Thursday, June 5, 2008

Show and Tell

My friend Annie tagged me for this meme. I've enjoyed seeing some of you play, and have probably been tagged before. I generally don't play along, but if Annie does something...well, then I'll definitely do it.

And no, I'm not easily influenced by friends. Not at all.

Unless you ask my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Yergensen, who wrote that very thing on my report card, the mean old witch.

I just wait for cool friends to do things before I do them. That way I'm sure things are cool, and I don't make the mistake of doing something un-cool. I like to think of it as having patience.

Anyhoo, here is my show-and-tell tour. The rules are that you may not tidy things up, just take the pictures as-is, and give the internet a peek into your life.

The only thing I allow on the outside of my fridge are these cute magnet letters made for me by the one and only Mique. They match my kitchen perfectly, and I think they're just darling. One of my best mail days ever.

The inside of my fridge? It is not so darling.

Let's just say that you can all sleep well at night knowing that there are parts of my life that remain very unorganized. The inside of the fridge is always one of those things. It will, however, never be without a large stash of diet coke. So come on over anytime, and we can chat over a cold one.

Next up is THE SINK. It, fortunately, will almost always be clean and dishes-free.

Don't hate me. I'm just annoying that way.

THE TOILET, and this is one I was unclear about. Do I take pictures of the entire bathroom or just the throne? I went with the throne in the master bath. Very boring, very toilet-like. (Have I just sunk to taking pictures of my toilet for the internet? Apparently so. Oy).

Moving on to THE LAUNDRY:
Tomorrow is laundry day, but that only means that our clothes are in our bedroom closets, in baskets with lids, waiting to be washed. Very uninteresting. But, I do have to take this moment and praise my dryer. As I mentioned before, scooting it out a few inches from the wall has miraculously reduced my drying time from about 1 1/2 hours to 37 minutes. And that's big loads of jeans, towels, you name it. This dryer is my new best friend.

And yes, I do realize that I am giving Daniel lots to make fun of here, what with all the pictures of toilets, laundry facilities, and sinks. But I like to live dangerously sometimes.


Don't tell the Husband. We just got home from the pool, it's 1,237 degrees outside, and I need a break. Sometimes Sponge Bob is my best friend. Most days not.

[Also, please ignore the multi-colored wainscoting/walls behind the couch. We just put it up and have yet to get it painted. It will look really good when it's done. But that's unfortunately not today.]


I know I have shown pictures of this room like a million times, but I do love it. It's our formal living room, and it's the place I like to curl up with a good book. I love the picture wall, the furniture, the colors. Everything. I feel that room is more me than any other room in the house. Or at least the me I want to be. A nice me. Who takes good pictures. And reads lots of novels. And hardly ever yells.


Yet another dark secret in the life of Stie. My closet does not look good, and today is no exception. This is a good reminder to straighten it up. Which I will do. As soon as I finish blogging about it.


Hello, lovelies. I got these shoes at Nine West two summers ago. I still get giddy for warm weather, because I can't wait to break them out. Sure, I don't really wear them anywhere but church or date nights (seeing as how they are the most uncomfortable shoes ever created), but they are oh, so pretty. And they show off a pedicure like a good pair of summer shoes should. And if we can't endure a little pain for a pretty shoe, then what good are we?


Here is me in my master bathroom, Yes, still in my swim dress. Sometimes it's just too hot to wear real clothes.

And sometimes, after swimming with the kidlets, I'm just too darn lazy to get dressed again. No, I don't run around nekkid anymore. Lesson painfully learned.


I would say my dream vacation would be Paris and London. There are about a million other cities I want to visit, but those two are at the top of my list. Someday (hopefully next spring) I'll get there.

But I definitely won't be wearing my brown ballerina wedge shoes.


Consider yourself tagged, if you want to play along. It was surprisingly fun. And productive.

Now I've got to go clean out that closet.


Annie said...

Thanks for playing, C! I knew you'd put me to shame. My favorites:

the kids on the couch--so classic post-swim summer

your favorite room--so you

the fact that the "messy" ones in your post are still better than my good ones :)

and you're rocking the swim dress! Give that trainer a raise :)

Rochelleht said...

Wish I looked like that after swimming. I think posting after-swimming pics is braver than fridge and toilets. But, apparently not for you, cause you look great. But you are not a redhead. 'nuf said.

