Monday, April 28, 2008

Helpful hints

Things not to ask me about today:

Discovering the next door neighbors were cutting down a tree at six a.m. this morning. Yes, with a chain saw. At six-freaking-o'clock-in-the-morning.

The pain in every part of my body brought on by the trainer I pay to torture me every week.

The laundry that is not done.

The baseball game that I barely got my son to (because I'm a moron and thought it started a half hour later than it actually did).

The temperature of said baseball game hitting a high of 43 degrees.

The three hot chocolates I had to buy at the baseball game to keep little fingers warm (and the subsequent spills that made it a major waste of money).

The mac and cheese three little people might be having for dinner tonight, and its lack of nutritional value.

The trip I am taking in two days and am nowhere near ready for (and still have NO IDEA what I'm going to wear).

The blog I have been ignoring all week, much to my chagrin.

Things you may ask me about today:

My new spray-on tan that makes my pasty-white skin look slightly brown. And therefore less full of freckles.

My new mascara(s) (thanks, Nicole!)

Cookie dough (always a favorite subject)

Guess that's it. Any questions?


Kimberly said...

I don't think I have ever been the first one to leave a comment on your blog! So, you really like that mascara...anything for longer, lusher lashes sounds great to me! I don't think you should hide your freckles...they are so cute! Has your new tan and longer eyelashes been attracting more on-lookers at the grocery store?

Lisa-Marie said...

Oh, I could SO write a list like this today. I just might have to poach this idea if you don't mind.

And you will rock whatever you wear. Don't worry. Guess what I'll be wearing? I'll be in my pajamas.

Take before and after pics using that mascara regimen. That'd be good blog material.

momy4him said...

i too, could write a list like this one. i think i will. i hope the rest of your week gets better! have some cookie dough!

Lindsey said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm cookie dough... I made some today. It was just that kind of day, and cookie dough makes EVERYTHING BETTER.

Becky said...

Are you sure I can't ask you about where you are going? You are the "trip Master"...J.E.A.L.O.U.S. Have fun, friend, deserve it- you and your tan.

Bridget said...

Do tell more about this tan stuff.

I would be so cranky out in 43 degree weather watching a baseball game. Ugh. Speaking of bad weather, did you see Provo is forecast for snow on Thursday?!

Melissa Walker said...

I'm in the same boat--I thought my daughter's FIRST soccer game was at 12:20. It was at 2:20--we completely missed it and I had hurried her to get all of her soccer gear on and into the car before I went to double check the field # and realized my mistake!

Shally said...

Maybe now with a tan you can feel secure running in front of your door naked for the Fed Ex guy...

Or girl.


Michael said...

Mascara? Sun-less tan? Personal trainer? You must be looking for attention at the grocery store...or at the baseball diamond. Sorry about the cold weather. This winter has been brutal, and it was supposed to have ended weeks ago.

Family Adventure said...

Soo....chocolate chip or chocolate macadamia?

I hope you're going somewhere exciting (not a question...a comment!)

Heidi :)

gab said...

Can't wait to see your tan, toned and beautifully lashed bod!! Safe trip. See ya soon!

Lauren said...

I agree with Lisa-Marie! Will you take pictures of your lashes with the new mascaras.

Where did Nicole buy those mascaras? Is it possible to get them at the department stores at the mall?

Think Cookie Dough :)

Have fun on your trip!

danandcindy said...

Honestly, I don't know why I still waste my time reading this crap.

Don't ask you about spending quality time with your kids, but do ask about your flippin' mascara, cookie dough, and spray-on tan? Wow.

Shallow, shallow, shallow...

calibosmom said...

Nothing beats a good cookie dough, mascara, and a personal trainer...hope he's hot!

Ashlee said...

If I didn't know that Dan was related to you, I'd think he was REALLY mean! He IS related to you right?

Go cookie dough!

Holly said...

Have a FAB time at conference and of course, Blogapalooza. I am green with envy.

Do talk more about the spray tan when you get a chance.

RobynandJoe said...

I am all for spray-on tans to hide pasty whiteness! Did you go somewhere to get sprayed or is it an at-home regimen? Tell more! Have a fun trip!

Summers Camp said...

I have a question: have you seen the Twilight movie videos?! I am seriously, and totally, geeking out, man. Seriously. *B

nicole hill said...

so have you already tried the mascara? do you love it?