Monday, August 20, 2012

For the posterity

I am asking your forgiveness in advance. The next several posts here are going to be a recap of our vacation to Europe.

I know. It's like I sort of invited you over for dinner, and then pulled out a nine-hour slide show of my vacation.  I can't imagine anything worse. For you OR for me.

But it was truly the trip of a lifetime and begs to be documented. Check back in two weeks. I should be done by then.

I hope.

Also? If you follow me on Instagram (@clhalverson), it's like you get to relive my vacation TWICE.

My apologies.

So. The trip began with a flight to La Guardia Airport in NYC. This resulted in Hannah's dream of taking a taxi coming true.  Which, coincidentally, was my worst nightmare brought to life.  Due to the fact that we booked this trip on frequent flier miles, and they never make it easy on you, we had to take a cab to JFK for our flight to Zurich. We were a little delayed arriving at La Guardia, so it was going to be a tight connection.  I was DYING at the thought we might not make it in time.  And then when we hit NYC traffic?  I about got out and started running several times.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), our flight was delayed out of JFK and we had HOURS to spare once we got there.  Blech.

Fast forward about 12 hours (hooray!), and we arrived in Zurich. Where we met up with our favorite Oma and Opa, and took a train to Lucerne.


This photo pretty much sums up how that first day of jet lag felt for all of us:


Exhaustion beyond belief.  Every joint and bone just aches and begs to have sleep.  But how can you complain when you are walking around a city that looks like this?



(I love the look we are getting from the old man on the right. Yes, we're idiot tourists. Deal with it.)

After a good meal, where Opa translated the German for us all, we took a boat ride out on Lake Lucerne. Anything to try and stay awake without having to walk around. It was stunning, I tell you. Absolutely stunning.



The next morning, we took the cog train up to the top of the Jungfrau. I think this view speaks for itself, though I could wax on about it for hours.  Probably one of the most beautiful places on this planet.  The photos just don't do it justice.


Along the way, we met up with one of my BFFs, Jennifer, her husband, Mike, and their three ridiculously adorable puppies. They are living in France for a few years, and kindly drove several hours to meet up with us. Clearly, Hannah was in puppy heaven:


As was I to get to see these faces again:


And, as we display class wherever we go, the boys promptly stripped down to their bare skin at the top of the Jungfrau. Why? I'm still not sure. I'm guessing it was because they can.



Plus, I was wearing the ever-appropriate flip flops on top of a glacier.  Were the view not so breathtaking, I might have noticed the frostbite sooner.

Ah well.  There are worse problems to have, I suppose.  I mean, what if I had been wearing my diamond shoes?  Oh, the horror.


I could go on and on, but I'm going to let these last two photos speak for themselves.



Switzerland is breathtaking, and there is nothing like it anywhere in the world.  Not pictured (because I couldn't bear the thought of going) was when Josh and the boys parasailed off the top of the Schilthorn.  Yes, they strapped themselves in to a parachute and just started running off a cliff.  As you do.

Not illogical at all.

And then, if that wasn't enough manventure for one trip, they took the tram back up and HIKED down from the top of the Schilthorn to Lauterbrunnen.


We also visited Ballenburg and Brienz.  If you go to Switzerland, I highly recommend stopping at both places.  Spectacular.

Stay tuned for Salzburg, Munich, and York.

And try not to gouge your eyeballs out in the process.


Thelma said...

Don't apologize for your pictures. I love seeing pictures of other peoples' trips. Traveling without the jet lag. It looks beautiful!

Juli said...

For my 40th birthday we are planning an extravaganza. Not sure where we are going yet, but these pictures sure are tempting...

...and I'm sure that you did not go cliff diving and hiking because you are that awesome of a Mom that you wouldn't want to embarrass them by blowing past them with your immense speed and agility. Yeah, that's why I wouldn't do it to my boys...

Lauren in GA said...

No apology necessary. I am loving the photography and stories! The pictures you took are breathtaking!

Your menfolk are so brave to parasail!

Ah, shirtless on a glacier. Sounds like something my boys would do.

Julie said...

I too love the pictures--especially of Europe. It's like a mini vacation for my mind.

Rochelleht said...

I popped into your instagram a couple of times and vicariously enjoyed your trip. I'm happy to do so again via the blog.

I love Lauterbrunnen with all my heart. I still have the photos on my iphone, because I can't bear to think that I'm not still there.

jessica said...

I love living this vacation through is a vacation I will probably never take so keep the pictures coming!

brooke said...

Your vacation posts are awesome. You make anything funny and interesting. Keep em' coming. And I would totally come to your house and watch your slides!

Travelin'Oma said...

You forgot to say that Oma went parasailing! (That's where I was that day you thought I was sleeping off jet lag.)

danandcindy said...

Of course we get to see a picture of your feet.

Chatter said...

I bookmarked this post. It looks spectacular! I hope to take our kids to Europe when they get slightly older. I can't wait to read more!!

Liz said...

I will echo the other commenters and let you know that I am eagerly anticipating the next installment.

Also, you are GORGEOUS!

Julie From Inmates said...

We took a tour of Europe back in 2000. Lucerne, Switzerland was one of our stops. As we were trying to get pregnant while there, I told McDaddy if we had a girl I wanted to name her Kaylie Lucerne because it was so beautiful there. Mt. Pilatus was one of McDaddy's favorite stops as well. Enjoyed your pics!