Friday, June 27, 2008

True or False: Vacation edition

Time seems to be slipping away from me here on this seemingly never-ending vacation. I cannot believe it's...wait. What day is it?

Anyway, I am now here in sunny cloudy San Diego with the Husband, while the children are spending a few days being spoiled by their grandparents. His firm has an annual conference every summer, and spouses and children are invited strongly encouraged to attend. I have spent the last 12 hours answering the question of "BUT WHERE ARE YOUR KIDS?" until I am blue in the face. I think I'll make a sign and put it around my neck that says, "WE HAVE JUST SPENT 14 DAYS IN THE CAR WITH OUR CHILDREN. 'NUFF SAID."

Subtle, yes? I think so.

Anyway, to catch you up on my doings for the last week or so, I thought I'd make up a little quiz. Every answer is true or false, and you get to decide which is which. I realize you have no way of knowing which outlandish tale is true and which is not, but that's all part of the fun, right?

And the first person to get every answer right will receive a surprise in the mail when I get home (that is, if I ever do get home).

  1. As I write this, I am lying in my bed, gorging myself on pancakes instead of socializing with the other wives at the company breakfast.
  2. I have read six books in the last two weeks.
  3. I have exercised only four times.
  4. I did the Zip Line, Alpine Slide, and Alpine Coaster in Park City, and LOVED every second of it.
  5. I sat down next to a blind man at the airport and he pulled out a laptop and started typing. You know, kind of interesting because HE CAN'T ACTUALLY SEE HIS COMPUTER.
  6. I was hit on by a non-handicapped man.
  7. I have not bought myself one new item of clothing.
  8. One of my children has already been sick twice on this trip (and one of those sicknesses turned out to be strep, which we found out after a maddening three-hour hunt to find a doctor that would take our insurance).
  9. I went white water river rafting down the Colorado River and did not fall in, as I had feared.
  10. One of my children became tangled in their seat belt and I was unable to get them out. In a panic, I cut the seat belt, seeing no other option. That's right, I CUT THE SEAT BELT, as in, irreparable severing of a much-needed safety device in our car.
  11. The Husband was so relieved that the child was safe that he didn't care at all about the damage done to our car, and didn't once wonder what it was going to cost to repair.
  12. I ordered a virgin pina colada, only to find it non-virgin when it arrived. I drank it anyway.
  13. I am taking the Husband for his-and-hers pedicures today, and he is excited about it.
  14. I have refused to wear sunscreen even once, and now sport a lovely, cancerous shade of red all over my body.
  15. At this typing, I have not read one single blog since we left home (but plan to rectify that very soon).

Good luck, if there are any of you even still checking this blog. Happy guessing!


ginger said...

Your vacation sounds as though it has been exciting, whether good or bad! We love our kids, but it is always nice to get a little time free from wiping boogers and such! :-)

I'm going with all true except 4, 11, 12, and 13...?

Paige said...

I think all are true except 11 12 and 13. He's so not excited about that much needed pedi. Make sure they do lots of scraping. I HOPE #7 is false, but I fear it is true.

Annie said...

I'm going with all true except 3, 4, 7, 9, 11, 12, and 13. Have a great time + order lots of room service.

danandcindy said...

True or False.

You are stupid.


Kristin said...

All true except #12, drank a sip maybe, than asked for another one.

Lauren said...

Dan is a meanie?

True ;)

Okay, I am guessing that all are True EXCEPT for 4, 7, 9, 11, 12 and 14.

You are so funny :) I loved the, "...wait. What day is it?"

So glad you and the Husband got some alone time ♥ . BUT WHERE ARE YOUR KIDS?" heh, heh, heh...just kiddin' :)

Annemarie said...

I wasn't going to comment, but just enjoy the reading...but what the heck...

1-6 true
8-10 true
11-14 false
15 true

You are a riot..and, I always look forward to your blog posts!

Lynsie said...

Uh, your so funny!
3-6-true (#6 you are quite the hottie)
I don't see you turning cancerous red on purpose, only my husband would do that because he can't stand any form of lotion touching his skin. Guess he'll learn wont he??

Have fun on the rest of vacation, and keep your sanity please, I love reading your blog. Although I would still read it if you lost it.

andrea said...

very clever. although it's gonna be like grading papers when you get home, and that's not much fun at all.

i don't care if they're true or not. i'm just jealous you drank the pina colada. i could go for a trip down alcohol alley.

i'm kidding. that was wrong for me to write that.

i say TRUE DAT to 1,3,5,8,10,15.

