Tuesday, February 5, 2008

And the green cloud of doom wins

Today has been anything but boring. Several things have happened, each in their turn, and they have all caused me to pause and reflect. I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of each event in order to help determine if any positivity can come out of them. Play along, won't you?

Today, I was able to:

Vote in my state's primary election.
Pros: I feel like a productive member of society who has a right to complain when I don't like who is in office, especially if her name happens to rhyme with Zillary Flinton.

Cons: My vote probably won't make a difference. Sorry, Mitt.
I went to help in Hannah's class today.
Pros: I get to feel like an active, attentive parent and spend time with my daughter.

Cons: I get to see firsthand all the sniffles, sneezes, and coughs filling the air like a thick, green cloud of doom.
I got called an hour after helping in Hannah's class to come pick her up because she was running a 103-degree fever.
Pros: I would not be going to Cub Scouts tonight.

Cons: I would get to spend the evening holding a feverish, whimpering child who is miserable and sad, instead of touring the firehouse with my den and staring at the strong, handsome men in their uniforms, which I love to do.
I spent the remainder of the afternoon in the doctor's office.
Pros: None. Are you kidding me?

Cons: Three kids in the waiting room of the doctor's office? Enough said.
The doctor determined that Hannah has a virus and prescribed three to five days of rest, fluids, and children's Motrin.
Pros: None.

Cons: We can look forward to three to five days of feverish, whimpering sadness. More if the green cloud of doom passes from person-to-person, as it frequently likes to do.
Due to the aforementioned sick child, I was forced to cancel a day of planned self-indulgent appointments for myself tomorrow.
Pros: I am saving my husband some money, and that always makes him happy.

Cons: No shopping, browsing, mani/pedi, or movie day for me.

I think the cons have it. Looks like a sucky day, today and tomorrow.



Holly said...

I'm sorry your day got sidewhacked! As much as I love my scouts, I'm never really upset when we have to cancel. Is it bad to admit that? I hope your daughter is better tomorrow. Sick kids are no fun. (I love your pro and con take on everything!)

gab said...

You and that school nurse have quite the relationship going, huh?

I heard that every winter after you move to a new town, your kids get completely BLASTED by each new strain...Good Luck with That!

Lauren said...

Oh...it is so lousy when the cons win...rats!

I forgot to mention I Love the name of the last post. "Blink" really sums it all up.

Infact, I love all of your titles.

Emily said...

Yes to the Green Cloud of Doom. Joseph starts nursery soon and the pro's are, of course, so enticing but the con's . . . I know what other kids are in there!

Lisa-Marie said...

Oh. I am so sorry. You might need to quit writing pro and con lists for a few days.

But don't forget...your kiddos won't let you sit and hold their sick little bods for too many more years. Enjoy it. BUT be sure to wear a face mask. Mommas do not have time to get sick. Especially if you want those mani/pedis soon.

P.S. I only said the "enjoy it" part cause I'm trying to convince myself of the same thing. I've had sickos all day to day too.

dcrmom said...

GAHHH, misery. Ugh. I hope it stays contained and she's on the mend quickly.

RobynandJoe said...

That does NOT sound fun! Poor Hannah, first of all. But poor you...sometimes being the mom isn't fun! You deserve an even bigger day of self-indulgence in a few days!

momy4him said...

dang. i hope it doesn't spread and she gets better soon. you'll really need that time to yourself by the time this is over. for what it's worth, my vote didn't help poor mitt either.

crystal said...

I hate it when the pamper day gets ambushed! Looks like the goop won--sorry.

Now go slather yourself in germ gel!

Celia Fae said...

Yep, you're a house prisoner. But hey, think of all of the time you're going to have for blogging! Yay for us. We want something clever, okay? Snarky is good too.

Jenibelle said...

Little Hannah...I am so sorry you are sick. Bummer. I am sick too so tomorrow instead of being a grumbleberry to my kids I will try to have a sweet attitude. I'll make you a deal, if you are sweet to your mama, I'll be sweet too!!! Having a smile and being kind helps you get better faster, I promise!!! (Maybe your mama should rub your feet and sing to you, that's what my kids love!) Get better soon!

Michael said...

I wish I was one of those people that could tell you that all the cons are the things that you'll really miss when you're old, but saying that is probably just a side effect of the dementia. Actually, I don't really wish I was one of those people. Good luck with tomorrow, 'cause you'll need it.

Kristin said...

At least it is just a fever and not the stomach flu, that is always a pro in my book. Please tell me you rescheduled the mani/pedi, you so need that.

Melissa Walker said...

You can always browse online...I'm good at that when I'm stuck at home. Which I am again today. Another snow day. Now I'm starting to really dislike them! At least they'll be in school a little longer in June.

Rochelleht said...

Pro: You get to vote now. Con for me: Can't vote until March, when the drive-by media will have already declared a winner. BLAH!

DanandCindy said...

Oh you poor poor woman. What an imposition these children can be... I hope you can soon return to your mani/pedis, and over indulgent shopping...

lainakay said...

What an apropos title... that's how I feel today about the events of last night. I voted... I tried...ugh!

Sorry about the sick. Hope it doesn't make the rounds! Feel better Hannah!

Holly said...

AWWWW Man!! So sorry H. has caught the bug AND that it has thwarted your plans. Thank goodness for Motrin and germ-x--hope the bug doesn't spread.

Ashlee said...

At least you attempted to look at the bright side of things. I'd just notice the green cloud of doom and think 'Great! Now the day is ruined!'
So, you've got a one up on me!
Hopefully your daughter gets better soon and it doesn't get passed along to the rest of you!

Amz said...

I hate days like that...good news is my cub scout group is going to the fire station on the 19th. I'd be happy to send pictures your way when I arrive home :o)

HILLARY said...

MAJOR BUMMER! I need a pedicure, hopefully before next week! Hang in there and think good thoughts to keep the cloud away - it works!

Annie said...

well, shoot. Sometimes you just have to lie down and cry "uncle" (and get out the chocolate and the remote). Hope the sick princess is back on her throne soon.

p.s. Spray tan? Please report, once you're able to get in. I've never had one but always wondered.

Annie said...

Rereading my comment I sound uncharacteristically cowgirlish. That's what I get for writing my comment directly after reading Pioneer Woman. :)

Kimberly and Devon said...

Oh, I feel for you...fevers, doctors appointments, and crying, whining children who don't sleep at night and feel miserable makes life no fun! I hope this passes soon, and that you or anyone else in the family doesn't get it!

Diane said...

I sure hope this passes quickly. Just don't get sick yourself...mom's are not allowed to be sick!

Chatter said...

Get well wishes to Hannah! Hope she is feeling better soon :)

Family Adventure said...

Poor sick Hannah. Hope she kicks the virus sooner than 3-5 days!

And bummer about tomorrow. I could use a day like that, too.


Family Adventure said...

Sorry...too fast: Meant to add:

Hope you can reschedule your 'me' day for next week. What movie were you planning on catching? I just saw Atonement, and really liked it, in case you need a recommendation...


andrea said...

i just popped over here bc i read your comment on jessica's post, and found it very insightful.
so look at it this way: think of all the wonderful time you'll have to bond with your daughter, instead of doing frivolous, self-indulgent things that only alienate you further from your children.
(prozac, please)

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Okay. I have a "pro" for you about sick kids with fevers. You get to cuddle with them and we all know that once they reach a certain age it's hard to do that. Plus, they're usually sort of quiet. And they're heaters too! Just sit down and enjoy the warmth!

But still... the nix on your day of beauty sucks. Here's hopin' you get to spend more of hubby's money another day.