Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I resolve...

In keeping with tradition, here is my annual resolution list,
(and not in any particular order):

I will stop eating bad (okay, not all together, but at least some of the time).
I will exercise six days a week.
I will be excited about my church calling (or at least try and be a little bit more positive).
I will go on a great trip.
I will go to New York City (my fav!) and see a show, shop, and eat.
I will wear lots of sunscreen at the beach.
I will make homework more fun for my kids.
I will take a photography class and actually learn how to use my new camera.
I will get organized and manage this household like the OCD-nerd that I am.
I will take lots of time for me (brought to me courtesy of Hannah starting the big "K" this year!)
I will go to a movie all by myself.
I will once and for all go through my socks and throw out the ones with holes.
I will buy a pair of wild and sexy shoes.
I will find someplace fabulous to wear said shoes.
I will be kind to strangers.
I will somehow learn to be more patient.
I will laugh, love, cry, hope, wish, curse, celebrate, pout, and smile - but I will have no regrets.


Annie said...

You go! I resolve to help you with some of those, especially the NYC trip. And I highly recommend the movie by yourself thing :).

marta said...

hap hap happy day when someone shares a blog. i love it stie. you were meant for this bloggin' thing. congrats on coming out. i will be checkin' back often to see your cuties and all of your great ramblings.

ps. i am so with you about the tiny ear cell phones.

Stie said...


I am counting on you to make sure that the NYC trip happens...you owe me one, if I remember right! Deer and drunks be damned, we are going!


Marty: said...

Random and simple musings make my day! I'm so glad you're going public. I'm already a huge fan!

Danielsan said...

I am considering getting one of those "important guy ear piece cell phones", it is really going to elevate me among my peers.

Nice blog, and I am glad you shared it, what good is a blog without an audience.

Bye slut.

Sparky said...

I'm with you on the whole cyborg cell phones thing. Have you seen the beer commercial where the guy thinks the hot girl is talking to him but into her ear-phone? Ugh.

Way to blog. I set up an account today.

P.S. Dan is a dork.

Andy J.