Hollyween said...

Am I the only one who has multiple trues and falses? Hmmmm.
Here goes:
1-3 T
4. F
5. T
6&7 F
8. T
9. F
10. T
11. & 12. F
13-15 T

Jenibelle said...

4--False, you had me til "loved"
7--Please, please let that be false. And a souvenir t-shirt counts as clothing.
11--False, unless your husband truly IS a saint. $$$$$
14--False, you know better

Bridget said...

4,13 and 14 not true. I know how you feel about roller coasters and such. You would not be happy doing that zip line thing. Also, Josh excited about a pedicure? Not so much. And you are religious about sunscreen because without it you get more freckles which for some reason you don't like. I'm excited to see the answers!

Becky said...

Ok...when I win, ...just send my prize to someone else, cuz I am generous like that.

Falses are #'s: 4,5,6,11,12,13,14,15. The rest are true.

That is just what I think. And I am smart. Sometimes. Ok, not very often.

Jo-Lynne (Musings of a Housewife) said...

14 hours? Kill me. I barely survived 2 last night. Or, rather, my KIDS barely survived.

Kristy said...

Okay, I was going to say that ALL were TRUE just to be a little crazy & daring, but some of the other comments from those who know you seemingly beyond Blogland have me wondering. (Actually YOU would be the crazy & daring one if they were all true!) :)

What the heck....TRUE for them ALL!!!

calibosmom said...

It all sounds like heaven to me except the strep part. Enjoy your solitude and the pancakes!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

I vote for all true!


Rebecca said...

Sounds like loads of, um, fun??

1. True
2. False
3. True
4. True
5. True
6. False
7. False
8. True
9. True
10. True
11. False
12. False
13. False
14. True
15. True

Lorena said...

I'm just amazed you're still on vacation...what does your husband do for work again?

1. True
2. True
3. True
4. True
5. True
6. False
7. False
8. True
9. False
10. True
11. False
12. False
13. True
14. False
15. True

Will this be a weighted quiz?

Julia said...

Here's my guess:
1 to 3: T
4: F
5, 6: T
7: F
8 to 10: T
11, 12: F
13 to 15: T

What a marathon trip. I think you win the award for family togetherness this summer, and probably for spending the most of gas :)

Susy said...

I don't know you but I will say this being a little crazy when we were on vacation with the kids just 3 weeks ago If I would of gotten a pina colada I would of drank it and said nothing and then felt bad and repented. Yep thats what I would of done.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

This so cracked me up! And yes, I don't think I would know what day it was either if I had been in a car 14 days with my kids! :-)

Answers: (I know someone has already won before me!)
6.T(it was the UPS man coming to see you on your vaca!)
7.F (unless you are a saint)
8.T (sadly)
9. T
10. T (how did this happen?)
11. F (is there a man on earth that would say nothing about a car repair)
12. F (I bet is was tempting not to though!)
13. F (he is excited part!)
14. F (too fair skinned)
15. T (I hope so anyway!)

Jodi said...

I am saying numbers


are false.
I can't wait to hear about #10 and 11 especially!

Jodi said...

I am saying numbers


are false.
I can't wait to hear about #10 and 11 especially!

Jodi said...

oops! Sorry for commenting twice! It would have been okay IF I had changed my answers but nooooooooo.....I just got impatient with my sloooooow computer and hit send twice! Sorry!

Mama C. said...

Please say they're ALL true. If so, you're definitely my kind of woman! :)

I love your writing (or rantings? Moms tend to do both, don't we?), so, if you don't mind, I'm adding you to my friends' list. If you'd like (and I hope you do), you're more than welcome to return the favor:

Any other moms (or fans of crazed rantings of moms) are welcome to come visit, too! :)


Mama C.

christina-defining moments said...

All true but 4,7,9,11,13

Rebecca said...

I guess all true. Good for you that you got a couple days break from the kids!

Michael said...

I don't know, but I'm guessing #6 is false.

diane said...

You are in San Diego, my hood. We should have made plans. I know how those business things go, you probably don't have a minute. Enjoy! Yeah for no kids!!

Wendi said...

I have been saving this in my reader to go back and answer.
I am too late.
For fun, I am answering and going back and reading the answers.
Love this idea!

1. T
2. T
3. F
4. F
5. F
6. T
7. F
8. T
9. T