Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's a win-win for everybody

A few days ago, McKay asked me to pick up some new shoelaces for his sneakers.

Being the responsible, loving parent that I am, I forgot.

And forgot.

And, yes, child protective services, I forgot again.

Yesterday, when he was nagging reminding me yet again, I told him to write me a note and I would BE SURE to pick them up.

And, since I am all kinds of awesome, I completely forgot all about it.

Until, I opened up the fridge and saw this note taped to my beverage of choice:


In case you can't read his terrible chicken scratch, it says, "Buy McKay black sport SHOELACES."

When I asked him about the unusual location for his reminder note, he simply said, "I put it where I knew you would be going the most times in a single day."

I think that means one of three things:

a) I have a serious diet coke addiction and my children are left in no doubt of it
b) I have an awesomely creative son who knows how to get the job done
c) all of the above

What do you think? I'm voting C.

Either way it's a win-win: Kid gets his shoelaces; mama gets her brown liquid drink on. Happiness all around.


k. novella said...

you are a seriously funny lady! i loved your "pants" story too. hilarious!

Annemarie said...

Bwaaahhhh!!! Hilarious!

My friend bought too many bags of m&m's & in an attempt to stop eating them asked her husband to hide them someplace she would never find them. He hid them in in her lingerie drawer.

Jeanelle said...

Love. It. You are raising a brilliant child...that's all there is to it. And seriously? I am so not into drinking DC from a does nothing for me. I'd almost rather go without, I think (sacrilege, I know.)

carly said...

In our house we lovingly call it black gold, and yes I am a fellow addict.

Your boy is a smart boy.

Annie said...

It bodes well for his future wife that he is so observant. I mean, he really gets you. :) (Though his future wife may just say "get your own darn shoelaces." But still.)

Lauren in GA said...

Don't worry. It may be ages until Child Protective Services gets around to investigating your repeated shoelace oversight...

...because they are too busy with their ongoing investigation of my lousy parenting...

I agree with Annie. He really gets you...his astute skills of observation will serve him well as a married man.

ashli said...

Love this story!

As a fellow diet coke must try a new twist I recently found. It is sold at a local hamburger joint near my house but I'm certain you would be able to find someplace to mix this concoction.

It's called a Dirty Diet Coke! Why dirty and what? It's a Diet Coke with the yummy ice (hospital ice/pellet ice) and then flavored with coconut and freshly squeezed lime! There is nothing better on a cold biting afternoon...It takes a serious edge off.

Tristan said...

Smart smart kid!

And I choose C. Clearly.

danandcindy said...


Julianna said...

I have notes on the back door so I won't forget things when I leave the house.

To do lists on sticky notes stuck to the odometer of my car.

Sticky notes on my cel phone, and reminders that ding in addition to the old fashioned calander on the wall in the kitchen.

And yet I sat here laughing so hard at this post because in that moment, I almost forgot to pick up Youngest from the bus stop.


And that is why I am now commenting 5 hours later, and noticing a sticky note on my mouse pad to set up an account with the new perscription comapny.


What I really need is some Diet Coke.