Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How long until spring break next year?

In an effort to not get a year behind on the life documentation that was once this blog, I cannot let a post about spring break go unwritten. (Feel free to click off and hunt for p0rn or up-to-the-minute Kardashian news if you are not a grandparent or one of the people with us on this trip.)

We were invited by some friends to come share a beach house with another family in Florida.

Ten kids.
Three moms.
No dads.
A week on the beach.

What could have been a recipe for mayhem was a recipe for success. We had SO. MUCH. FUN.

So much so, that midweek, I realized with horror that it wasn't actually summer, and that we'd have to return to a rainy, wet, Midwest and resume getting up early in the morning for school.

It was a depressing 45 seconds.

Then, I gave myself over to the gloriousness that was our time there and sucked the marrow from life.

As you should during a week-long beach vacay.

Chase begged to bring his newly-received raft, and I gave in with reservations. I worried that it would take up too much room and not get used by anyone.

Oh, I was sorely mistaken. I think the raft was probably the most-used item, second only to the showers. They played in it every day. At the beach. In the pool. Everywhere. And, clearly, all at once.


Also a hot commodity were the many iPads. Will my children ever appreciate the gadgets that are such a big part of their world? Will they ever understand how I survived a childhood without them?

And with the hours of silent entertainment they bring, do I really want them to?

I'm going with a resounding no.


Mindy wins the award for best sport. When she reached down to get something out of the pool, my evil instincts kicked in and before I could stop myself, I gave her tiny backside a push. She fell in head first, clothes and all, and came up laughing. I waited tentatively all week for her revenge, but she never once retaliated. THAT, peeps, is a good friend to have around.



Also exciting was sharing the city with several intoxicated college students, who were also on spring break. Notice the handsome fellow bravely wearing a bright yellow speedo in the background? TOTALLY Mindy's team. Given to her generously by Beckie and I. Because we're just kind like that.


Also awesome was the up close and personal lesson my children received on the down sides of alcohol. Watching a group of (I'll call them) kids beer bonging on the beach at 11 a.m. left a pretty bitter taste in the mouths of us un-drunk beach goers. Thank you, spring breakers, for showing my kids firsthand what I want them to avoid.




All in all, it was a dream week. Even puncutated by the usual trip to urgent care for our family, it was a vacation to remember. One I'm anxious to go back to right now.


shilo said...

A trip with you, Mindy, and Beckie? Sounds like soooo much fun. I'm more jealous than I care to admit. Glad you had fun!

melissa walker said...

Your beach pictures look eerily like our beach pictures (minus the great photography skills for mine)--were you on the gulf side of Florida? We might have been there at the same time! All us midwesterners seeking out the closest beach!

Travelin'Oma said...

I went to a bridal shower tonight and my friends were asking if you're OK because you haven't posted for a while. Your followers will be glad to see everything is right in Stie land.

Unknown said...

Just from Instagram I could tell it was an amazing trip. I need to email you for details-- we need a sunny trip next year.

I've missed your blogging but I SO understand. love you. m

Lauren in GA said...

Awwww...Urgent Care trip? I guess it wouldn't be a family vacation without one of those. You and I have that in common...we always seem to have sicknesses/injuries.

You look fabulous, Stie. I love your hair, and gorgeous smile in the final picture. I kind of feel like a stalker the way I stared at it.

That is an awesome picture of your friend Mindy. I love how you captured it. That was quick work, my dear...push her in and then get the camera ready. You always impress :)

I also love the, "King of the Mountain" boat battle. So fun ☺.

Juli said...

So, I saw the cork borad post and was thinking, "Lord... she IS crafty", and then somehow managed to miss this post.

And now I am jealous. And secretly counting down the days until our trip to Florida, three Moms (Okay one's a grandma), three kids (okay so not nearly as chaotic) and a house in the Keys.


But don't be expecting any fabulous pictures from me... I have no skills.

mama jo said...

looks like so much fun