Monday, June 22, 2009

The Week of Josh

Last week, as we do every year, we celebrated the Husband's birthday and Father's Day - all within a few days of each other.

He has dubbed it, "The Week of Josh," and makes demands for cakes, presents, and celebratory honor all week long.

I roll my eyes each and every year, groaning out loud, and wondering when it will ever be the Week of Stie. The children, however, jump with glee at the mere possibility of getting cake every day, and immediately start making homespun presents from clay, sticks, and rocks.

Which everyone totally wants for their birthday.

This year, however, the week of Josh was doomed from the start.

Business took him out of town on his birthday and the evening of Father's Day, something no man should ever have to do.

A search for the one present he actually wanted this year ended in disappointment as we discovered it will be back ordered for several weeks. (I have consented on this gift for a few reasons, one of them being that he'll just go out and buy it anyway, and the other because it just so happens to be the weapon of choice for my imaginary boyfriend, James Bond. Nothing wrong with bringing your fantasies to life, right?)

And just a few days shy of his actual birthday, his loving wife accidentally uploaded a system-crippling virus onto the family computer. Doing this resulted in hundreds of dollars shelled out to Geek Squad, and the eventual purchase of a new computer. A computer which everyone but the Husband will realistically use.

Top that off with the trip made to the Apple store wherein the loving wife was also purchased an i-phone. Ahem.

So, for his 37th year, the Husband generously shelled out a large sum of money to make others happy, put his own birthday wishes aside, and cheerfully ate a large slice of the driest birthday cake in history.

While the many layers seem enticing and delicious, it was, in fact, not.

Happy Week of Josh, baby. In spite of indications otherwise, you are extremely loved. It is the generosity of your spirit, your soul without guile, and your constant thought of others that makes you who you are.

And, um, here's hoping I do a little better next year.


Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Sounds like maybe it WAS the week of Stie... a new computer and an I-phone?! My goodness, you have learned to work the system somehow!

And somehow I have a feeling that regardless of what went wrong, Josh has never doubted that his family is crazy about him. Not even a computer virus or bad cake could change his mind, I'm sure.

the wrath of khandrea said...

you do have a knack, don't you.

brooke said...

You really know what a man wants. wink wink. Nothing beats a dry cake and a computer virus to get him in the mood. Actually, I know you are a great wife and he will eventually get his "house dog" as my dad likes to call it. Good luck and keep it locked up.

Travelin'Oma said...

Only a week? I celebrate the birth of Josh every day!

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

Funny- we have our own "week of Josh" at my house. His bday is June 20th. So guess who was a slave this weekend? He was, however, angry that his bday and Father's day were not further spread apart (poor fellow).
Any time I disagree with him during his birthday week (which is the week before and the week after), he reminds me it's his week. Fun times around our house that blessed week in June. It is also my mom's bday on the 17th and was my Josh's dad's bday on June 20th as well. So that week every year seriously kills me.
Can you tell it does? Sheesh. How long is this comment?
Anyway- I miss you C. How are you? Other than the new phone & computer and dry cake?

Nikki said...

Hawaii will more than make up for dry cake and lack of presents. Guaranteed

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Josh but how about you? New computer and iphone?!? Now that's what I'm talking about.

Amanda D said...

Great post! And happy birthday to your husband.

Andy said...

2 things:

1-If you want to buy a Walther, or any other handgun, you better wait for the republicans to get control again... if that ever happens. Because, A, everybody is afraid the demos are going to tighten gun control so B, everybody and their dog wants to buy one.

2-It probably would be a lot cheaper to fly me and my lovely family out for some computer geekery than hiring geek squad every time you eff up. Just a thought. ;)

Happy Week of Josh, Josh!

(I think I'll need a week of Andy!)

Emily said...

Happy Birthday to Josh--is than Nathan's famous 7 layer (or was it 11 layer, or 13, can't remember) chocolate cake? I don't care what you say, people would pay good money for a cake that looks like that, and we all know--it's all in the presentations baby!

Lauren in GA said...

Happy Week, Josh!

We all know that you bought that i-Phone out of your love for him. This way you can stay in even better communication when he is traveling. You are such a great wife, Stie.

I laughed about everyone totally wanting presents made from sticks and rocks. You are so right. (You never fail to make me belly laugh. You have such fantastic comedic timing in your writing.)

Becky said...

Sorry josh! He'll get it all made up to him at some point, I think..., but enjoy your phone...I love the iphone. Maybe buy some See's Candy for him instead and eat half of it yourself. Huh?

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday, Josh! ...With all of that traveling he does, both of you deserve a week to call your own.
And too bad about the cake. It looks yummy. ...and like it took many hours to create. Such a shame that it didn't taste as good to you as it looks to me!

Cindy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nice3 said...

if you use the pay porn site they are virus free!


mae said...

Um, whether or not that cake was gross (which I doubt it was) it was quite an impressive feat of engineering.

My hubs is totally into guns too.

sorry about your computer.

Woman Interrupted said...

Alright! You got your I phone!!!

(So I'm not the only one with a husband needy for a whole week of kudos? I can only eek out a weekend's worth which results in annual pouting for the other 5 days...oh well.)

Good work!

Woman Interrupted said...

oh, never mind...HE got the i phone.

Hollyween said...

You're a terrific writer, Stie.

And right now that cake looks pretty delish, dry or not.

My husband is older than yours.

Holly said...

Glad he's willingly generous during his birthday week--that way everybody is happy.

How much do you heart your iPhone? Sweet!

The cake looks yummy--like 20 layers worth of yummy. :)