Wednesday, August 31, 2011

She won't answer you; she's a bobcat

Oh, little neglected blog. Will I ever make you a priority again?

Here's hoping.

I have the best of intentions. What I lack lately is time.

Every day when the Husband calls at about four -- smack dab in the middle of the witching hour, mind you -- he asks what I did that day. And every day, for the past three weeks, I have boringly said, "Work."

Oh lazy days of novels, workouts, lunches, and movies, where have you gone?

Work is a good thing. Being so busy your head spins is a blessing when you're a self-employed photographer. This week alone, I've got five sessions. FIVE! Can you believe it? I'm literally booked solid until the end of October. It's insane.

But mama's got a new set of lights to pay for not feel guilty about, so the work is coming in handy.

And in lieu of anything remotely interesting, funny, or entertaining out of my psyche, I give you the genius that is Christopher Walken and SNL.

You're welcome.


Lauren in GA said...

I am so happy for you that your photography business is flourishing. ☺ You are so talented and I am glad that people appreciate your work.

I said, "Ohhhhhhhhh." out loud when you mentioned the witching hour. I agree...that time of day makes me want to run screaming into the streets and never return.

Amanda D said...

I just hope we get to see some of your work on your blog!

Jeanelle said...

"You are a convicted criminal living alone in an apartment with a bobcat, working 56 hours a week as a street performer." Trying to hold in the laughter at my desk...failing miserably. I love Christopher Walken. You're not so bad yourself.

Stefani said...

Oh man! Does this guy just crack you up or what? This has always been one of our favorites!

mae said...

love christopher walken. im happy for you that business is booming!