Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Finishing what they started

Well, I obviously didn't spend my weekend getting blisters, chugging Gatorade, sweating profusely, and cursing everyone who passed me (as I did on a Saturday back in 2004). I bowed out of my little Marathon, and haven't regretted it since. But while I was busy haggling for fake purses on the streets of Midtown, my brothers were running their hearts out. For Matt, (pictured left) this was his virgin race. Dan (pictured right), ran with me in 2004. [The guy in the middle is my cousin's husband, Joe. This is like his 7th marathon or something crazy awesome like that.] Those two brothers of mine finished with a time of 4 hours and 25 minutes, and having done a race myself once, I think that is pretty fantastic.

And so because I kind of like them, and in honor of their victory, here is my top ten list of reasons why I think they deserve this big success:
  1. Because they chose to do something hard, put their minds to it, and did what they set out to do.
  2. Because they both have three young kids and work hard to be good Dads.
  3. Because when we were little, my older brother and I tied Daniel to a post in the basement and left him there crying.
  4. Because when we were little, Daniel and I wrapped Matt up tightly in blankets and left him outside in the snow crying. [What is it about me and tying people up in my youth? I really have outgrown that one.]
  5. Because I once made fun of Daniel's red hair and Matt's need for glasses.
  6. Because they are good husbands to their wives.
  7. Because their kids were all cheering at the finish line wearing t-shirts that said, "Run, Daddy, Run."
  8. Because running a marathon is really, really hard.
  9. Because they didn't quit [unlike someone else I know, ahem]. They trained through the heat of the summer, while working full-time jobs, serving in the church, and raising families.
  10. And finally, because I love them.

Well done, you two.


Chatter said...

Congrats Daniel and Matt on finishing a marathon. Please send me some of your ambition. And how do I rid off the side stitches???

gab said...

Wow! That was such a cute list. I'll bet Josh would let you tie him up sometime...wink wink.

How's Hannah? Luke puked tonight in the car...it made me think of you.

Bridget said...

What a great list. Congrats to them for being crazy and brave enough to do that. And for the record, I will haggle for purses any day over running 26.2 miles. Excellent choice my friend, excellent choice.

Mahina said...

hurrah for the brothers! i know how hard a marathon is! i ran one back in 2002 up in alaska! let me tell you, i feel their pain. i wish i can say that i'd do it again, but the first one hurt enough, thank you!

Celia Fae said...

You ran a marathon? What, has everyone everywhere run a marathon except for me?

Excellent work with the tying up. I'm sure they put the lessons to good use with their own children. And you can tell your brothers you love them with a straight face? I think I need to grow up.

Amber said...

Good for them! And good for you knowing what was best for ye. :-)

DanandCindy said...

Uh, just so you know, we didn't win the race. But yes, I am scarred from the red head jokes, and from being tied up in my youth... But I forgive you. We'll catch you at the next marathon.

Love, Foghorn

RobynandJoe said...

That was such a cute tribute! Somehow your brothers turned out to be great guys even after all the torture you put them through! My mom always told us she wanted us to marry someone like your brothers...always helpful, thoughtful, fun to be around, etc. Yes, we'll catch you at the next marathon (right?)

Michelle said...

Congrat to both of them for finishing. We had a marathon here in St. George just this last weekend and a lot of people I know ran in it. And good for them! But no way will I do it.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Michelle - they ran the St. George Marathon...small world, no?

Kimberly and Devon said...

Oh, the joys of being the older sibling! I just can't hold back my laughter whenever I think of some of the torture I put Robyn and Michael through! Nice tribute! It seemed like they all had a really good time!

Holly said...

Let's Hear it for the Boys! Let's give them all a hand...(Can you hear the Footloose soundtrack?)

They did a fantastic job and should be soooo proud. Of course, you would've smoked 'em! :)

Nice3 said...

Janice wants to know how long I was in the snow and how old I was. I say too long and too young. See you all October 4, 2008! You will recognize me by my nice rear end. (all you'll see)

Peace out, Smout