Tuesday, August 14, 2012



Today, my newborn baby boy started high school. It's a little hard to imagine how he is getting from class to class, what with his being like FOUR DAYS OLD and all. But maybe someone gave him a piggy back ride? Helped him open his locker with his tiny, peeling, newborn fists?

I do hope so.

Because I'm sort of a wreck just thinking about it.

All day long, I've been chomping at the bit, anxiously awaiting his arrival home.

And, thanks to the cross country practice, he won't get here until dinner time.

By which point, I expect he's grown a full beard, has a job, and four kids of his own.

Don't mock.  It feels about that long since he WAS a newborn. They always told me it would go so fast. When I had three kids under age four, I fervently hoped it was true with every fiber of my being.  The days were endless, and the nights - anything but restful.  It was one long sleep-deprived millennia, dotted here and there with moments that made it all worth while.

Like when they were all asleep at the same time.

But now that they're fun, interesting, and like the same movies as me? I'd sort of like time to just stand still for a moment.  To freeze the laughter that fills the air like a thick fog when we watch Seinfeld re-runs together.  To remember their sharp wit, and bottle up the occasional hugs from their long, gangly bodies.  To hold on to them for just a little longer.


The other two were much more nonchalant as they headed out the door this morning.

The middle child is smack dab in the middle of his middle school career. He knows the ropes, he has his friends, and it's all not nearly as exciting as the 900 hours he taped for Shark Week.

But, man, do I love him something fierce.


And my baby girl.  Starting what will be our final year of elementary school. She is as dramatic as she always has been. What with the ASSIGNED SEATS AT LUNCH, UGH. And actual HOMEWORK required of her. But still. I forgive her for growing up because she flies into my arms with a choking squeeze as soon as she gets off the bus.  Never knowing which one of us really needs that touch more.


I think it's going to be all right.

Plus?  We're now one day closer to summer vacation next year.


Juli said...

In 9 days we will drop Bonus Brother off for college. ON his 18th birthday. While I didn't give birth to him, I have watched him grow since he was 9. Nine.

Oldest starts middle school... Youngest is also in his last year of elementary.

I am almost afraid to blink.

Lauren in GA said...

Ah, Stie...you said it all perfectly, beautifully and with the awesome Stie humor...I feel the same way...it really does go by so fast...

And I love the way you look at the bright side. One day down, indeed.

Travelin'Oma said...

You're so wise to enjoy your days in the motherhood! As I'm typing this comment I'm looking at the photo of all of your in the Salzburg cemetery. How come Chase is so much taller than McKay? Was that a little photoshopping on Chase's part???

danandcindy said...

I think now would be an appropriate time to republish your 9th grade school pics.

Cathy said...

Funny how we're pretty much the same age and you're sending your baby boy to high school while I'm sending my baby boy to kindergarten in 2 weeks. I don't know if I should feel old or young or just sad.

Cindy said...

That's amazing. They are getting so big! Watching how fast they have grown up makes me search for more time / ways to create memories with my little ones.

Stefani said...

I seriously could have written this. My newborn boy has started H.S too and I try to picture throughout the day how he can possible manage being such a baby and all. My girls did just fine, but something about my baby and being a boy just makes it all seem so difficult. I agree with you about all the other stuff too - especially the Seinfeld reruns ;)

Amy said...

Now, I want to know what you do with your time while your little ones are at school!