-)

Hope you got some rest.

Jenibelle said...

After staying up til 2 am painting our new "guest room" (the big boy finally moved out) Scotty woke me at 6:30 am to inform me that we needed to leave IN TwO HOURS for his soccer game. I totally intend to return the favor when he is 17.

I bleed brown carbonation.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

You aren't holding out on where to buy a Diet Coke keg, ARE YOU??


danandcindy said...

I don't think anyone cared about your photo mounting.

jessica said...

Oh I think I might have just let a few curses fly if A called me and ruined my sleep in...that is sacred...seriously sacred time.