Thursday, October 11, 2007

Will work for long pants and sweaters

Fall is here. There's just no denying it any longer. Yes, Summer had a good run - one that lasted well into the middle of October. Two days ago it was 85 degrees. Right now? About 49.

Unfortunately, Fall has caught me a little by surprise. It shouldn't have, but it did.

When we moved from Boston to San Diego a year and a half ago, I all-too-cheerfully filled our trash can with everything warm - sweaters, coats, boots, mittens, snowsuits, and long pants. Gone forever was winter from my life. Winter and I? We were breaking up. Irreconcilable differences, in the end. Gone would be the bitter wind chills and Nor'Easters. Gone, too, the annoying snowstorms that always come in May. Instead, winter was going to be replaced by warm, glorious San Diego sunshine. Sunshine. My new boyfriend. The one that I was going to be having an affair with at the beach every day for the rest of my life (until I got skin cancer and died, that is).


Hello, Missouri. And like the abusive boyfriend I just can't stay away from, Winter and I are back together again.

So now the mornings are chilly, the afternoons brisk, and the nights freezing. Our wardrobes have come up severely delinquent, and it is especially evident in the children.

So bad, in fact, that Chase walked out of the house this morning in an outfit similar to this:

McKay is still living in denial - he went out the door in shorts and a hoodie. And I felt sorry for him, I did, as I watched him hop up and down at the bus stop, while I was all warm and cozy inside the house.

He thinks he's too cool for the flood pants that his brother so happily wears. Well, who's cool and who's cold, mister?

So it is with a heavy heart today that I'll get online and start shopping for the blasted long pants, the winter coats, boots, mittens, and hats for the children. Blech. I'm just not feeling it. I'd rather be shopping instead for some of these to adorn my own closet:
But I can't wilfully subject the children to ridicule, so new clothes for them it will be. Oh the joy.


gab said...

Get them the cheap stuff since they'll outgrow it...then splurge on something cashmere for yourself! Can't believe we were sweating last weekend!

RobynandJoe said...

I'm still in denial every year when winter comes and wear flip flops as long as I possibly can. Growing up in California definitely spoiled us...we were freezing when it hit 60 degrees! Oh is nice to be in the house nice and cozy under a blanket when it's cold outside, but going out is another story!

Dancin Queen said...

I want to break up with winter too! I love the cool fall weather, but find myself so aggravated here in Utah when we go straight from summer to snow. What?! I feel so jyped.

Bridget said...

Think of it this way. Do the boys hate flood pants as much as you LOVE those boots? There's your answer. They are way sexy. The boots that is.

dcrmom said...

Ugh. Can I move to San Diego? Fall arrived here too. ACK. I've got my eye on some adorable boots at Ann Taylor loft. Check these out.

Cindy said...

I just wanted to update you on the temperture in AZ today.(I know you were dying to know) 90, I will never go back to that cold weather. I will die of skin cancer, but at least I will be warm and tan. Stay warm!!!

Lisa-Marie said...

I have two words for you...Rexburg, Idaho!

Now that is cold!

Diane said...

I love the socks under the sandals! Great look!! I love it..."who's cool and who's cold, mister?" Every kid seems to reach the age where they'd rather freeze. I have recently discovered that I don't have any shoes that cover my toes, and I've also learned there is a dress code or something everywhere else in the country except California where white pants and flip flops are acceptable any time of year. Guess I'd better work on that if I want to fit in, or just freeze like McKay. Denial is my middle name.

Marty said...

I was like McKay. I would rather freeze than wear the coat my mother forced on me. For some reason I thought it was very un-cool to be warm.

The boots look so much like you, I thought you already had them. Get them. They were made for you. Birthday time is coming!

Mique said...

I broke up with winter long ago...oh wait, I never even dated winter. My only encounter with winter was at BYU. I'm a true CA girl. And I like it that way thank you very much.
Who's bright idea was MO over San Diego? I'll throw the first stone.

Amanda said...

Love this one. We have moved away from the snow and I am really going to miss it! I love shoveling snow, and driving in it. I love building snow men and stepping out on the porch with the kids are catching flakes on my tongue. Good luck on the shopping!

Celia Fae said...

That is just mean, to move you somewhere warm and then cold again. Like giving a girl a present and taking it back. I dunno, Stie, you might just want to take the settlement and run back to San Diego.

I guess that's what it will be like to visit the telestial kingdom from the celestial. You'll have to let me know. I'll be below. Its where I am most comfortable.

Sparky said...

Captain Coldweather! I dig the boots.

You shouldn't complain. Cold weather means new clothes, and we all know how much you like to shop!