Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meltdowns, love machines, and things to look forward to

Last week, I had the mother of all meltdowns. I was overwhelmed by all that I had to get done, and was finding myself choked with panic at the lack of time to do it all in. I was exhausted and beat up. I found myself in tears on the phone with the Husband, and later that day with his mother. I had reached my breaking point and knew something had to give.

So, what did I do to deal with the crises?

I threw my hands into the air and took the week off.

I know. How very adult of me.

But I have no regrets, you see, for I played with my babies in the sunshine, soaking up the last few hot days of summer. I laid on the couch and held my (big and jointy) little girl in my arms. I watched movies. I finished a book that was started far too long ago (and LOVED it so much that I am planning to re-read it). I actually cooked dinner a few times, and did not have laundry blocking the mudroom walkway every night.

And, I won't lie to you, it felt damn good.

But I would be remiss if I didn't share with you a couple snapshots from the previous week when we got some time with these delicious people:

Sam, the undeniable Love Machine

Luke, the self-proclaimed Hurt Machine

Emme, the long-lost sister Hannah's been waiting her whole life for

Jake, the Nerf-wielding, wrestling, boxing, sword fighting pal that fit right in around here

We felt so lucky to get a few days with our cousins from the east. The girls took to each other like long-lost sisters and we only saw them emerge occasionally from Hannah's bedroom to grab snacks before they were off to swap clothes and write plays together.

The big boys bonded instantly over our vast arsenal of Nerf guns, prompting Gabi's oldest to immediately rush to Target and spend his savings on a whale-sized Nerf gun of his own. Chase and Jake spent their waking hours traipsing through the woods hunting squirrels and jumping endlessly on the trampoline. It amazed me that they never seemed to get tired.

The little twinks, well, they had each other and big cousin McKay for entertainment. I will forever think of them as the Love & Hurt Machines, and will always regret not snapping that photo of Sam and his hilarious naked typing. (there's one for the wacky google searches, eh?)

But most memorable for me were the poolside chats with Gabi and late night pontificating about all things related to life. She is one of the wisest women I've ever met and I will forever value her thoughtfully rendered opinions. She makes me laugh like nobody else I know, and she has a knack for making you feel beautiful, smart, and put together.

Which my meltdown last week clearly proved otherwise.

But it truly was a magical few days, and we were definitely wishing for more when they pulled out of the driveway to head for home. Luckily, we've conned them into Thanksgiving at Amish Country again.

(Any bets how many times the Husband pleads to go off the grid before we even get there?)

Stay tuned for a busy upcoming week: I've got photoshoots galore to show you. The new business seems to be off and running with a bang, which makes my heart so very happy. Plus, school starts on Tuesday for my babies. (As does my new career as a lady who lunches and sees a lot of movies.)

I am sad, yet I am also secretly excited.


Tristan said...

Congrats on the new photography business! That is so awesome! I'm excited for you!

brooke said...

Great title to the post. You sure got a lot done for a woman having a melt-down--laundry, dinner, etc!

So glad you are going to get to "lunch" as a verb and go to movies in the afternoon--my day will come and I envy you.

Glad to hear the biz is doing well. You deserve it!

Meg said...

Good for you. I should do that. Maybe I will....

Ooo luches and movies? That sounds dreamy. That will be next year for me. But I am also trying to start a little photography business too. (Got to pay for braces somehow! lol.)

Travelin'Oma said...

You didn't run away, you just took charge. I think that's very adult of you.

Thanks for the cute photos of the cousins. I am so jealous of both you and Gabi having midnight chats—I'd love to see that group of Cousins Clubbers together!

Annie said...

I think you've found the perfect antidote for meltdowns. I have taken notes and will follow you next time I'm melting down (often).

You've got a great (+extended) family there--keepers for sure!

p.s. you can add me to your lifeline list of people to call when melting down. :)

Holly said...

I think you handled The Meltdown in just the right way. Don't sweat it.

Wasn't Guernsey delightful? I did NOT want it to end. The nerve.

I know my sweet baby is starting Kinder. next Thursday, and I'm a trifle sad...but I'm also checking matinee times. Wanna come with? :)

Lauren in GA said...

I think it is so great that you and Gabi are not only related but that you are really good friends.

Sorry you were so overwhelmed. Taking some time off to regroup is so good for the soul.

Those pictures are so great. You and Gabi have some great looking kids. ☺

gab said...

Stie...I cannot help but notice the non-coincidental timing of our visit and your meltdown. I'm sorry. We just seem to have that effect on people!

Let me just say that I left your home thinking "I've got to get myself as organized and my kids as well-trained and my body as fit and my Cafe Rio salad as perfect as Christie does!"

The photos are so fabulous. I cannot stop looking at them. I want my real-life children to go away, so I can just sit and stare at my beautiful digi-kids and their "miraculously" clean smiles!

Thank you again for the fun (also for sending the "kikis" back during your meltdown). Good luck and enjoy some freedom this week.

"Tripod" here we come! (I will get Brad to book ASAP.) XOXOXO

the wrath of khandrea said...

i want to be sisters with you and gabi.


Ilene said...

So awesome that you sisters-in-laws get on so well. I need to work on my relationship with my own.

Or I can just marry one of my kids to one of yours and/or Gabi's and graft myself into your family tree.

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Your meltdown sounds divine -- I want one of my own! Congrats on a booming business -- no surprise -- you are definitely in your element behind the camera!

Rosie said...

What a wonderful extended family you have.

Were you melting down when we spoke? You are the picture of decorum, if so. You are amazing.

♥Shally said...

Next time you have a melt down- come to Utah.


Woman Interrupted said...

We are women...we hold it together when it really counts. Right?

Sounds like life just keeps getting better and better!

Jessica said...

Explain to me how you took a week off? I want to but TRULY can't figure it out.

And I LOVE seeing bloggers I know through other blogger's eyes. Thanks for sharing.

I'll come for Thanksgiving, too, okay?

Jessica said...

Explain to me how you took a week off? I want to but TRULY can't figure it out.

And I LOVE seeing bloggers I know through other blogger's eyes. Thanks for sharing.

I'll come for Thanksgiving, too, okay?

sistaoutlaw said...

After filling holes in our trim and caulking all day Saturday, I decided to put up my feet and read on Sunday. I'm 3/4 of the way through the same book. You are cordially invited to our book club on Oct. 9th at Jeniel's house. Lola knows the way!

Sorry to hear about the meltdown. Enough chocolate fixes everything.

diane said...

All good things melt. Chocolate, ice cream and moms. School should fix what is ailing you.

Amanda D said...

I loved the Guernsey book too! It was so good. It made me want to write real letters. I haven't done that though.

I'm so excited about your business. I hope it continues to go well! Good luck!

I can't wait for school to start and I can't wait until I'm the lady that lunches and sees movies. A couple more years!

Cindy said...

What a fun visit! ...And Amish country sounds like so much fun. Is it Thanksgiving yet?