Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear Husband...

While you were out this week, you missed a lot of exciting things.

First, we joined a gym! I know you will be totally thrilled about it. I am sort of sure I mentioned it on the phone, but sometimes you are busy not listening to my chatter working and miss things. Things I KNOW I told you about. And never accidentally forgot to mention or anything. Ahem.

You see, Chase had to complete a swim test for scouts and, seeing as how he missed doing it at scout camp last year due to a family vacation, the local community gym was our best option.

Once inside their beautiful facility, I looked around me and it was as if the heavens opened and a vision was granted to my eyes. I saw all kinds of greatness. I saw myself working out there like three times a day. Which would, of course, cure me of my cookie addiction, and bring on truckloads of weight loss, thus enabling me to achieve my lifelong goal of being mistaken for a young Grace Kelly. Everywhere I go for the rest of my life.

I also saw our children, racing on their bikes after school and swimming a few laps, thus enabling them to release pent-up energy and complete homework with joy and excitement.

All of this will be occurring while puppies, rainbows, and unicorns fly around us, naturally.

It's going to be great.

Once we, uh, you know, start working out there.

This week also introduced an old friend to our lives: The 4th Grade Recorder. I was hoping to have Hannah save all her practicing for the weekend so you can enjoy it as much as me, but her eagerness has dashed that dream. She has been tooting away for what seems to be hours, but is, in reality, only about ten minutes. It's, well, awesome. And highly valuable to her education, I am sure.

Lastly, you missed the gourmet feast of Tortizzas (think pizza tortillas) brought to us by Chase as a required lab in the sixth grade home-ec class. While it might not become the newest trend in culinary sophistication, it was a meal NOT prepared by me or purchased as take out from anything ending in 'ickdonalds'. He was thrilled with his success, and has since made them every day as an after-school snack for himself. It's quite honestly a welcome reprieve from his creatively inspired "homemade chocolate milk" that was more sugar than milk, and left a mess on the counter, cupboards, ceiling and floor. Tortizzas only leave a mess on the counter. It's great.

Otherwise, things here are going rather well. We're holding our own and anxious for the weekend to arrive. The boys have big plans for you to take them to the movies, and I have big plans to sleep late, watch some Downton, and maybe eat a few Tortizzas.

Oh, and go to the gym.

See you soon, love.


P.S. This is me attempting to re-enter the blog world after an almost unprecedented four week absence with no excuse to offer you whatsoever. I offer my apologies and assurance that all is well in our neck of the woods. Busy, but good.


Julie From Inmates said...

Love it. I started back at the gym Monday, too. And haven't been back since. Not because I don't want to go... I need to stop telling people YES and start telling them, Yes, as soon as I get back from the gym! =)

Lala said...

So glad to see you're back. I needed a little Stie. Have a great day!

Cindy said...

Oh, the joys of the recorder.

Lauren in GA said...

I offer my condolances concerning the recorder. Now you have 3 recorder players (two graduates and one currently enrolled)! I know that brings such joy to your heart.

You. always. make. me. laugh! Seriously. I just love the way you describe, "newest trend in culinary sophistication" or how you mention chocolate milk making its way to the ceiling.

I am drowing in my cookie addiction. Those little Girl Scout trollops.

I have thought of your post a couple of years ago when you were angry with the Keebler Elves for not only making Grasshoppers...but adding coconut cookies to their production lines. I nodded knowingly...but...sadly...we both know that the Keebler Elves' cookies are the poor man's Thin Mints and Samoas. I need cookie rehab.

brooke said...

Lauren's comments always make me laugh and so do every one of your posts. Welcome back to the blogging world! I am glad you are doing well.

Joining a gym changed my life. I am addicted. Now I can't even look at our treadmill because classes are so much more fun. It will be worth it..the pool is great too.

I am glad you are back!

danandcindy said...

You deserve that blasted recorder... After what you did to Elna.

missy said...

If you're lucky, your 4th grader will practice so much that she will get to join a special recorder group like my 4th grader. He graduated to the sopranino which plays much higher and shriller and...louder? Ah, they should get together. At your house. :)

jessica said...

Oh I am so jealous of that gym membership! I gave up ours three years ago in protest to the new owner canceling my favorite dance class and then replacing the other classes I liked with more stupid yoga classes. Now I want to go back but can't because he might recognize my name from the nasty email I sent.

Happy exercising! Oh and don't you just LOVE Downton!!!!!

Julianna said...

You are getting off easy, my boys have been jamming away on the recorder for three years now.


I'm only partially deaf in one ear now. :)

Have fun at the gym... I'll meet you for pie afterwards. :)