Friday, February 16, 2007

presidential presentation

As you can tell, Chase does a great Lincoln. He worked for weeks on his poster, presentation, and costume (yes, IT DOES take me weeks to put together a simple top hat, bow tie, and beard. Not as easy as it looks, PEOPLE, when you're kind of retarded like me). But we dutifully did our research and learned more about Lincoln than we ever thought possible.

Highlight for Chase: Describing in great detail to his entire class just where the bullet went, how much blood there was, who shot him, and how he died. All the great gory details. (Apparently, we're very into violence around here. I say apparently because I'd like to pretend I'm not aware of that fact. I am. Kinda hard to miss it.)

I thank my lucky stars we didn't get Clinton...I can only imagine what great detail Chase would present on THAT wily fellow.


Marty: said...

This is a guy who just looks presidential!

dcrmom said...

Your boys are just so CUTE.

dcrmom said...

Ooops! Not that your little girl isn't, it's just that the last couple pictures are of the boys! By the way, I just luuuuuuuuuuuuv that phone!