Friday, September 9, 2011

A five-thousand dollar smile

Today was a very big day in the Chase world. Probably the biggest he's known so far. I'll let his note do the talking:


It says:
Dear Siblings:
I am down stairs with my bran-new smile. Mom got me a cake and this. Please come see me.


P.S. Eat my goody bag*
P.P.S. MP are 40 tokens**
In case the full-sugar soda and "bran-new smile" don't clue you in, he got his braces off today. He about broke the dentist chair with happy feet when they told him the good news.

I doubt his brace-face brother will feel the same joy.

Here's hoping the cake at least cheers him up.

* The orthodontist handed him a gigantic goody bag full of all the treats he has been unable to eat for the last 18 months. Seemed contrary to good oral hygiene practices, but seeing as I ate a few things out of it myself, who am I to complain?

** The orthodontist also has been giving them tokens every visit and he and McKay have their eye on something Xbox related that is called MP. I have no clue.


Annie said...

Hooray, Chase! when I got my braces off, my teeth felt so smooth and fragile. Sounds like the goody bag will help him get over any weirdness like that.

I can't wait to see the grand result!

Julie said...

That is one happy day!

Julianna said...

Happy, Happy day!

I remember my day like it was last April... no wait, it was!


Sara said...

That's awesome!

sistaoutlaw said...

Where's the picture of the smile? Congrats Chase. Your cousin just got hers on Tuesday. She's really jealous of the goody bag. Tell Mack that he will have his off before Elise. We are trying to uglify her to keep the boys away :). Sadly, it's not really working.

Lauren in GA said...

Many, many, many congrats Chase!! I remember that day was lovely...

Hey, my orthodontist gave me no candy or tokens, that bum.

Seriously, though! Congrats, Chase!!

yogurt said...

I can see that smile from here! Big day in the life of a kid.

mae said...

Hooray!! That is an adorable note.

Tristan said...

Congratulations Chase! I think we need a photo of that handsome smile!

Travelin'Oma said...

Pictures please!!!

Jenibelle said...

I remember when my kids got them off I just kept staring at them...who are these grown up good looking kids with gorgeous teeth? It's like the beginning step of young adulthood. Makes me a little teary! Congratulations and did you remember that you now have a tad more $$$ in your wallet now? Good thing Hannah is coming up, wouldn't want all that extra cash to change your lifestyle!
Pictures from the picture taking mom please!!