Thursday, January 25, 2007

7 weird things about me

So I was inspired by this blog to post seven weird things about me that you never knew. I am crazy, to be sure, but these are a few of my more tame idiosyncrasies (remember, weirdness is all relative):

1. When I load the dishwasher, I like to make sure there are the same number of knives, forks, and spoons in each little section of the silverware thingie. There's just something so linear, so pleasing to my inner OCD when I can wrap the silverware up in that neat little package of evenness.

2. I cannot stand the sight or smell of cooked oatmeal. When Josh puts his bowl in the sink after eating oatmeal, I have to close my eyes and quickly turn on the water to rinse it out. I don't know why, but mushy, cooked oatmeal just grosses me out beyond belief. Now, I have yet to meet an oatmeal cookie I didn't love, but that is another story.

3. I am secretly afraid of robots. What if all the movies are true and they will one day start thinking for themselves and take over the world? And in spite of this someone in this house still got Robo Raptor for Christmas.

4. I hate to pee. WAAAYY too much information, I know, but I just don't like to go. I will hold it for hours. Don't really have any rational explanation for it either.

5. I put cereal back in the cupboard when there's not any left in the box. Josh wants to kill me when he goes to get some cereal and it's empty, but ON THE SHELF. I'm working on this one.

6. When we're getting close to the end of a gallon of milk, I won't ever drink the last cup or so. I am convinced that the last remaining bits are rotten, and I NEVER drink it. Many times I have been caught pouring the last of the milk down the drain, but I just can't do it. It's BAD.

7. I go postal when I find that Josh has hung up his pants on a plastic hanger. Which is funny because it's not like I actually even iron his clothes for him. But I know he won't iron them, and will blissfully walk around all day with a crease in his thighs. Makes me CRAZY.

So tag, Annie, Marta, Oma, Anna (and anyone else)'re it! What makes you so weird? Please share and make me look somewhat normal!


Marty: said...

Hmmm Stie. You are weirder than I thought! Here are mine:
1. Things have to be straight. If I notice a tablecloth, or picture, or towel or pillow is crooked I have to get up and fix it right then, no matter what I'm doing. I've even had Dee move his chair so he is in line with the blinds.

2. I am totally bugged by right-handed ladles. If you are left-handed you know what I mean. If you are right handed you are probably part of the conspiracy.

3. I don't like to use used soap. I'm kind of OK if the user is part of my family, but otherwise I think too much about where it may have been.

4. I hate to touch a wet dishcloth. I have to start with a dry one and get it wet myself. If I have ever done the dishes at your house (which I probably haven't because of my wet rag issue) you may have noticed that I got a new dishcloth out. I go through a few a day at my own house.

5. I feel very uneasy if I don't have a chapstick handy.

6. I get claustrophobic if I have socks on. I can wear little golf socks without shoes, but socks inside shoes or on my legs give me panic attacks. I have taken nylons off in the middle of church and stuffed them in my purse (in the bathroom, not in the chapel.)

7. I hate most fluorescent lights. If I hear a buzz I get chills (like a fingernail on a chalkboard) and if they are the least bit blinky I get a migraine headache. Many grocery stores, WalMarts and even some Barnes and Noble stores have lost my business because of their light fixtures.

I'm dying to read some more of these!

Annie said...

Okay, okay. I'll do it :).
1) I like to do things at a "round" time, like 5:10 instead of 5:09 or 5:11. So I stay in bed or wait to start dinner or whatever until it's a nice number. I know, kind of rainman-ish.

2) Occasionally I type my thoughts with my toes (but not really on a keyboard, just in my head..get it?). It started in Junior High when I was learning to type and i found myself typing my thoughts wherever I was, just slightly moving my fingers and then I switched to my toes. Don't know why.

3) I hate coming up the stairs with complete dark behind me. It. freaks. me. out. When I was a girl, the light switch for the basement was at the bottom of the stairs so I had to sprint up the stairs as fast as I could. It was all I could do not to squeal. Still don't like it much.

4) I get grossed out by the little remains of food at the bottom of the sink after washing dishes.

5) French fries dipped in chocolate shakes. Yum.

6) Earwax drives me crazy, in a bad way. I'm a big fan of Qtips and would love it if the world would just capitulate to my wish for universal clean ears.

7) I will re-arrange the dishwasher if it isn't loaded to my ideals, even though I always swore I wouldn't do that when I saw my mom do that to my dad's attempts to dishload.

Anonymous said...

I love celebrating my weirdnesses. Let's see if you already know these ones:

1. I have a phobia of hair. I call them little spiders and if there are any stragglers on me after a shower I freak out.

2. I like to play mind games with myself. Like at night I try and convince myself that I'm laying the opposite direction. Sometimes I'm so successful that I open my eyes surprised at which way I'm really facing. I also like to imagine I have sausage-sized fingers. . .that's a weird feeling.

3. I think I like to play with toys more than my kids. . .I have a problem sharing though.

4. I don't like preparing fresh produce. I'm afraid I will crack an egg open and there will be a dead chick. I'm afraid I will cut into a peach and find worms. I'm afrad I will reach in a bag of spinach and get slimed. Processed food is so much better.

5. I love working out problems (i.e. Sudoku, cross-words, simple Algebra, Geometry, cryptograms). I think I have this gift so that I will be a key to solving a crime one day.

6. When I squint with watery eyes I can see microscopically (I like to think).

7. I have an obsession with Bollywood. I would love to wear a sari and dance the way they do in Bride and Prejudice.

Thanks for letting me share! Nimmy

anna jo said...

I'm slightly scared of robots too!

marta said...

hi gals. what an interesting game. nimmy, number 4 freaks me out. yikes. okay here goes weird things about me..
1. i really actually like top ramen and mac & cheese.
2. i am big into symmetry of all things. wish i weren't though.
3. i take a lot of showers. i am not so obsessed with being clean.. just warm and relaxed.
4. i can't fall asleep without socks on and am on my side.
5. whenever i pick up a book or magazine i go from back to front for browsing, and then begin officially from the front.
6. i like the oldies radio station. weirder still, i know all the words to all the songs.
7. i used to roll. 'nuff said.