Thursday, February 1, 2007

this week's lessons

Here are some things I've learned this week from my very exciting, extremely fulfilling life.
  • Sniffles will always turn into bacteria-infected, green slimy nose kinds of things.
  • If you take Hannah with you to go birthday shopping for ANYONE, she will make it a point to announce to them what they are getting.
  • If you take Hannah with you to go shopping for anyone else, she will beg and manipulate you into buying presents for HER. You will be powerless to resist.
  • Green slimy nose kinds of things always turn into ear infections.
  • An hour in the doctor's waiting room does not a happy mother make.
  • Making homemade bread will make everyone happy.
  • Kids run the highest fevers at three o'clock in the morning. By eight a.m., they are annoyingly chipper.
  • Mutual just is not fun for me, no matter what the refreshments are.
  • It is truly paradise here. Don't listen to me when I complain.
  • Hannah lacks the desire to blow her own nose.
  • Homework can be fun when you're drunk on M&Ms.
  • Frogs can hide for days in a tiny backyard, loudly croaking all night long, taunting you.
  • A warm bath and a scrapbooking magazine can fix anything.
  • The way to win favor with Chase is to let him run on the treadmill (after all - he's begged for a week). What? You want to exercise? Why don't you just sit here and watch t.v. some more, you silly kid... He'll be like putty in your hands after that.
  • Josh practicing the guitar makes me happy.
  • Greatest invention ever: the crock pot.

So there you have it. What did you learn this week?


Annie said...

I learned that Josh plays the guitar!!
I learned that houses don't sell as quickly as you want them to.
I learned that if I think my hair looks good enough not to wash it in the morning--I should still wash it!--because it will be a sad floppy mess by noon.
I learned that my bad moods spread to my kids faster than my good moods do. What's with that?
I learned that a little bunch of tulips on the table does a world of good.
I learned that I can spend a lot of time reading blogs :)
I learned that exercising feels better than not.

Can't wait to see what this week teaches me...

Marty: said...

I learned not to open the dressing room door at Dillards while wearing a sweat band.
I learned how to put a border around a scan.
I learned that little girls love to put glue all over a piece of paper and then stick a tiny square on and call it scrapping.
I learned that homemade soup is tons easier if you buy it at the deli.
It's only Thursday. I'm planning to learn a few more important things tomorrow.