Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Indeed, the sun came out tomorrow

Can anyone tell me what that bright, round, yellow thing in the sky is?


We have not seen the sun around here for a few weeks, and today when it shone through my window and blinded my eyes warmed my face, I hardly recognized it.

But it does make me oh, so happy to see it. Here's hoping it sticks around more than two minutes. I am in desperate need of whatever vitamin it gives off. For some strange reason, that vitamin isn't found in cookies or diet coke, which is where I've been looking for it.

Anyhoo, we had a fabulous weekend with an old friend who came to town. [Of course, we had a mini-session, which you can sneak a peek at here.]

We've known this cute girl since she was 12 - and she's now a nearly-graduated trauma nurse. We snatched her right up back then and she became our regular babysitter. Sam was my lifeline to the outside world when I spent my days changing diapers, watching Barney, and counting the minutes until bedtime. She sat for us before there was even a Hannah pinking up our lives, and was there to witness McKay and Chase in all their toddler running/screaming/jumping/squealing glory.

Bottom line is: She knew us back THEN and still likes us.

Which is really saying something.

It was a treat to have her here, and my kids were not the same this morning when they woke up without Sam to jump on or cuddle with.

What say you, Sam? Finish up that degree and come be our live-in babysitter.

We'll take you any time, kid.


Emily said...

the reason Sam can't be your live-in babysitter is because she is going to be OUR live-in babysitter--haha. Not really live in, but we had her on the phone last night working out details to spend several hours a week over here (during which I will most likely be sleeping :).
On another note--I will never forget the you telling us about Chase running into the living room where she was sitting and describing his, uh, observations, from the shower he had just taken. So funny, Chris still tells that story!

jessica said...

Great pics! So Mr. Sun showed himself yesterday so much that it was 80 degrees! Today he has hidden himself so we have gray skies, cool wind and we will be lucky to hit 60...what the!?

Tristan said...

I want a live in babysitter.

Yeah it was 80 degrees and gorgeous here yesterday. It is raining today. It has been an interesting Spring. Oh and Utah sucks ;-)

Annie said...

Hey, there's Sam! So nice to see her smiling face. Nice shots, too!

Lauren in GA said...

I want Sam to come to my house. I have people running, jumping and squealing around here all of the time.

I love the pictures you took of her. ☺

Anonymous said...

I love the sound of this girl! She's beautiful and sounds like she has an equally beautiful heart. God bless her :)

Cindy said...

Wasn't she the cute young girl that watched Hailey when we came to visit in Boston? She was Hailey's first babysitter - other than Grandma and Grandpa. Fun memories.

Cute pics, too! Great job.

Travelin'Oma said...

The babysitters of toddler years are such life savers. I still remember the one that gave me a few hours off every weekend. I loved her for it.

Liz said...

Hooray for the sun and an even bigger hooray for old friends and the biggest hooray for good babysitters!