Friday, January 12, 2007

stranger than fiction

So I had contact with a few random strangers yesterday. The first was two phone messages left for me by "Uncle Bill **" as he called himself. He was calling me, the daughter of Ola **, because his nephew, Rob **, told him he should. He's here in Cali on vacation for a whole month and would really, really love to get together.

After grilling my husband on whether or not there was an Uncle Bill, an Aunt Ola, and a Nephew Rob (which if there was, he wouldn't know it anyway), I called Uncle Bill back with the bad news. He was a sweet, little old man and seemed very disappointed that I was not his long-lost relative. He wouldn't let me off the hook that easily though - he's a genealogy buff and wanted to know the entirety of my husband's parentage. I gave him a quick tour of THAT side of the family (sadly, none of the three names I know were familiar to him). He then wanted to know which part of Scandinavia we **'s hailed from. When I told him where our heritage lies, his disappointment furthered, and he told me the neighboring country in which his relatives hailed. I'm sorry, Uncle Bill, really I am. I wish my ancestors had come from the same place as yours. We'd have so much more to talk about if they did.

I tried to cheer him up with the thought that somewhere we **'s are all related, but I don't think it worked. I think he was looking for someone to hang out with on his vacation here in Cali. I just hope he wasn't looking for a place to stay.

Second random stranger interaction came yesterday in letter form through the mail. I opened a plain-white envelope (hoping not to find anthrax) and in it were two items - my driver's license and the business card of one Brian N. I had lost my license about three weeks ago, and have no idea where I left it. I, of course, unfairly blamed Josh, but that is another story. In true random-stranger-kindness, he chose to mail it back to me instead of posting it on his dartboard for target practice or trying to get his under-aged girlfriend into clubs. I love him for being such a good person. I am now anxiously awaiting his return phone call so I can find out exactly where on god's green earth I lost the stupid thing.

Too bad I already spent three hours at the DMV getting a new license.

P.S. For those of you still in kindergarten, **'s is my last name in code form. Lest one of my many fans turn stalker and come find me. Shouldn't be too hard considering that I leave my license behind.


Annie said...

Hilarious post! Glad you're reunited with your license, even if a bit late to save you from DMV hell. I am writing this from a wireless equipped bakery/ cafe (house showing appointment at my place) and feeling so pleased with myself. Reading blogs, writing e-mails, slaughtering my new year's resolutions with their delicious food. wish you were here!

Marty: said...

I'm just thinking about this. You're worried about stalkers on the web, but you're giving your whole family history to a stranger who already has your phone number and name??? I know, I know, I'm paranoid, too. But I just have a couple of blonde streaks. I think you might truly be a blonde! (Cute, though.)