Monday, October 17, 2011

Je voudrais chocolat viennois...

Internets, I would like you to meet one of my favorite things about Paris:


Chocolat viennois. My sole source of caffeine after my one and only attempt at drinking coca cola light, a.k.a, the horrible French version of diet coke. It was disgusting and not worth drinking. So, tragically, I was forced to move on to bigger and better things.

I had so many of them that it's no wonder the jeans are fitting a whole lot tighter this week. Yikes.

C'est la vie, right?

Other highlights from the trip included:











* The Eiffel Tower both by day and by night. We stayed about a block from the famous landmark and crossed under her massive steel girth many times. She is as magnificent as she looks in the movies. My favorite view was after dark when she had her lights all turned on.

* Unexpectedly catching mass at Notre Dame. Completely amazing in spite of not understanding a word they said. And the cathedral? UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE. So beautiful. So amazing. How did they build such massive perfection without the use of modern tools? Geniuses.

* Walking along the Seine and stopping at little shops.

* The Lock Bridge - you write your name and your lover's name, lock it up on the bridge, and supposedly your love is sealed forever. I was not necessarily excited to pay 15 Euros for a lock, so my love with the Husband remains unsealed. Here's hoping we survive.

* The Louvre. Absolutely fantastic, but way too crowded. My favorite part was eating at Cafe Richlieu which served food from the Angelina's menu. Divine. Especially the dessert.

* Also? Napoleon's dining room is a wee bit fancier than my own. But only slightly. I clearly need to get my gold on.

* Fat Tire Bike Tour through Paris. Amazeballs. Do it if you're ever in a city where they are. Worth. every. penny. Biking on cobblestone streets through the heart of Paris? Nothing like it anywhere else except, well, Paris.

* Fat Tire Bike Tour to Versailles. Slightly scary to put a bike on the subway with 20 other people and their bikes, but so fun. Gorgeous, surreal, and impossibly gaudy. So picturesque to ride around the grounds at Versailles. And definitely a cultural experience to order food at a French farmer's market, as well. Hmm. A food reference again? Are we detecting a theme here?

All in all, it was the trip of a lifetime. I never got tired of Annie, looking at the fabulous architecture, eating all the rich foods, and pretending to understand the language. It was JUST like they tell you it's going to be. It was everything they say and more.

It was magic.


Rochelleht said...

Ah, I'm so glad you loved. How could you not? And I'm glad my two suggestions were heeded. Bike tour and lots of eating. ;-)

Julianna said...

I am so excited for you... and SO COMPLETELY JEALOUS of your photography skills.

So glad you had fun!

Travelin'Oma said...

I'm suspecting this was just the FIRST trip of a lifetime. Paris grabs hold and doesn't let go!

diane said...

C'est magnifique! Sadly, there was a museum strike when I was in Paris. Must go back and then I will try the chocolat viennois.

melissa walker said...

What a fabulous trip--and a great family to send you out there too!

Lauren in GA said...

It really does sound like it was magical.

You always make me laugh..."I clearly need to get my gold on." I love it.

The photography is so gorgeous, Stie.

Tristan said...

Magical for sure!! Totally on my bucket list and hopefully I get to Paris sooner rather than later! Loved hearing about your time there!

Annie said...

Je voudrais one, too! I'm feeling all those yummy things in the fit of my jeans, too. Totally worth it, though.

Liz said...

Oh, boy, these posts are terrible for my wanderlusty heart. I'm so glad you are a talented photographer. It makes it easier to live vicariously!

Rachel Ellen said...

I'm so glad that you got to experience the magic of Paris!!!! Oh man...I want to live there again! You'll have to tell me what you thought when I come home for Christmas. :)