HILLARY said...

woo-woo! great legs! Love the shoes. I love your favorite room, too. I plan to do a picture wall when ever we get a home of our own, or at least a house with a wall I could do that on!

Fun! I would do it, but I am so embarrassed by the condition of my house right now, I don't think anyone would be my friend anymore!

(but baseball is OVER!

Kenny and Linsey said...

You have awesome legs and those shoes are hot! Um, that is your closet disorganized...that is the state of dream of my closet morphing into. I love your picture wall and never get tired of photos of that room.

Jessica said...

Fun, but didn't it take forever to do?

And the sparklyness of your house is making me envious.

Denae (a.k.a. D-dawg) said...

We have the same sink and countertops. I like this picture tag but I wouldn't be able to do it for real. I would have to clean out my fridge and stuff.

Also, I like your living room. I want to curl up and read a book in there too.

Amanda said...

Wow you are totally awesome. My sink is never that clean. This was a fun one, I'm glad you chose to play!

andrea said...

this post is so intimidating to me. it looks like so much fun, but i feel anxiety at the thought of really taking the pictures and doing it. i honestly don't even know what my fridge looks like, or my toilet, or frankly what my kids are even doing right now. i don't know if i could do it spontaneously. unlike jessica, i'm afraid i would cheat.
maybe i'll try it, and if i cheat, i won't post. it'll be a test for me.
yeah, me and games are a blast.

your legs are freakin hot. you could snap a neck with those things. impressive.

Annemarie said...

Your legs are amazing.

Chatter said...

Ughh... you make me sick. Nice legs and nice arms. I love the pic of the kids curled up on the couch. Too cute!

dcrmom said...

Okay, you are entirely TOO tidy to be my friend. Fortunately I didn't see your closet and sink when I decided to be your friend. ;-)

I might have to do this meme next week. (After the cleaning lady comes, hehe.)

Family Adventure said...

I adore your photo wall. In fact, I'd love to recreate something similar in my house. It looks fantastic - and you DO take good pictures. :)


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

You are working those shoes totally!
I don't know what I am more jealous of, the clean sparkling house or your pretty self potrait!

2happy+2 said...

I was very envious of your fridge. I should do the pics of my house. You could use a good laugh when the kids get you down. Let me know when your having one of those days and I'll post them:0) I also love your picture wall. I am waiting for Shane to get the front room ready for painting then I will get my pics up. I would love it if you were still here to take a couple of pics of my two cuties. You should do it for something to do when your kiddies leave the nest. I would pay top dollar for your pics.
And of course I love blogs with great shoes in them. I have shoes similar and I love them except for long outtings with friends. Very painful.

RobynandJoe said...

I'm jealous of your fridge, your dryer, your picture wall, your hot post-swimming bod, etc. but definitely not jealous of the 1,237 degree weather!

Bridget said...

Those shoes are fierce woman! I love those. And its not fair you can look so cute after swimming. My hair gets so out of control post swim I have to hurry indoors and hide. I am still trying to absorb the fact that your fridge is not organized. This is not computing.

Wendi said...

I had not seen this meme before.
You did a great job with it.
I am so NOT playing.
I would show you my fridge, but the self portrait(especially post pool) way!
I have a similiar pair of shoes...but my legs are short so the strings go to my thighs.
Not. hot.
You can show that picture wall 100 more times and I will drool every time.
I. want. one.
Thanks again for the show-n-tell tour.

Susy said...

You R the best wish I was just a little more organized but I am getting there, I will posting a blog in the next few weeks about my house and all the things I have done to organize it take a peak then.

Mel said...

That was fun! Your formal living room looks like it is direct from a home magazine...stunning. I want to go sit and read a novel there. I completely get the not getting dressed thing. Once I get home from the beach I do the same thing!

crystal said...

I'm not sure which I covet more....the 9 West shoes, or the skinny knees.

Lindsey said...

You call that closet dirty??????????????

gab said...

I'll bet you tower over JD in those shoes. (Or does he have a matching pair?!)

Lauren said...

You have some great legs, girlie... and I think you look fantastic in your swim dress!

I love your humor! Like how it is 1,237 degrees outside....

oh, what's that? oh, you weren't joking... ;)

Seriously, you are so funny! Like how you know Dan will mock you but you have to, "live dangerously" and how you included what your 5th grade teacher said.

I loved the, "Oy" too. I am 100% Jewish by blood and I love a little Yiddish in a post :D

Lynsie said...

