Friday, February 23, 2007

this week's lessons

  • When I have out-of-town visitors and we are planning outdoor activities, a freakishly large rainstorm will blow in, rain ALL DAY, and ruin our plans.
  • Sea World, the day after said rainstorm, should be avoided like the plague. All the people who were rained out will try and go the next day. Lines will be hours long. We will leave in disgust.
  • Reading to my kids truly makes me happy. (Current read: Bridge to Terabithia)
  • Do not attempt to tease Hannah about the messy state of her bedroom by calling her "Templeton." It will "WEALLY HURT HER FEELINGS!"
  • Grey's Anatomy is the best show ever.
  • School vacation week in February is so much better without snow on the ground.
  • Taking dinner to a friend who's just had a baby will make me want another baby. FOR ONE WHOLE SECOND. Then it's gone, and I'm glad to have my big kids.
  • Critter Camp (a day camp for the boys while they're out of school this week) is made much more exciting by the turtles "fighting" each other [read: MATING].
  • Drastic life changes are good.
  • Favorite thing of the week: Colin Hay on the I-Pod.


Marty: said...

Is Colin Hay someone I would enjoy??

Kelly said...

this is fun... i love reading your lessons, it definitely gets me thinking about the things I've learned. Unfortunately it's late, and I can't think of darn thing. Maybe tomorrow...

Stie said...

You would TOTALLY enjoy Colin Hay. Log onto I-Tunes and check him out!