Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mama, I shrunk myself!

The other day while ignoring my children practicing hands-off parenting, I was interrupted in my reverie when a vehicle ran over my foot.

I looked down and this was the sight I saw:


Closer examination revealed an important message on my cell phone:


[In case you are blind], it said:

"Dear Mom, I am now the size of a pea. I had to duplicate myself to drive this car. Use this controller to change me back by pushing the stop button. Then count to twenty so the uv rays don't blind you. Thanks, Chase P.S. The tape doesn't hurt the phone"

I thought long and hard before making any decisions. After all, a pea-sized child might not be such a bad thing. Lower grocery bills, someone to spy on any conversation I want to listen to, less pants to grow out of.

But then I envisioned my rather sumptuous rear end accidentally sitting on the poor kid. Or accidentally sucking him up with the vacuum.

And that made me cry.

So I decided I better bring him back to normal size. I obeyed the instructions, keeping my eyes shut tight to protect me from the deadly UV rays.

After the longest twenty seconds of my life, I opened my eyes, and this was the sight I saw:


I guess now would be a good time to return that pea-sized dollhouse I bought him to live in, eh?


Christina B. said...

So creative, I love it!

Leeann said...

I think this is one of the cutest, most creative boy things I have read in a while.
What a doll. You have a keeper, there.

jen@odbt said...

Very very creative. Reminds me of that show George Shrinks. Wish it was still on the air. Love his PS too...wonder if he thought of other things to attach the phone first before using tape.

Tristan said...

That is totally funny! What a clever kid! He has such a cute and friendly smile!

Julianna said...




And our children must never meet. Lucas would surely find a way to actually invent something to shrink them both.

Stefani said...


Daniel said...

He was just trying to be like you... You're a Pea Brain.

kristen said...

this is just too cute. he's such a cute kid! i love that look on his face! he reminds me of my oldest, this is so something he would have done.

Julie said...

I think this is the best kind of post. You've documented forever his fun and creativity and your awesomeness as a mom. Love it!!

Liz said...

There are no words . . . no words.

Siggy Spice said...

OMGracious...that is just BRILLANT! Love it!

Anonymous said...

LOVE when they figure out things to make you smile like that. You need those lil reminders every once in awhile as to why you love them ... for when the not so cute moments creep up!

(I've missed reading your blog! I started a new one myself:

melissa ( : said...

OH my goodness that is FUNNY -

I'm so glad to hear that kids and still be funny and cute even when they get that old. I'm always writing down funny things Maya says - so it's good to know there may be many laughs up ahead.

What a cutie

Karey said...

This is really cute and how great to document it. Our kids do so many clever and wonderful things that we think we'll remember and probably won't.

He's adorable.

By the way, I hated missing How-to Tuesday, but it didn't seem appropriate given the family events of the week and I wanted to leave up the post about my uncle up a little longer.

mae said...

that is totally quirky and creative and adorable. i love it. what a handsome young man you have there.

crystal said...

Can we please draw up a betrothal contract RIGHT NOW for Chase & my daughter Isabelle? She's 10. She's sporty. She's tender-hearted. of all...she's funny!


Arranged marriages are for the best, anyhow. Especially when arranged by two wise women such as ourselves.


Lauren in GA said...

I LOVE it. Your kids are all such great fun. I love that Chase did this. He is very creative. (I also love that he made sure you didn't worry about tape harming your phone.)

Tina H said...

How cute, what a great way to great your attention. Love it!