Okay First, I love your picture wall. We don't have anywhere to do that so I put mine in the hall way, try to be gallery like, but you put me to shame.
Second, WOW your tidy, is everyone? I took pics of my house one day to make my sons babysitter shut up about a dirty house, and she watches kids for a living! But I was ashamed to show them. One day I will post pics of my house, and hopefully that day will be a cleaning day.

Tina said...

Not going to do it, my house is a MESS! I would just cheat anyway! You are a hot mama though, lucky girl!

Kristy said...

Ditto ALL the WOW's!! Your fridge & closet are NOT organized??? My fridge actually looks pretty good. I cleaned it out last night. The sink, well, there was SO much STUFF in the fridge that I was only able to wash up & load the dishwasher with 1/2 the containers. How embarrassing to have my 8 yr. old repeatedly ask, as I'm cleaning out the fridge while talking to my neighbor on the phone, "why is that green?, Why is that white?, why does that smell?"

Yep, I had a couple of science experiments going on in there.

You look awesome too BTW. I do not take pics of myself after the pool, or before the pool for that matter!

danandcindy said...

Now, that was a dumb post. First of all, I guarantee that you "tidy'd" things up a lot. You and your dum little blog have every little detail arranged, and you have been planning these crazy spontaneous photos for weeks. So, well done.

Second, That's really cool that Elna made it into your blog.

Thirdly, is this all you have to come up with to write about? We are facing a global energy crisis, there is a world food shortage, we are in the midst of one of the most critical presidential elections in the history of our great nation, we are at war in the Middle East, and according to Al Gore, the world is going to superheat within the next few weeks. And all you can do is take some zany photos of your messy fridge. Well done.

And finally, thank you for not taking an aerial view of your toilet, blessing us all with a view of your skid marks, and more likely with a shot of the big one that you forgot to flush.

melissa ( : said...

How come your self portrait looks like it came right out of a magazine?? I considered myself tagged... but I'm nowhere near as organized as you are. Sigh... someday!

Ilene said...

I need to do this post because my last post about my newly painted and picture-hung walls is a bit of a lie. I cleaned for those pictures; not real life at all.

TravelinOma said...

I love this tour! I think most people won't believe it really looks this clean on a random summer day with three kids at home, but I've been to your house many times, and it is always picture perfect!

Melain said...

I'm completely UNsurprised that your house is immaculate. But I'm totally shocked that it's actually HOT somewhere! Here in Seattle it's just raining, raining, raining.... big surprise there.

Emily said...

wainscoting looks awesome--way to go Josh!

Rae said...

Such great fun! I found your blog through Christy of Christy's Place. We have a lot in common. My sink will NEVER be dirty and I only allow my silver seashell magnets on my fridge. I'm afraid the one big glaring difference is the INSIDE of our fridge's. Mine is empty compared to yours! I'd better run to the grocery store. Nice meeting you and I'm sure I'll be back soon!

Becky said...

Not brave enough for that. Good job to you though for having clean tidy spaces. I like your swim dress, too. You look great!

calibosmom said...

Hot diggity dog! You have some smokin' legs woman! I never yell either.:0

i'm kelly said...

that is so not a messy fridge. those shoes are to die for... and you are looking hot in that little number. if i looked that i good, i wouldn't change out of it either.

Mique (as in M-i-c-k-e-y) said...

Woohoo- thanks for the compliment!
I'm glad that the magnets grace your perfectly white/flawless fridge.
I'm pretty sure that we can't be friends. It saddens me so. But you are a) way too clean and b) way too skinny & hot mama in that swim dress.....
but if I send you more good mail will you be my friend anyway???

nicole hill said...

you are one hot mama!

Kari said...

I've told you this before, but, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture grouping on your wall. I'm really inspired to try and recreate something similar, it looks terrific. That would be my favorite room, too. And, very hot shoes!

Jennifer said...

I have to tell you I've been reading your blog for several months now. Since we don't ever talk at church, I feel I need to tell you I'm a reader, especially since I have now seen your closet, your sink, and your laundry room. I feel kinda guilty every time I see you--since we don't talk in real life--about reading all the silly details of your life, but you shouldn't be so entertaining and then I wouldn't have to check your blog three times a week. Now when I sit in back of you at church looking at your cute family, I won't feel bad because I've exposed myself (in the best possible way) and come clean. Glad we have met. A faithful reader...Jennifer A. (from church)